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The gaming world has been experiencing significant growth and evolution over the years. With games like Axie Infinity, Splinterland, and Alien Worlds leading the space, there has been significant development in recent years. Blockchain gaming apps have been receiving myriads of new users recently. All thanks to the ongoing digital migration into web 3.0.

The evolution of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which gained popularity in early 2021, skyrocketed the existence of many blockchain-based video games. These games were built and deployed on the blockchain before NFT collectibles come into play. After the launch of NFTs,  P2E video games found their way to the mainstream in the twinkle of an eye.   

More than anything else, the interactive interface of the 3D real-time experience enjoyed by gamers has given rise to the quest for more. With varying features across all platforms, it is obvious that web-based blockchain games will keep emerging. While some of these platforms offer perks, incentives, and crypto-collectibles, others offer something quite different though appealing. In this cornerstone content, we’d be looking at another growing blockchain gaming app of the century, Gameta, and how it is leading the migration to web 3.0.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Web 3.0: An Overview

The available websites as of the early 1990s are only meant to relay specific page-based information to users. It is the first-ever version of the Internet, Web 1.0. Later, a more advanced version of the Internet was introduced. This version allows users to create and share content on the Internet. Apart from this, it enables users to gain ownership of their resources (by regulations) and sells them in the marketplace. This iteration is known as Web 2.0. 

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What’s Web 2.0? Source: Znetlive

Now, we are in the innovation era. Here we have Web 3.0 in our ever-growing and evolving world. The need of users on the Internet has surpassed the current technology; hence, a reason to widen the available ones. With the development of the latest technology, the Internet is ready to experience a huge breakthrough. Web 3 discovery brings about new standards on the Internet. Additionally, it displaces centralized nodes connecting users and gives them new data rights. 

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) interaction

The new tech focuses on peer-to-peer (P2P) interaction on the Blockchain, giving no room for third parties. As the next big thing in the history of technology, Web 3.0 is ready to replace specific regulations with its well-developed Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).  The main objective of DAO is to regulate Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs. Above all, the innovation also brings along social investing platforms for easy interaction and adaptation.

Web 3.0 has received massive adoption due to capitalization in some businesses like Meta, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple. Toward the end of last year, the widest social media platform, Facebook  rebrands to Meta as part of web 3 adoption. This show how web 3 adoption is rising every day. This third generation of the Internet aims at focusing on five major principles. These principles guide its functionality and mode of operation. 

They are decentralization, trustless and permissionless, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and ubiquity & connectivity. While it has not yet breakthrough the mainstream, Web 3.0 has been garnering popularity among internet users, especially blockchain technology users.      

Migration into Web 3.0: What to expect and how it works 

As an innovation, Web 3.0 completely rebuilds how users communicate, interact, create, and share content over the Internet. One of these significant features is the existence of free interaction without nodes. There is no intermediary or monitoring body for interactions. Yes, it is an independent era. 

In this century, where insecurity and criminal act has surged in some region of the world, most of us stick to anonymity. Just create an avatar and use it as your profile; after this, you are good to interact with other users. Web 3.0 technology has also come to enhance this anonymity by giving users the privilege to interact without revealing their personal details. 

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What is Web 3.0 and how will it shape the crypto future? Source: Forkast

With these top features available on Web 3.0, it has been adopted by some top-notch firms to develop their platforms. Some of these leading technologies in the blockchain space include ApeBoard, Algorand, NAGAX, Mintable, etc. The blockchain global market itself is predicted to reach a $69.04 billion market size by 2027. 

Looking at the current trend in the space, decentralized applications will later outperform centralized ones, granting users the full right to their data. The migration, however, is just starting and has not yet experienced many transitions. Presently, just 10% of the global population have one of the Web 3.0 DeFi infrastructures, Cryptocurrency, in their possession.           

How Gaming Platforms come into Web 3.0

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

There are various web 3 games in the space currently, such as play-to-earn, pay-to-play-to-earn, play-to-own, Blockchain or NFT games. Web 3.0 games are sets of virtual games which integrate blockchain technology into their underlying game component. The introduction of Web 3.0 into gaming has made the monetization goal of many firms over the years come to pass. It integrates Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Cryptocurrency, and blockchains into gaming platforms and changed its motive.

