genopets release a new version of android and ios app

Genopets, commonly known as the world’s first move-to-earn game,  has released its latest updates known as status #015.

The latest report highlights the latest updates and improvements to the Geoverse, including animations such as the stunning new Reagents. Many of the updates shared in these reports aren’t final and include early renderings, prototypes, or explorations.

The game is entering Phase II of its development and is currently a collection of 3218 NFT, minted on Nov 29, 2021, at the price of 1 SOL.

The new Reagent is a stunning progression in the Genoverse animation. Image Credit: Medium

For a full breakdown of the game, how to play it, and why you REALLY should, please check out our Guide by Aimee.

Status Report #015

Players can make money as they move or take steps in a free-to-play move-to-earn game based on the Solana blockchain. The app then banks those steps and converts them into energy. Finally, Habitat converts energy into KI Tokens.

In its latest status report, Genopets has announced three major updates and several further updates to the game, which is currently available for early access only. As fellow Play to Earn Diary writer Aimee highlights, Genopets takes its inspiration from nostalgic childhood games such as Tamagotchi and Animal Crossing

Update One: Alkali’s New Crafting Recipes

Alchemy is the process by which players can combine Refined Crystals with various ingredients to craft in-game items, ranging from body part augments to tools. These items can be used on a user’s Genopet or traded via the marketplace.

Alkali’s new recipes will introduce a new range of alchemical elements to the Genoverse; however, some pages are missing. A crafty character with his motives, Alkali hasn’t shared everything. These recipes are only Volume One of his notebooks, so that we can expect more from him in the future.

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Alkali has released the first volume of his recipes with his notes. But some of the pages are torn out… Image Credit: Medium

Update Two: The Next Roadmap Steps Crafting and Nurture

It’s time to personalize and develop the Genopet! The roadmap reveals a series of updates that will further the path to augmentation.


Your Genopet works out with you, so they get hungry too. Feed them yummy snacks to keep them happy.


Show your Genopet some affection and give them good pets to show them you care.


Play fetch with your Genopet using the broad set of toys designed for the Genoverse.

The latest roadmap develops Crafting and Nurture milestones. Image credit: Medium

Banking Rewards

We love rewarding good behavior. While you walk, your pet will find food and toys they get to keep for free after you bank your steps.

Mainframe Crafting

Use your Habitat’s Laboratory to craft items like Reagents, Cosmetic Crystals, and Augments to customize your Genopet or earn.

Item Trading

List your crafted items on Magic Eden as a way to earn or buy items you need if you don’t have access to a Habitat.

NFTs can be listed and traded on Magic Eden as a way to earn. Image Credit: Medium

Recipe Hunt

Initial recipes for the game are defined. Players will hunt for the missing pages in Alkali’s notebook.


The ability to customize parts of your Genopet to change how it looks, improve its battle stats, and increase its rarity.


Update Three: Level-Up Augmentation

The Genopets team has been experimenting with augmentation, and the video above shows their latest efforts have paid off. Their eye augmentation now enables changes in the way pets’ eyes look. Upcoming developments will include augmentation selection and the flutter side of the process to help bring greater clarity and personalization to the experience.

Update Four: New Animations For XP Conversion

This is an NFT game, and the genoverse UI/ UX team is ready to unleash a series of impressively animated Energy to XP conversions. Each step of the evolution process is set to outdo the last, and the images are awe-inspiring!

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Animations and augmentations are impressive in the Genoverse. Image Credit: Medium.

Additional Highlights

  • Crafting is coming, the team promises! Check out some of the mobile UI screens for crafting a Wing Reagent.
  • The team has been working diligently to get Reagents Marketplace ready.
  • Even though the Reagents are exquisite, players will want to put them to use once they check out the new Stage 5 Rare Augments.
  • The art team has been brainstorming designs for the future of corrupted Genopets and Genopets that turn into sludge.
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The design team is crafting the future of corrupt Genopets. Image Credit: Medium.
  • Is that music we hear? Introducing tuneful Maracas to the Genopet inventory so that when a pet feels musical, they have an outlet.
  • As a reward, pets can enjoy a Geno donut – yum!

An early rendering of The Primary Chroma Crystal is also in the works, and it looks very cool.

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A spinning masterpiece: The Primary Chroma Crystal. Image Credit: Medium.

Up and Coming

Developers have been updating account management on the Mainframe. Some of the updates they’ve announced they are working on include:

  • Users with a game account can change the email linked to their game account.
  • Users will be able to unlink their Discord account on Mainframe.
  • Users will be able to change their preferred email addresses.
1 P8eEZ1vIxZgO9ZFo9tnV4w
Genopets are leveling up, and the roadmap reveals some exciting developments are in the works. Image Credit: Medium.
  • Users will be able to change the wallet connected to their game account.
  • Our Devs have done immense work updating Habitat Management for batch actions — including refining crystals and repairing Habitats.
  • The team is also working on step-tracking optimizations and performance issues related to Android devices.


In summary, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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