Genopets is commonly known as the world’s first move-to-earn game. With an abundance of amazing features, the game makes it fun for people to live an active lifestyle through gameplay and rewards. The game is not available to everyone yet. The private beta opened in January this year, mostly for Genopet Discord DNA members, NFT holders, and partners and funders. 

In the game, you are equipped with a Genopet. This pet is your digital pet that will grow and level up based on your physical movement. The growing progress of your pet entirely depends on your own physical evolution. With Genopets, you can explore, battle, and evolve your battles, earning the game cryptocurrency as you play. 

Like a lot of move-to-earn games, Genopets is the gamification of an active lifestyle, rewarding you with crypto. Your Genopet is always in your pocket, counting your indoor or outdoor steps. 

In this resource, we will be giving you everything you need to start playing this remarkable game. We’re going to speak about what it is, how to play it, how to mint, how to earn, and other helpful features. Let’s get started. 



What Is Genopets? 

Remember when you were young and used to take care of a certain mythical animal every day? Feeding and playing with this creature became part of young people’s lives. If you’re thinking of games like Tamagotchi, you would be correct. Genopets is widely inspired by nostalgic childhood games such as Tamagotchi and Animal Crossing. 

Genopets merges these nostalgic virtual experiences with active movement and rewards. The game is a free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT-based game. Although the game counts your steps and rewards you, the game is a lot more than this. The progress of you and your Genopet completely depends on your physical activity and overall health. Raising a Genopet has proven that health is wealth, encouraging people to stay fit and healthy whilst earning amazing rewards. 

Hard work typically comes from spending hours at a desk each day. Genopets shifts this idea through rewards and gameplay. The game developers firmly insist that you should not have to compromise health for wealth. Featuring digital pets with evolutionary growth, Genopets continues to change the meaning of move-to-earn. Although the game was the first move-to-earn game, it remains the most unique mainstream NFT game. 


How To Play Genopets

Genopets entails looking after your own digital pet. As we’ve said, the growth and success of your Genopet ultimately depends on your physical activity. Furthermore, this will affect your rewards and earnings in the game, urging people to stay fit and healthy to earn more money. An active lifestyle has been gamified, no matter where you are. You can count your steps on a run, at the mall, the office, or outside. But, how do you play the game? 

If you want to play Genopets, simply head over to their website. Although the public release game has not yet been released, you can sign up for a waiting list of over 300,000 players. This should get you a place in their beta game mode, where you will be able to get the app to start playing. 


In basics, you will need to summon your digital pet. This pet is a digital representation of you and your activity, perfectly combined with a mix of your personality. Each Genopet has in-depth qualities, with a good amount of character. From the very beginning of the game, your Genopet will be equipped with your psychographic and biometric data, meaning your pet is an accurate representation of you. Once your traits are inputted, they are put through a secure algorithm in order to determine your Genopet’s look and performance attributes. To level up your pet, you need to stay active in order to customize it and increase its rarity. 

After you have summoned your digital pet, you need to start moving. Whether you are at the office, gym, or at the mall, Genopets will count your steps. Your Genopet will remain by your side, in your pocket. You can set a daily goal to bank your steps and level up your pet. The more activity you do, the more you can convert these steps into energy to upgrade and customize your Genopets. 



Although we know how to start playing, what is the gameplay like? 

After creating an account, linking your Solana wallet, and setting up your Genopet, it’s time to play. Your Genopet will stay with you, and the pet is an NFT. The game is not ultimately about breeding pets but about evolving them. Through your real-world physical actions and in-game choices, you can earn tokens and evolve your pet. 

The game is primarily made up of mini-games. These mini-games are cognitive games that require strategy. They are usually arena-based battle games where your reaction time, cognition, and memory are considered to win a match. 

The game has been defined as an MMORPG game, mostly for the role-play and strategy elements. You are rewarded for exercising your body in the form of tokens. In the game, these tokens can be used in battles, to level up your Genopet’s style and performance, and to craft items. Over time and passionate care, you can level up your Genopet’s value by augmenting its type, performance, and look. You can mint an infant Genopet for free, but you can also purchase a mature Genopet from players who have spent time nurturing them. 

As well as mini-games, you can also play against your friends in battles, as well as engage in a stream of simultaneous worldwide battles. The more you win, the more you gain. 

As we mentioned, there are crafting and collecting elements to Genopets. Through battle performances and physical activity, you can gain more Genopet energy, allowing you to craft more elements to make your Genopet more valuable. 


So, the concept of Genopets is to move to earn rewards. But how does this work? In Genopets, you must bank your steps into energy. Energy serves as the base currency, in which most game actions are funded. It is not a token but an in-game currency that allows you to partake in other tasks. 