P2E games

Video games used to be for fun and entertainment or to relax one’s head after a stressful session, but now it pays. All thanks to Web 3.0. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current gaming platform or gaming mode itself. However, the evolution of new technology helps create a win-win situation for game developers, gamers, and other stakeholders.¬†

The play-to-earn (P2E) model has come to fix the inadequacies in the previous version of the game on the blockchain network excellently. Players can generate the adequate income required to participate in order activities on the platform or redeem it into local currencies. 

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The Gaming Industry is Shifting into Web 3.0; What does the future hold
Source: distruptionbanking

The most interesting of the story is that existing web 2.0 games can also come along in the implementation assignment. Web 3.0 can integrate into the existing systems with just little effort. Game developers or companies that fail to embrace this might later find it hard to catch up with the technology as time goes on. Many platforms are making effort to integrate web 3.0 technology, and Gameta has been leading this migration in all ways.¬†Gameta’s objective is to expand its target audience by migrating Web 2.0 products into a new experience with Web 3.0. What is Gameta? And how is Gameta leading the migration into Web 3.0?

What is Gameta?

Gameta source: playtoearndiary

Gameta is a web-based platform that allows users to play different casual games all in the same place. The platform claims that it is leading in transitioning users into a new experience in Web 3.0. Is this claim worth it? We’d decide at the end of the exploration of the platform as a whole and comparison to other gaming platforms.¬†

With four top components: immigrate, establish, build, and Tokenomics; Gameta make low-threshold access to Web 3.0. Additionally, an X2 earnings aggregator is available for Gameta users. The platform caters for the automation of on-chain address creation for new users after they must have paid a low gas fee. Once onboard, gamers need to choose between the varying type of hyper-casual games that require little playing effort. 

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Gameta: Enter the web3 world with an easy and fun game. Source: Gameta Pro

Briefly, Gameta is the entrance to web3 and aggregator to¬†X2earn for users in developing countries. As the sole objective of migrating billions of Web 2 users into Web 3, Gameta’s number of users grew by 36.47%. This increases the transaction rate to 1.2 million at 38.46 per cent. Recently, Gameta was ranked as the top Solana Project by DappRadar.

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Gameta ranked as no 1 Solana project by DappRadar. Source: Gameta Twitter

Why Gameta is the leading platform in Web 3 migration

 Gameta is undoubtedly the leading gaming platform in migration to Web 3.0 as it offers a real-time web 3 experience in three application modes. These modes are Games, Tools, and Learning. All these modes of Gameta would be explained distinctively to aid a better understanding of how the platform works. 

Games in Gameta

The most fun and casual games that will interest and look amazing to the gamer are available on Gameta. Apart from being easy to play, the experience of starting with any of them surpasses the experience in other games. You will earn tokens while playing an enjoyable game which makes you feel on top of the gaming space. In Gameta, quality and inviting features combined with an excellent interface give gamers a first-hand experience of unique gameplay. 

Tools in Gameta

As a result of the need for tools in our daily activities, they have become an integral part of our life, and that is exactly what Gameta is offering. On the Gameta platform, you can easily access various tools for the creation and edition of videos, funny stickers, and more. When used effectively, tools can also serve as a source of inspiration and fun for the user. Hence, Gameta tools link gamers directly to the benefit of migrating to Web 3.

Learning in Gameta        

The last and the most appealing application strategy in Gameta is the “learn how to win” avenue. This avenue prioritizes the need for users to be consistent in learning a key part of the virtual gaming career. As they settle in a completely different environment, users will gain access to new experiences. Some of these experiences include:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols: This teaches users how to make better use of crypto assets.
  • Interaction with other players on the platform such as sending messages.
  • Gametaverse: This helps to create an open-source system where everyone can become a builder as well as a user. `

Components of Gameta


The first and the most crucial¬†component of Gameta is immigration. In fact, this is what makes it an edge over other gaming platforms. It explains how gamers and users can transit from Web 2.0¬† to the advanced one ‚Äď Web 3.0. This immigration process signals the presence of a user on the blockchain. Apart from migration to Web 3.0, revolutionizing the current web version can also enter into the migration component. Gameta has come to provide solutions to all these. It comes with features like a multi-product matrix and a low barrier. These features entail optional private key escrow, creation of on-chain addresses, high frequency, and low capital.


