While Sorare remains a top-notch web3 fantasy sports platform, it also is one of the most engaging gaming platforms. It is popular for promoting healthy competition and sportsmanship among sports fans. Another interesting aspect is the chance to play managerial roles in the virtual space.

To keep up with that, Sorare launched the Sorare: Global Cup tournament on November 10, 2022. The competition aims to give all Sorare Managers the opportunity to showcase their managerial skills in style and class.  And by doing so, they can rank higher on the leaderboards, thereby earning bigger, better rewards in the process.

On November 18, 2022, Sorare took to its Twitter page to announce an exclusive reward – a special referral reward. Although the reward coincides with the Sorare: Global Cup tournament, Sorare Managers can utilize the opportunity to earn more. That said, the reward is part of Sorare’s plans to give its players more rewards for better experiences.

Special Referral Reward: Bonus Common Cards

As announced, this exclusive reward will be available for a limited time frame. Notably, it will cover activities that occurred between November 10, 2022, and November 25, 2022. After then, no Manager will be eligible for the exclusive referral reward.

Sorare will be giving one extra Common card to Managers, which they can add to their lineups to earn more Matchday points.

It is worth noting that for the Global Cup tournament, all Sorare Managers can play only with Common cards. Common cards are virtual playing cards that Managers can acquire for free when they sign up on the Sorare platform.

However, Common cards cannot be sold or utilized for trading purposes during the Sorare: Global Cup tournament. While the reason remains known to Sorare, Managers will see differences in the Common cards, which does not affect their utilities. The change in design depends on the players’ national teams and club partnerships.

The condition for the Common card reward is not difficult – Managers must have invited their friends to the Global Cup tournament. If they have not invited any friends, they can have the opportunity to invite friends until November 25, 2022. Simply put, they should or must have invited one friend between November 10 and November 25, 2022, to qualify.

After that, they should ensure that their friends create accounts to participate in the Global Cup tournament. When done, they will be qualified for a bonus 9-point Common card which can be used for Matchday 3 onwards. In the same vein, Sorare used the opportunity to thank players who had invited the new Manager over to the tournament.

Rules for the Special Referral Reward

Moving on, Sorare included quite some rules to help Managers through the qualification process. Also, Managers are eligible for just one bonus Common card each. However, the bonus Card will be useful for team lineups from Matchday 3. Below are the rules:

Each Sorare Manager must use his referral link or his private league invite link to invite at least one friend. This will make the register the referral into the platform’s system. However, if any Manager has already invited a friend through his link, then he has qualified for the reward. He only needs to ensure that his friend verifies their phone number on the platform.

  •  The invited friend must sign up for the Sorare platform. And this must be between November 10, 2022, at exactly 12:00 CET and November 25, 2022, at exactly 9:00 CET.
  •  The friend must also create a Global Cup team and submit it to Sorare.
  •  The friend must perform the phone number verification. This can be done under Sorare settings -> Security.
  •  Each Manager is qualified for just one bonus Common card. Also, no Manager can collect the bonus Common card more than once.
  •  The bonus card will be a 9-point Common card player. And Managers can use the card for their Global Cup squads for Matchday 3 onwards.

Furthermore, Sorare Managers can claim their bonus Common cards only if they have verified their phone numbers on Sorare. Additionally, suspension can arise if a Manager’s account is found to be multi-accounting. In this case, the account will be suspended from the Sorare: Global Cup tournament.

What Is Sorare: Global Cup?

The Sorare: Global Cup tournament is a fantasy football tournament that is open to all Sorare Managers. As mentioned earlier, they will be playing with Common cards. And these cards cannot be sold or traded on the marketplace.

Interestingly, the Global Cup tournament features players across all national teams participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is noteworthy that this year’s edition is slated for Qatar. As usual, the games will be played with five players per squad on the Sorare platform.

Players will be chosen across the four playing positions, which are Forward (FW), Midfielder (MD), Defender (DF), and Goalkeeper (GK). A total of eight players will be selected, out of which five players will start. In addition to four players in different players, one extra player can be selected from any position except Goalkeeper to make up the starting lineup of five.