Energy is necessary to feed, groom, and play with your pet. You should also level up your Genopets by converting your energy into XP. You can also harvest KI by using a habitat to convert energy, as well as craft items. Having energy points means there are greater possibilities for in-game strategies. Players can decide where and how to allocate their energy. The more energy you possess, the more you can level up and earn GENE. 

What Is a Genopet? 

Although every single detail of the game cannot be released yet, we have some pretty good information about the pet side of things. Not many people have played the game, but those who have cannot stop talking about the wide features. 

A Genopet is an NFT encrypted with your real-life fingerprint and personality data. When playing Genopets, you can mint your first Genopet for 100% free. Suppose you start your Genopet as a baby. In that case, you can travel through 77 levels of upgrading, with 12 stages of physical evolution and abundant customizations along the way. The pets will evolve and grow from participating in in-game questions, fighting missions, or going for a real-life walk or run. The more time and effort you put into your pet, the more value it will hold. 

Your personality and wallet will completely determine what type of Genopet you mint and its features. There is no way to pre-determine or gain a genopet with particular features. This includes rare Genesis Genopets. Every single Genopet is rare and unique because it is made for you by you. 



Genopets exists on the Solana Blockchain. The game aims to incentivize players to start moving in order to earn tokens with their progressive gameplay mechanics. To earn tokens in Genopets, you need to move. 

As you go about your day and complete any physical activity, Genopets will use your smartphone or smart device pedometers to track your movements. After moving, you can bank your steps into energy, which is the in-game fuel that allows you to receive rewards. Energy, as we know, is not a cryptocurrency but the game’s native and base currency. 

The play-to-earn economy of Genopets has four earning elements. Let’s look at these. 

GENE Token

The GENE token acts as the staking and governance token in the game. This token can be used to participate in exclusive NFT sales and contribute to crafting items within the game. The more GENE tokens you have, the more authority you will have in deciding how the gameplay works and how rewards are distributed.


KI Token

The KI Token is the reward and utility token in Genopets. It is a fungible game token that can be earned by habitat NFT owners. You can earn KI tokens by converting energy earned from banking steps and using it to craft NFTs and habitats and level up your Genopet. If you have more than one habitat, you can earn higher KI each day.  


XP simply refers to experience points. These points are part of your pet’s valuable metadata. The token metadata increased by converting banking step energy into XP. When you get to a certain cap of XP, your pet will begin its leveling up. Earning XP is crucial in order to level up and increase your pet’s value and rarity. 

Gene Crystals

Gene Crystals are NFTs and are crafted using GENE and KI. Crystals will speed up the rate of your pet’s evolution. These crystals come in many forms, and they can change your pet’s attack moves. 

Genopet Habitats

Habitat NFTs are the areas in which your Genopets can grow, live, and evolve. Genopets Habitats are also known as Genesis Habitats, and they are a playable collection. There are 5,537 Genopet habitats that have unique qualities and in-game benefits. The habitats are the primary yield-generating asset in the game. Owning the habitat is not necessary because Genopets is entirely free-to-play if you want. However, suppose you do own a habitat. In that case, there is a high chance that you will be able to advance your pets significantly faster and increase their earnings. 

Habitats allow the evolution and progress of your Genopet. You can purchase NFT habitats through the Magic Eden marketplace and craft them using GENE, KI, and crystals. If you have a habitat, you may also see an increase in your XP, meaning you can craft crystals quicker in the future. 

Leveling Up

In order to progress in Genopets, you need to level up your pet. But how do you gain points, and what do those points do? 

The maturity and strength of a Genopet are continuously tracked in a system of stages and levels. Stages determine the size, look, and attributes (including step efficiency) of your Genopet. You can level up by converting your energy points into XP. 

Once you have done this, XP is immediately put towards reaching the next level. In terms of how much XP is needed, you will need 10,000 XP to reach level 1 and 11,800 to reach level 2. This continues to stage 11, level 11. If you are lucky enough to get to stage 12, Genopets will not be able to gain XP, only energy.


In Genopets, you can mint a baby Genopet for free. This is part of the free-to-play element of Genopets, as you do not have to invest anything into the game. At the start, you need to summon and mint your Genopet NFT as well as its habitat in order to evolve. You need to do this in order to start earning XP as you move around. 

You can nurture to mint a unique Genopet, evolve by earning XP, battle by partaking in challenges and mini-games and trade your Genopet NFT on the marketplace to make money.

How To Earn

The goal of Genopets is to move whilst earning. Firstly, you earn XP through the banking energy that you earn by walking or running. 

Energy is gained and converted into XP. XP is then used to level up your Genopets and earn better rewards. To earn, trade your Genopets and in-game NFTs in the Genopets marketplace. Through this, you will be able to earn real rewards, such as KI and GENE. 

