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On November 15, 2022, GameStop NFT took to its official Twitter handle to make an important announcement. Notably, GameStop NFT is big on carrying its user community along on its various developments. As such, the announcement is aimed at keeping users updated about events in the platform’s ecosystem.

In the announcement, the platform thanked everyone, including members of its community, for their unflinching support. Before the announcement, GameStop NFT had recently launched its marketplace on the Immutable X platform. Obviously, the platform is expressing its gratitude to users for making the launch a success.

Similarly, GameStop NFT announced that the promotional period on IMX NFT fees has now ended. This means that features during the time will no longer be available – with immediate effect. Additionally, the Marketplace fee – or seller fee – on orders listed through the GameStop NFT platform is now 3%.

Promotional Period on IMX NFT Fees

As a popular blockchain platform, GameStop NFT focuses on accommodating various types of NFTs provided that they are unique. Also, the platform supports NFT trading 0r exchanges, allowing buyers and collectors to sell and buy NFTs. And as mentioned earlier, the platform has onboarded Immutable X’s solution-oriented infrastructure on its platform.

Moving on, the popular NFT platform has announced that the promotional period on IMX NFT fees has ended. Notably, the promotional period was run by GameStop NFT to celebrate the launch of Immutable X on its platform. And at the time, it was announced as a limited-time promotion.

The period came with interesting perks, including 0.1% seller fee on every order placed through the GameStop NFT platform. Also, 0.1% buyer fee was placed on every order purchased on the platform during the period.

However, all perks that existed during the promotional period will no longer be available. In that regard, all users are advised to stay tuned to the platform’s updates for more information.

The marketplace Fee Is Now At 3%

As mentioned earlier, GameStop NFT put out low fees for both sellers and buyers to celebrate the launch of IMX on its platform. At the time, the seller fee on GameStop Marketplace was 0.1%. However, the seller fee has risen to 3% on the marketplace.

Furthermore, these fees are also among the Loopring fees. For curious readers, Loopring fees are those fees that are backed by the Loopring network. And it is a Layer 2 Ethereum zkRollup protocol that supports mobile Layer 2 Smart Wallets.

In the meantime, the platform appreciated all members of its platform for their continued support. The platform also promised to offer more engaging and exciting features in the future.

“As for Loopring NFT fees, Marketplace Fee (seller fee) on orders listed through GameStop NFT is now 3%. We appreciate your continued support as we continue to build out and introduce new features.” – GameStop NFT

GameStop NFT X Immutable X: The Launch

According to a tweet from Immutable X, the GameStop NFT marketplace was launched on the Immutable X platform on October 31, 2022. Following the launch, users will be able to enjoy seamless transactions at very low costs or gas fees. Also, Immutable X’s operational infrastructure allows it to offer Layer 2 protection to users’ digital assets.

By keeping their assets safe, the marketplace offers users a wide variety of NFT games. Not only does this improve their experiences, but it also allows them to have full ownership of their digital items. Furthermore, the Immutable X platform is carbon-neutral, meaning that users do not need to worry about bad environmental effects.

What is the GameStop NFT Wallet?

To support a fully functional NFT marketplace like GameStop’s, there is the need to have a fitting wallet for transactions. In that regard, GameStop NFT development team created the GameStop NFT Wallet with the aim of providing solutions. Notably, the wallet houses solutions relating to areas like NFT management, decentralized application (dApp) issues, and marketplace transactions.

While the GameStop NFT Wallet encompasses several utilities, it backs Immutable X and its native cryptocurrency – the IMX. As a result, users can also trade their IMX tokens with their GameStop NFT Wallets. Interestingly, Immutable X is a Layer 2 scaling solution platform, so users are sure to enjoy seamless transactions in short periods.

Additionally, the wallet is self-custodial, meaning that users have full ownership of their GameStop NFT Wallets. Not only that, but they also control how NFTs are managed as well as transactions in their wallets. 

The Gamestop NFT
The GameStop NFT Wallet. Image Source: Shacknews

Benefits of the GameStop NFT Wallet

Here are some of the benefits of the GameStop NFT Wallet:

  •  Excellent Crypto & NFT Management: With the GameStop NFT Wallet, users are sure to enjoy excellent crypto management. The wallet also handles NFTs of various types. As such, it does not matter how many NFTs a user has; he can house them all in his GameStop NFT Wallet.
  •  Swift, Near-Instant Transactions: The GameStop NFT Wallet offers services on a Layer 2 blockchain process. This means that users can eliminate issues, including scaling and slow transactions. In fact, they will be enjoying low gas fees as additional benefits.

  •  Decentralized Applications (dApps): It does not matter whether users care for applications or games, they will need digital wallets. These wallets serve as entry passes into the desired experience in the world of Web3. However, with the GameStop NFT Wallet, the process is easier. By using the wallet, users will be able to tap into all decentralized applications available on the Ethereum blockchain network.

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