There are two leaderboards on which all Sorare Managers will be ranked. The first one is the Matchday Leaderboard. This is where all scores for a particular Matchday are recorded and ranked. 

On the other hand, there is the Overall Leaderboard, which is the final ranking of all Sorare Managers. It holds the biggest rewards, including the exclusive Zinedine Zidane experience, Limited Card rewards, ETH rewards, VIP football match tickets, and officially signed football jerseys. According to Sorare, “more rewards is equal to more fun.”

Matchday Calendar

Rather than the usual Game Weeks, the periods during the Global Cup tournament are referred to as Matchdays. This is to distinguish them from the usual Game Weeks. Also, Sorare adjusted the game plan to fit into the tournament. Here is the new calendar:

  •  Matchday 1November 20 to November 24, 2022
  •  Matchday 2November 25 to November 28, 2022
  •  Matchday 3November 29 to December 2, 2022
  •  Matchday 4December 3 to December 6, 2022
  •  Matchday 5December 9 to December 12, 2022
  •  Matchday 6December 13 to December 15, 2022
  •  Matchday 7December 17 to December 19, 2022

Player Scores

In the Global Cup tournament, Sorare will employ a real-life performance translation technique. In that regard, a player’s score will depend solely on how well he performs in the World Cup. And there are different criteria that either make up or mar a player’s score.

Positive impacts on player scores are attracted by Assists, Goals, Penalties won, Successful dribbles, Clean passes, and Excellent defending. For Goalkeepers, their player scores can be impacted positively Through Clean sheets, Penalties saved, and Excellent goalkeeping.

sorare players’ cards. image source: Cryptotesters

Similarly, negative impacts can be caused by Player errors, including Penalty losses, Goal misses, Unsuccessful dribbles, and Poor defending. Also, Red cards, Penalties conceded, Own goals, and Poor Goalkeeping can impact players’ scores negatively.

National Series Cards

These are special edition cards that are useful in the Global Cup tournament. As announced, Sorare will not reissue or auction these cards after the tournament. However, they can be collected through tournament wins or on the Manager Sales Marketplace.

Also, the National Series cards are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Consequently, they can be sold, listed, or even traded with other Sorare Managers. In the meantime, they will be distributed as random rewards. So, “anyone who has won a National Series Collectible could win a number 1.”

All Common cards in the Global Cup will feature National team players. Image Source: Medium

Managers to Compete Against Sorare

Essentially, the Sorare: Global Cup tournament aims to bring the football community in Sorare together with the experiences. As a result, the Sorare team will be joining in the celebrations and tournament. In the meantime, the platform’s team has not released its lineup for the Global Cup.

The Sorare team will play on all Matchdays, competing against thousands of Sorare Managers on the platform. However, Managers that beat Sorare with their lineups will be eligible for a raffle. On every Matchday, 10 winners will be chosen and they will get Sorare swag bags and officially signed jerseys each.

What Are Private Leagues?

The Sorare: Global Cup tournament is not only to win rewards, but it also is a chance to show supremacy. That is, players can compete against themselves and showcase exceptional managerial skills and styles. This way, healthy competition is promoted and Managers earn more rewards in the process.

Private Leagues are in-game leagues that allow Sorare Managers to compete against other Managers, especially friends. The idea of Private Leagues is welcome as it offers a personalized fantasy sport experience. With this, Managers can come in small groups and test out their managerial skills in a less formal manner.

How Are Private Leagues Created?

Private Leagues can be created by clicking on the Private League tab in the Global Cup lobby. After selecting the tab, players will be able to either join existing Private Leagues or create new ones. Similarly, they can earn more rewards when they invite new friends to the Global Cup via their Private League links.

Any Other Benefits of the Private Leagues?

Of course, yes! Players can earn rewards when they either create or join Private Leagues. Firstly, if a player creates a Private League and the league has a minimum of six members, every member will qualify for a raffle. Similarly, if a player joins an existing Private League with at least six members, members will qualify for a raffle.

However, the Private Leagues must have a minimum of six members by November 24, 2022. After that date, no Private League will be eligible to participate in the raffle. As part of the rewards, 100 players will win officially signed jerseys from a football partner of the Sorare platform.

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