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GameStop NFT is set to partner with Kiraverse NFT in launching a web3 gaming platform that allows gamers to earn while doing what they love. The metaverse and NFT space is growing along with web3 gaming at a terrific pace. 

This is evidenced by recent announcements and developments across the various blockchain. Recent platforms that offer NFT assets partners with top companies to enable an avenue for web3 gaming and NFT earning for players.

One of such is the recent partnership of¬†Liverpool FC with Sorare¬†in launching digital cards of top players on the latter’s platform. These changes will further foster the relationship of the physical world with that of the virtual world and bring NFTs and web3 gaming closer to fans.

GameStop NFT is a platform that gives room for crypto enthusiasts to purchase and gain ownership of unique collectibles, artwork, and much more. The purchased digital assets can be used and traded between collectors within the marketplace and beyond (on other marketplaces). 

GameStop NFT: Overview

GameStop NFT is a decentralized platform that is launched on the Ethereum blockchain using the Loopring Layer 2 scaling solution. It is a self-custodial marketplace that offers several collectibles, artworks, non-fungible tokens, and other digital assets. 

GameStop NFT is a platform for finding, gathering, producing, and exchanging special digital assets, or NFTs, from creators, communities, and international brands all around the world. You can send, receive, and trade NFTs within and outside the marketplace. 

gamestop nft
Introduction to GameStop NFT Marketplace. source: The ParadiseNews

The¬†Ethereum Network’s Layer 2¬†infrastructure is used by GameStop NFT, which utilizes blockchain technology. As a self-custodial marketplace, GameStop NFT allows consumers to own their digital assets genuinely.

Like many other NFT platforms, creating a wallet is the first step toward any activity on the platform. To create a GameStop Wallet, all you need to do is download the GameStop application. This will enable you to transfer and trade NFTs.

The download is permitted on a Chromium-based browser such as Brave or Chrome. You then proceed to the download button and from then, click “Add to Chrome.” Confirm that you want to add the extension, and it’ll be added to the tray as shown below.¬†

Game Stop wallet
Game Stop wallet. Source: Dallas news

Other browser wallets that connect using the universal WalletConnect technology, like Metamask, can also be used to install and launch the GameStop NFT wallet. After the download is completed, you can go ahead funding your wallet with ETH. 

Once the fund appears in your wallet, your account is fully ready for NFT purchase¬†and trading. On the GameStop NFT webpage, you browse through available NFT collections and click on the item to unveil the details. Once the preview looks like something you love, hit the “Buy” button.¬†

Kiraverse NFT: Overview

KIRA is a platform on the metaverse (Kiraverse) that features a¬†blockchain-based multiplayer game¬†created in Unreal Engine 5. This enables the platform’s users to come together to compete, play, and earn NFTs.

In a collaborative gaming mode, KIRA comes in as a third-person shooter in season 1 with two game modes: “Elimination” and “Battle Royale.” The acquired¬†non-fungible tokens¬†can be used by players to rent, acquire, or purchase characters, weapons, skins, etc., on the KIRA marketplace.¬†

This feature enhances the immersive gameplay experience that Kiraverse aims to provide its users. KIRA collection is made up of 10,001 NFTs that are collaboratively created by prominent world artists Marc Tudisco and Antoni.

Other Coool Features

Apart from NFTs, KIRA also offers creatively designed alien-like assets that look like a human in 4K. These humans are assigned traits algorithmically generated, which make them a unique assets, even though they all are similar. 

Holders of KIRA NFTS can potentially unlock varieties of benefits, and they only carry artistic value with no competitive effect on the gameplay. There are one-of-a-kind, rare, and common properties in the collection.    

kiraverse aliens
Alien in Characters. Source: Unreal engine

Kiraverse NFT is currently working on several developments to make web3 gaming more interesting to their existing and prospective users. This is part of the reason why they decide to partner with GameStop NFT. This is made known on their Twitter account while announcing the partnership.

Excited to announce our partnership with @GamestopNFT.

This is a huge step towards bringing Web3 gaming to the masses and opening the gates of digital ownership to gamers and collectors worldwide! 

 ~ 5: 23 PM | Sep 20 | @KiraverseNFT

Another notable development on the platform is the development of all kinds of NFTs to life. This is proposed to be achieved through the creation of 3D avatars from the existing base NFT. The so-created 3D avatars will be made available to players on Kiraverse and subsequently transferable to other Metaverses in the future. 

The stage reached by this project is in the form of manual integration. With time, it will be made automated to enable quick and easy mass integration and adoption. 

kiraverse 3d avatars
KIRA 3D Avatars. source: Twitter

GameStop NFT and Kiraverse NFT partnership 

Announcing the partnership yesterday on their Twitter account, GameStop NFT described their partner as an audience-focused platform. They are looking to put¬†digital ownership¬†in players’ hands while enjoying web3 gaming.¬†¬†

The Ultimate battle is near! 

Introducing @KiraverseNFT coming to @GameStopNFT.

Art by world-renowned @antonitudisco. Kiraverse is focused on putting power & digital ownership in players’ hands while making NFT gaming enjoyable for all.


~ 4:45 PM | Sep 30, 2022 | @GameStopNFT

Presently, not many details have been made available by the duo of the two concerned parties. However, from experience from similar projects, it can be deduced that something massive is on the way for web3 gamers and NFT enthusiasts.

The possible process is simple. Let’s try to create a model around it. Players on Kiraverse simply link their¬†GameStop NFT wallet¬†to Kiraverse NFT. With the funds available on the wallet, you can buy available NFTs or import the ones available on the GameStop marketplace.

Whatever the future holds for existing and prospective users of both platforms, it is going to be favorable in the end. They will be earning NFTs as well as Ethereum by playing games in the metaverse.   

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