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Over the previous years, the play-to-earn (P2E) games initiated by Axie Infinity dominated the crypto space and the gaming world. It reveals how video games can be a source of income for gamers. While these P2E games continue to develop in the GameFi industry, it has motivated other web3 gaming applications to establish a similar earning system. Thus, the inception of the move-to-earn mechanism. Globula move-to-earn game is the first mobile gaming platform to integrate this new strategy into the metaverse gaming world.

Globula is an amazing AR science fiction move-to-earn metaverse game that is taking the gaming industry to another level. As Metaverse gaming is now gaining massive adoption in the tech world, Globula move-to-earn game aims to make metaverse games easily accessible for gamers. Also, it aims to create employment opportunities as users will be earning as they play. Mere seeing the reward packed in Globula, you surely can’t wait to get started. But how do you get started when you know nothing about Globula? Worry not; this article entails everything you need to know, alongside some valuable tips on how to play it and earn tokens. Before we go into that, what is a move-to-earn, and how does it work?


Move-to-earn: An overview


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what is move-to-earn? source: DappRadar

Move-to-earn is a new and rapidly growing mechanism that rewards players with cryptocurrency in exchange for workouts and fitness. This concept uses technology to track users’ movements, so you can earn just by doing your regular or daily fitness routine. The idea is basically to allow users to earn while moving their bodies or performing physical activities. Move-to-earn games are a great way to earn free crypto coins while you are at the gym or just taking a walk. Different platforms use this mechanism to suit their purposes. Some platforms require you to complete in-game tasks like finishing a workout, walking, or winning a race. While some, such as Globula, require you to move to accumulate energy which can be used in the gameplay or sold to other users in their market places.

Moveto-Earn vs Play-to-Earn – The difference

Play to Earn vs Move to Earn
M2E vs P2E. source: Zebpay

Move-to-Earn (M2E) is an outgrowth of the Play-to-Earn strategy. It combines GameFi with SocialFi. Move-to-earn combines moving, gaming, and token earning on the blockchain network. M2E gained popularity faster because it is essential for a healthier life through the frequent movement of the body part. It’s a unique way of rewarding users for getting up and moving while using technology. Every action you take earns you tokens.

Play-to-earn; users can earn in-game assets and trade them for cryptocurrencies by playing play-to-earn (P2E) crypto games. The primary distinction between P2E and M2E is the reward system and the revenue model. There are some distinctions between the P2E and M2E models. They’re both so much more than just virtual gaming. The P2E earning model makes it possible for users to earn through gaming, while M2E earning model makes it possible for users to earn through the movement of their bodies. P2E employs a performance-based reward while M2E employs an effort-based reward.

Through digital assets, move-to-earn gamifies fitness to encourage healthier behavior. M2E hopes to gain traction using personal fitness trackers and workplace wellness programs.

How does Movetoearn work?

Move-to-earn games use blockchain technology in line with the GameFi reward system. To play, you need to participate in activities such as walking, jogging, running, e.t.c. Your activities, such as health and physical data, are collected through your smart devices. This data determines your reward. The premise of move-to-earn games is highly rewarding, and arguably, they are setting the pace in the play-to-earn gaming industry. These crypto tokens earned can be exchanged in marketplaces.

If you choose to hold on to earned tokens, you can reinvest them and accumulate more interest in them. The simple idea behind move-to-earn is by exercising or moving around in the physical world. The Globula sci-fi game has incredibly introduced this model.


What is Globula?

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source: Globula

Globula is an amazing Metaverse move-to-earn game that is providing new innovative ideas to the crypto gaming sector. It combines cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain to create its Sci-Fi innovative world. Globula is a science fiction adventure that combines real-world players’ experiences and enigmatic stories to produce an exciting gaming experience orchestrated with rewards. The mechanism does not require the user to invest money but time. Although, for a user to increase their rewards, they can compete with other players.

The integral part of Globula’s goal is to connect the real world with the gaming world. Globula combines several market-proven game engines and models — the augmented reality (AR) of Metaverse- with the move-to-earn concept to develop its project. Hence, onboarding amazing in-game experience and environment. It allows users to work around in the real world and collect energy from the matter around us. The energy is accumulated through Globula’s application which is available on Google play store.

Globula tools enable its users to create new gaming ideas and geolocation content, thus building a new sphere of human employment.

