STEPN UP challenge

STEPN has just announced its most recent STEPNEMBER challenge where players are encouraged to walk 12,000 steps and connect with nature in the process.

The challenge runs from September 9 to September 15, allowing players plenty of time to get involved if they wish.

There are also great prizes to be won; the top 20 entries in the challenge will win 1,000 GMT each.

There is also an environmental aspect to the challenge. STEPN wants to encourage people to walk more and save on vehicle emissions in the process by driving less.

In a tweet introducing the challenge, STEPN said: “Did you know if you move 12,000 steps in a day you can avoid creating nearly 10 lbs of C02 in vehicle emissions? Show us how you took our 12,000 steps challenge.”


How to get in involved in the new STEPN challenge

Getting involved in the new STEPN challenge is easy. STEPN outlined the steps as part of their Twitter thread outlining the challenge.

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Post a video about the challenge on Twitter or Instagram, but bear in mind that Instagram stories don’t count.
  • Follow STEPN’s Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • Include the following hashtags: #STEPN #STEPNEMBER and #STEPN12000
  • Tag STEPN in the post

While it’s important to complete the 12,000 steps as part of the challenge, this is much more a challenge in creativity rather than just movement.

In fact, as per the scoring criteria, STEPN ambassadors will be looking for the following attributes in the entries:

  • The quality of the entry, for instance, is it clear, well-lit, well-taken?
  • The nature of the content, for instance, is it engaging, elegant to the theme, and fun?
  • The engagement rate, and in particular, how many likes, shares, and retweets has the post had?

The engagement aspect may seem discouraging to people with smaller followings, but STEPN has reiterated that they’re encouraging everyone to enter.

STEPN tweeted: “Please note: We encourage all to participate. For example, the top #STEPNrun winner had 20 followers (@curly_soulman). So please be assured the quality of content makes true winners.” 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create a winning entry, check out our section below that delves into this further.

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STEPN will celebrate its first anniversary with the launch of “It’s a Movement”. Image Source: STEPN

How are people responding to the STEPN challenge?

While getting the steps in is key to winning this challenge, there is a creative aspect that can’t be ignored. People are already reacting to news of the challenge, and some early birds have even made a start.

Twitter user Patricia, for example, posted a short video of her son completing the 12,000-step challenge through STEPN. She did this by completing nature walks with her son and taking a video of the STEPN app before and after the walk.

Patricia also shared her son’s story, who is autistic and did not enjoy walking before. He started using STEPN 47 days ago and was hugely excited to try this latest challenge. He even told his mom, “Mom, I can surpass myself!”

This shows how gratifying movement can have applications beyond pure entertainment.

The 20-second video can be viewed via the Tweet below.

But not everybody is happy about the challenges. For instance, @FollowGetRich said he wanted to get more news about GST, development, and what people want from the project. He claimed ‘nobody is interested in this’ because people who want to train would train without STEPN too.

This does seem to miss the point of move-to-earn (M2E) as a whole because the whole concept is about getting people moving and earning in the process.

Twitter user Armandi proved him wrong, by saying “I am! And I am having fun, but I’m just nobody.”

He then posted a brief clip of his walk in an urban park with STEPN stats superimposed. You can view his 9-second video of his 12,000 steps challenge below.

The 12,000-step challenge is part of STEPNEMBER. But what exactly is STEPNEMBER and what can you expect next from STEPN?

What’s STEPNEMBER and “It’s a movement”?

STEPNEMBER consists of four challenges designed to mark the first year anniversary of the STEPN M2E web3 lifestyle application. STEPNEMBER is also part of STEPN’s newest campaign, “It’s a movement”.

Each challenge comes with prizes for the top entries with a prize pool totalling 100,000 GMT distributed between the winners.

STEPN said: “It’s a movement” encompasses STEPN’s deep commitment to five key pillars that define STEPN for what it is — a revolutionary movement!”

The five pillars that form the “It’s a movement” campaign include health and wellness, social connectedness, environmental responsibility, financial freedom, and bridging Web2 and Web3.

STEPN is hoping to onboard the next 100 million users onto Web3 as part of its pledge to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

STEPN said: “By marrying real-world activity to web3 gameplay, we’ve added a whole new layer of utility to NFTs, broadening appeal and access through vibrant communities and digital rewards.”

The promo video below shows how STEPN envisions the ”It’s a movement” campaign.

What’s the next STEPN challenge?

The next challenge will launch on September 16 and it will be called the ‘Burger Burn’. This challenge aims to test how many steps players can rup up in one go. STEPN claims a person can burn 19 calories per minute by running up the stairs, equating to a medium cheeseburger every 13 minutes.

STEPN said: “Show us how many burgers you burn a day in our STEPN stairs challenge”

The top 20 entries from this challenge will win 1,000 GMT tokens each. There will also be an extra grand prize of 20,000 GMT tokens which will be shared out among winners who win all of the challenges. Players who’ve managed to rank in the top 20 in all four challenges will get a cut of this prize pot.

This next challenge will be the third STEPNEMBER challenge organized by STEPN. There are four in total, including STEPN Before/ After,  12,000 steps, Burger Burn, and Best Running Friend Forever.

Make sure you get your entry in for the latest 12,000-step challenge so you get a chance at winning the 1,000 GMT token prize.


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