Become a merchant in order to craft and sell crystals, become a collector and collect and sell NFTs, or become a landlord to buy and lease habitats to NFT owners.

Additionally, you can earn KI through your NFT habitats. The more habitat NFTs you own, the more daily KI you can receive. This is because the NFTs control your earning potential, hence why the more you have, the more you earn. 



Recent updates in the Genoverse have included habitat management. This is part of the player-created economy, and it allows private beta players to harvest KI on Mainframe. This update allows players to take on new roles such as landlords, merchants, or harvesters. 

The update has allowed players to turn their sweat into KI tokens in order to power the player-created economy. Players are able to craft using crystals in their habitats in order to level up their pets.

Other recent updates have included a new partnership with Magic Eden for lower minting fees, as well as the introduction of semi-fungible tokens. 

Check out their Twitter for regular updates. 


Future Plans

In the roadmap and whitepaper, several new updates are coming. This includes the Whitelist Public Beta, aiming to expand the game’s player base. Genopets is also seeking to introduce core gameplay mechanics into this, allowing more players to experience the Genoverse. 

Additionally, future plans include public beta players being able to craft items, augments, and power-ups, battle PVP mini-games, use wearable devices and motion trackers, refer friends with codes, and play nurturing mini-games. 

In the game’s 2023 future launch, players will also be able to explore the Genopets open world and engage in team and multiplayer battles. 

What Makes Genopets Unique? 

Genopets is regarded as the first free-to-play and move-to-earn game built on the Solana Blockchain. Although there are now hundreds of move-to-earn activity-based games such as StepN and RunBlox, Genopets has some truly unique qualities. It has been in development for a long time, with unique features, including the use of biometric data and real-world events. 

Free-to-Play Elements

It is rare for a move-to-earn game or NFT-based game to be free-to-play, but Genopets is. When you start playing the game, you are provided with a free baby Genopet. You can begin earning $KI tokens, even with a free Genopet. However, in order to level up and purchase NFTs for your Genopets, it is better to buy items from the marketplace. 

Game Mechanics

Genopets aims to replace the traditional video game landscape with something more rewarding. When you think of classic video gaming, you will likely picture inactive, monotonous gaming. Genopets seeks to challenge this and incorporates everyone’s favorite gaming features into one huge new game. By merging conventional video games with physical activity and mythical creatures, Genopets, there is no other game like it. If we want to factor in the fact that you can play it for free, this is even better. 


As we discussed earlier, the premise of Genopets is something to admire. Taking into account your personality, physical activity levels, and biometric data, the pets are a completely digital version of yourself and your fitness. The more time and effort you put into yourself and moving your body, the more your Genopet will thrive. 

Although game quests and missions will increase your pet’s value and energy, nothing will increase your pet’s attributes and values as much as a walk or run outside. Through leveling up your pet, you’re also investing time and energy into yourself and your body. And your Genopet is with you the entire way. This makes this game perfect for those who may not know how to get into fitness. For those who want to walk alone or those who want an exercise buddy, Genopets has you all the way. 

Augment NFT

In Genopets, an augment NFT is a type of NFT that you can use to upgrade and enhance the physical attributes and qualities of your Genopet. You can also swap out different body parts of the Genopet for a better look and performance. In order to be able to do this, you also have to complete quests to unlock body modification options. 

Habitat NFTs

As we know, habitats are NFTs in Genopets. They have encoded habitats where the Genopets live and evolve. Just like regular habitats, your pets will live and grow in them. You can purchase these habitats on the marketplace, as well as craft them using your tokens or crystals. 

When playing the game, you can unlock habitats in order to craft tokens directly, as well as earn more game tokens. To add, different habitat environments will have different effects on your Genopets. This includes gene crystals and skills. 

What makes this extra unique is the fact that you can rent out your habitats for extra income. Each habitat can only hold one Genopet at a time, so in order to do this, you will have to own more than one habitat. 

Crystal NFTs

In Genopets, there are crystal NFTs. Earlier, we spoke about in-game crafting. Crystal NFTs can be crafted by using your GENE tokens or KI tokens. This has to be done through the habitat lab, and each crystal will have a unique shape and role that will change the performance of your Genopet and its evolution. The crystals will also correspond with the physical appearance of your Genopet. For example, if you use fire crystals, your Genopet can have a fire style for a brief time. In battle, your pets can also use fire as a weapon. 

Final Words

Genopets is regarded as one of the first and most advanced move to earn games in the metaverse. The genoverse is mystical, with some truly amazing features such as free-playing, dual earning ability, and mini-games and battles. Along with its advanced move to earn biometric features, the game sits between strategy and open-world gaming. We think the game is going to be huge in its mainstream release, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next. 

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