Once a user successfully migrates into Web 3.0, Gameta will help the gamers settle down. At this point, they can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), connect with other Gameta gamers, play games and earn income. Web 3.0 users will also have unlimited access to Decentralized Protocols. Once users migrate successfully and establish themselves, the next plan is to build their Gameta account.


Building a Gameta profile requires in-depth knowledge of how Web 3.0 works. It is a point where a user will have to optimize their Gameta DID, DAO, and Gametaverse. The Gameta DID (Decentralized Identifier) is the automation of an account based on a user’s behavioral profile and data features. These statistics and analytics is used to sort out who to feature or display for peer-to-peer gaming. Gameta DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) is an organization which facilitates easy interaction among users. It also enables them to contribute to the forum. The last part of the building component is the Gametaverse which serves as a multichain platform for anyone wishing to contribute to Gameta as a user, builder, or both.


Tokenomics is a blockchain term that describe the economic system backing a particular digital asset. Gameta’s economic system is backed by two types of tokens: GJEW and HIP. The Gameta ecosystem is a framework which ensures that the whole platform is sustainable and enabling for typical users. While the GJEW is the utility code within the Gameta ecosystem, the HIP is the code governing the platform’s activities. They are the two types of tokens that can be earned and traded for NFTs and similar assets on Gameta.

Getting Started with Gameta 

  • The first step towards getting started on Gameta is choosing any of the games, tools or learning platform Dapp on the official website of Gameta.
  • Once you’ve decided your choice, install it from the website and launch it on your device.¬†
  • ¬†After installing the app, the next thing to do is to follow the onscreen instructions. Like in local account creation, your email or phone number will receive an OTP or code. Similarly, you will receive a safe phrase, a form of Web 3 password for securing your account.¬†
  • With the security in place and successful onboarding, log in to your Gameta gaming/tool/learning account.
  • After you have successfully logged in, purchase an NFT. This requires a cryptocurrency wallet for transactions since you’re purchasing directly from the marketplace.

Different Features in Gameta based on the 3 strategies

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

Play-to-earn, or simply P2E, is a common feature on all evolving Web 3.0 video gaming platforms. That’s why the games are sometimes referred to as Web 3.0 games. As a gamer, you need to start with NFT purchasing, which is very important in order to start playing games and making money. Once you finish a designated mission or level in the game, you will get credited with¬†W3G. In some cases, you’ll also receive the¬†Tokens of governance. However, it is essential to note that earnings depend on the quantity of NFT you bought. With this condition (the more the NFT, the more the revenue, you can explore the diverse platform for various games of your choice.¬†


As in the first method, you’ll also need to buy NFT for this part of Gameta. This is a Tool-to-Earn or Task-to-Earn model which generates revenue based on the number of specific tasks and actions you deliver. In this case, the number of NFT you possess will determine the amount of income.


The learn-to-earn model in the Gameta is responsible for language learning, reading newsletters, branding, social design, and new protocols, all rewarded with tokens. You’ll get access to vocational training to achieve your objectives. This is just like the first and second levels where you’ll be W3G reward for answering a challenge or completing an apprenticeship.

Alternatively, you can decide to normalize your learning and increase your understanding with the ever-increasing features of the¬†learning DAPP.¬† Although this type of learning doesn’t bring any perks or financial gratification, you will surely learn and also enjoy your moment.¬†

Leading Experience in Migration 

With blockchain technology entering the mainstream, Web 3.0 has revolutionized the Internet, rewriting the industry’s rules from gaming to finance to art. Yet, Web 3.0 is still a game for the elite. Currently, Gameta’s mission is to bring about a new Web 3.0 revolution so that more users can participate in the building of Web 3.0. In Gameta, the sky is just the starting point. It has been speculated that with the current rate at which Gameta is going, the platform might later become a universal dapp.¬†

