GameStop and Immutable X collaboration

Immutable X has just announced that GameStop NFT’s Marketplace is now live, bringing the retailer’s NFT marketplace onto Immutable X’s layer 2 protocol.

Immutable X’s technology allows for gas-free and near-instant transactions without compromising the safety of players’ digital assets.

The announcement about the brand-new NFT marketplace was announced on Immutable X’s Twitter account yesterday (October 31). The tweet said: “We’re excited to share that the @GameStopNFT

“The marketplace is officially live on ImmutableX! Powered by @StarkWareLtd and advancing the next generation of web3 games #onIMX ” 

This partnership with GameStop allows for access to millions of low-cost and carbon-neutral in-game assets that can easily be bought and sold.

Immutable X’s mission is to bring true digital ownership to all users, and this new partnership with GameStop is a step towards that goal.

What Web3 games are available via the new GameStop marketplace?

Main Splash Gods Unchained 1024x588 1
Gods Unchained, one of Immutable X’s most popular games, is one of the games available via the new GameStop NFT marketplace. Image source: Gods Unchained

GameStop’s new marketplace is offering a variety of exciting games for players to choose from. The collectable card game Gods Unchained, for example, allows players to have complete ownership of in-game items in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Immortal Game adds a new layer of strategy to the classic game of chess, while Guild of Guardians offers a player-driven universe in its mobile RPG game.

Another popular game featured on the marketplace is Ember Sword. The trailer for the Web3 game can be viewed below.

In Ember Sword, players can explore and battle their way through a player-driven sandbox MMORPG. Bitverse draws inspiration from 8-bit heroes and monsters, and Hro offers DC trading cards for collectors to trade and play with.

Whether you’re looking for strategy or adventure, there’s something for everyone on GameStop’s new marketplace which features incredible Immutable X titles.

All games have NFT collections that can be purchased via the new GameStop NFT marketplace. Nearly 7,000 Gods Unchained NFTs are currently featured via the new marketplace, for example.

What’s the GameStop NFT and Immutable X Grant Program?

The launch of the new GameStop NFT marketplace came with a new grant program in collaboration between Immutable and GameStop. The grant is designed for builders or creators who want to help the two companies power the future of web3 gaming and their new NFT marketplace.

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The grant is a brilliant way for creators to create Web3 offerings for keen gamers in collaboration with Immutable and GameStop. Image Source: Immutable

This program aims to empower various players in the industry, including studios, developers, publishers, and content creators.

Those eligible for grants include game developers with launched games and major traction. AAA studios looking to introduce NFTs with their IP are also invited. Also, leading brands looking to explore the NFT market and even influencers and celebrities seeking to become ambassadors for Immutable X’s platform.

The program also welcomes new technologies that may benefit the platform or ecosystem. GameStop continues to make headlines with its stock surge and push toward NFTs. It’s clear that the gaming world is quickly adapting to incorporate blockchain technology.

Immutable X
Immutable X is a leading Layer 2 protocol for P2E games and NFTs. Image Source: Gods Unchained on Twitter

And Immutable X’s grant program is just one more step towards mainstream adoption in this space. Interested parties can apply by submitting a clear and concise application. They must start by outlining their project and how it aligns with Immutable X’s mission.

It’s recommended that applications are explicit about how the offering of the applicant will benefit the GameStop and Immutable X NFT marketplace and community. The application form can be found here.

It’s exciting to see what new developments this grant program will bring about in the world of gaming and NFTs.

What’s the background around the GameStop and Immutable X partnership?

immutable x in the metaverse
Immutable X is a leading platform focused on bringing Web3 gaming to the mainstream, and the new partnership with GameStop continues to deliver on this mission. Image Source: Immutable X

GameStop announced a partnership with Immutable X, addressing the growing trend of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) back in February of this year. Immutable X will serve as the platform for GameStop’s planned NFT marketplace which has now launched.

The partnership also includes a $100 million fund in Immutable X’s IMX tokens. The fund is to be used as grants for NFT creators. As part of the agreement, Immutable X could provide up to $150 million in IMX tokens to GameStop upon meeting certain milestones.

Creators from industries including gaming and web 3.0 can apply for grants through Immutable X. This move highlights GameStop’s efforts to stay relevant in the rapidly changing digital market.

Equally, it’s a great way for Immutable X to deliver on its mission around digital rights and ownership of digital assets. The partnership could see more and more mainstream gamers get involved with Web3 games and NFTs.

Overall, the new NFT marketplace is an exciting move in the right direction for the world of Web3.


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