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Genopets have just dropped a flurry of updates to keep fans of the move-to-earn blockchain game excited. The updates came during the recent town hall meeting and were followed by a status report.

The team tweeted: “Status Report #016 is full of updates – perfect if you missed out on Town Hall. Even better if you want to see some details/ goodies we couldn’t cover in the hour.”

The team then mentioned they had updates on recipe hunt rules, first looks at battle concepts, and new art to introduce.

Details about new Genopets Treasure Hunt announced

The team also announced a brand new Genopets Treasure Hunt that is due to take place on October 4. The treasure hunt will launch at exactly 3pm UTC and it’s open for everyone to play.

Genopet players do not have to have a habitat or an invite to the game to take part, so it’s super inclusive if you just want to give it a go.

Also, there will be no limits to the number of winners in any particular puzzle. Every time you complete a puzzle, you’ll be given the opportunity to mint one of the missing pages from Alkali’s crafting notebook too.


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There are lots to look forward to with Genopets’ newest updates. Image source: Genopets

You could also get access to a Legendary Crafting Lab where you get to combine Crystals, KI, and Gene to craft random mystery items. But, you’ll need to collect 5 pages, one from each week, and redeem them to get your hands on the Legendary Crafting Lab.

The potential items you could craft include a legendary augment in the Genoverse, which won’t be craftable again. There’ll also be a ton of other never-before-minted items.

So dust off your detective skills and get ready for some fun in the treasure hunt! The incentives are just too good to miss out on, after all!

Genopets Update: Use up all your energy before Monday or you’ll lose it

Another key update to keep in mind is that Genopets is currently in the process of a game mechanics update. Higher-level Genopets will look more badass and get more energy for every step as a result.

But what does this mean for you in the short term? Basically, the energy conversion rate will be adjusted on Monday, so any unused energy you’ve banked will be reduced to match the new curve.

Now, before you panic, this doesn’t have to spell disaster! All you need to do is use up all your energy before Monday to level up your pet and harvest KPIs in the process.

And, even if you don’t manage to use up all your spare energy in time for the new update, at least you’ll get an upgraded Genopet as a result. So all is not lost!

Exciting Genopets crafting, battle, and habitats updates are coming

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Some really exciting Genopets crafting, battle, and habitats upgrades are coming to the game. Image source: Genopets

Genopets have announced some massively exciting crafting, battle, and habitats updates as part of their latest status report and town hall. In fact, the team has dubbed these updates “the most exciting updates from State of the Game”. But what are the highlights?

Well, the new crafting layout looks pretty sweet! As you can see in the image above, crafting is getting a makeover to represent the vision of the team.

Also, the habitats are getting an upgrade too. The team is aiming to bring realism and depth to the Genopets’ home. They started by animating a breeze that allows the grass to sway in the wind.

But also, players can finally get a sneak peek at what the Battle mode will look like. The team revealed the gameplay will be pretty active and players will get a chance to defend their Genopets against attacks.


Genopets: What is it all about?

Genopets is a move-to-earn game where you get to grow with your virtual pet in the Genoverse. Image source: Genopets

If you haven’t heard of Genopets yet, you might be considering giving it a go after seeing all these awesome updates. Genopets is a free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT mobile game that aims to make it fun to move more and live a more active lifestyle.

Players get a Genopet whose evolution and growth are linked to their own. You need to take a certain number of steps to power your Genoverse journey and explore, battle, and evolve in this new game – all the while earning crypto while you play.

Genopets is a bit like if Tamagotchi and STEPN got together and had a love child. Make sure you check it out if the move-to-earn movement is on your radar at all.

There were other key updates too. For instance, the Genpopets’ pet emotion animations are getting an update. A few items, like knot toys, toy teethers, milk, and Dragon Fruit for picky Genopet eaters were also introduced.

Genopets Update: Lots of excitement for fans of the game

As you can see, the new Genopets update comes with lots of exciting news to look forward to. From a treasure hunt event to lots of gameplay improvements, P2E players will have all sorts of new features to keep them busy.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the recent Town Hall, don’t worry! The Genopets team released a video recording on YouTube. And you can watch it below anytime!

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