All these said, Gameta go about this mission in three steps and gets all hands on deck for the next instructions to transit into a new world. Gameta is ready to scale up and innovate faster, thinking five steps ahead in terms of game design and community management. Besides, it is laying a solid foundation to support long-term and sustainable growth. The three steps are as follows:

  • Using X-to-Earn to build a basic knowledge of Web 3.0 by simply using varieties of tools (the P2E, T2E, and L2E).
  • ¬†Training users how to become full Web 3.0 enthusiasts through the SocialFi + DeFi + L2E model.
  • ¬†Convincing users to utilize the creator economy in building a community of actors in Web 3.0.¬†

In recent months, the platform has brought over 600,000 users onboard through the Alpha Version of its app. Educating customers will keep on going; everyone becomes tech-savvy, Web 3.0 pros. 

Web 3.0 Migration experience comparison with other alternatives 

Gameta and Alien Worlds 

 Alien Worlds is a decentralized finance NFT metaverse where you create a collection of unique digital assets and play with them. The land on the metaverse and the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are minted on the WAX blockchain in Alien world. This is why mining is an integral part of the gameplay.

Picture6 2
What’s Alien World? Source:¬†Gaming Net

Gameta on the other hand is a gaming platform where you purchase NFT and then play games, use tools, or learn. By participating in any of these, you will earn revenue depending on the quality of your NFT. It’s built on Solana chain but will soon move into a BNB chain. The Alien Worlds coin, TLM is gotten once you start mining. It’s with the use of this Trilium that you get to find an NFT.¬†

Gameta and Axie Infinity

To attract as many users as possible to the Web 3.0 world, Gameta has been so much within and outside the scope of the current internet version. It offers several hyper-casual games that players can play anytime and anywhere with a thrilling and appealing interface. Furthermore, it creates an undaunted Web 3.0 gaming experience for the users and the general public as a whole. 

Axie Infinity is a web-based non-fungible token-based video game which is developed with the use of cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum. The users of this online gaming platform can create a collection of NFTs known as Axies. These Axies are digital pets which are bred and made to fight one another while playing the game.

Picture7 2
How Axie Infinity (NFT-Based Game) Is Providing Income for Jobless Around the World. Source: Watcher Guru

Axie Infinity makes use of Blockchain to reward players. It offers the play-to-earn (P2E) model. After paying the starting costs, gamers on the platform can simply earn cryptocurrency by playing in-game Ethereum-based games. Cashing out on Axie Infinity is every fourteen days, and you can redeem your token to any currency or keep it to play again. 

Gameta and Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz is yet another top gaming platform of the century. With the classic Solitaire, gamers can now participate in daily and weekly challenges which aim to improve their skills on the platform and across many others. The platform recently partnered with a Web 3 games creator, Joyride, to launch a new project. Moreover, this project provides varieties of games, necessary tools and enabling environment to design, launch, and scale games on the blockchain network. 

Solitaire Blitz makes it possible for players to earn XP each time they complete a match. As the XP collection grows, the players start to level up. With an integrated AI and collected data, gamers are linked to one another based on their skills to ensure a bias-free competition. The algorithm used during the matchmaking process helps pair up players based on their existing skills and previous performance. 

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Solitaire Blitz: Free Online Solitaire games. Sources: Pogo

 All of these improvements are in a bit to ensure that Solitaire gamers enjoy a better, relaxing, and exciting game which comes with a bunch of rewards. 

Final Thoughts

Gameta is the top-growing gaming platform that prioritizes the migration of users into the metaverse ‚ÄĒ Web 3.0. Beyond just gaming, it’s a fun and appealing scenery which offers a memorable experience in the long run. It’s currently leading the migration way through its various offer and features available on the platform.¬†The concept of Web 3.0 which platforms are trying to normalize across the globe is yet to be adopted by the target audience. Hence, hindering the advancement of the metaverse. Presently, Gameta is making waves in the migration to¬† Web 3.0 space. It’s important that we all embrace Gameta to give room for their huge role play in Web 3.0 migration. The unique approach and models the game company provides speak much about what an innovative idea is all about.¬†

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