Getting started with Globula

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Globula app. source: Globula
  • Download the Globula app on the Google play store.
  • Sign up and Input your details, which are basically your email address and your chosen password.
  • After creating your account, sign in.
  • Wait for the game interface to load up with a map.
  • Select harvester using the top left button.
  • Start moving to accumulate energy via an Energy harvester.

As you move, the number in the lower left corner will start to increase, and the progress bar also begins to fill up as you continue moving.

Earning through Globula: the key features

Globula presents users with the following features;

 Collecting Temporal Energy

Collecting temporal energy. source: Globula

To use tools in Globula, users must accumulate a certain amount of Temporal Energy Units (TEU). The total energy accumulated is stored in the game’s energy harvester. For high efficiency, the optimum speed of movement roughly equals that of a pedestrian or a bicycle. Users can sell the accumulated energy in the marketplace or buy it when needed.

 Resource Extraction (Mining)

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Mining. source: Globula

The real-world map is broken into sectors that contain different game items. To locate these items, users need to scan the environment with the game scanner and then extract them to their located areas. Extraction will enable players to collect specific in-game resources like tools, weapons, shields, and modules. Some of these complex resources can be acquired by hunting strange in-game creatures.


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source: Globula

The world of Globula is filled with many creatures (Globulas), some are harmless, while some become fearless at the sight of players. By hunting and killing these Globulas, users will be allowed to source compounds to create valuable in-game tools. Hunting these creatures requires proficient skills and proper handling of different weapons and energy shields. The most powerful of these creatures will require many players to team up to defeat them.


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Extraction of materials. source: Globula

 Materials obtained from extraction and hunting, combined with other components like energy and blueprints, can be used to generate new devices and tools by crafting. These tools, from the complex to the simplest, can be crafted by the players or bought in the market. Players earn blueprints during quests or buy from other players in the market. Earning blueprints depends on the success of your in-game activities, and they possess tremendous market value due to their high demand in the market.


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marketplace. source: Globula

A Marketplace is where in-game items and objects such as temporal energy and blueprints are offered for sale. Players can list their in-game items for sale at their preferred prices. When an item is listed for sale, a fee is charged based on the listing period and the value set for the item. Every item possesses two values, the base value (player’s value) and market value (fixed value). An item (energy) can be converted into money at its base value at any time. Only Temporal energy has its value fixed and can only be sold to other players.

Creating game objects (Modules)

 Modules are significantly different from regular items as they can be deployed on the map as objects (buildings). They have all sorts of advanced features (from simple storage to a production module that allows multiple items to be produced simultaneously) and can be either personal or public. Modules require periodic maintenance. They can also be attacked by other players. You have to look after them and protect them.


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source: Globula

Skills are also marketable in the Globula marketplace, motivating players to learn them faster. As players proceed in the gameplay, using tools, weapons, shields, modules, and production of items, it will increase players’ skills correspondingly. Thus, allow players to bring the best out of each item and unlock new modifications from them. As players’ skill increases, new weapons and tools will be unlocked. Globula has a lot of different skills, thus, making it difficult to master them all at once rather gradually. Players can sell their skills to other players in the market to learn new skills.

Intrinsic value

Each object in Globula’s market is equivalent to a certain amount of energy spent to get them. The amount of energy needed to get the object at a particular time is fixed at an intrinsic value. For instance, 1: 100 units of energy have been spent to manufacture an object “A”. At the time of manufacture, the market value of 100 units of energy is 5 coins. Object “A” is assigned an intrinsic value of “A” = 5 coins. If resources/materials with an intrinsic value were used in the process of making a new object, then they are summed up and assigned to the resulting object.

Guilds and corporations

Some Globulas require players to work collectively as a team or require the use of special items to kill them. Therefore, Players need to team up and kill them. The team also allows the effective use of common items (modules) to ensure proper management and protection of their team members.


There are several well-established factions in the Globula world,  discovered by the research centers. You can help one of the factions depending on your interests and objectives, and you will be rewarded with tools, weapons, or blueprints. In the future, Globula aims to involve the player community in creating quest scenarios (UGC), by providing a modular geolocation quest builder.

GLOBULA TOKEN: the whole concept about it TOKENOMICS

Globula possesses its own native token, GLB token. The token can be traded on Polygon, Binance smart chain (BSC), and Ethereum (ETH) networks. The token can be used for utility, governance, game, and intrinsic value. It is a reward given to players for trading and creating game objects. You can read more about the project tokenomic here.

Future of Globula

 Globula is an innovative science fiction move-to-earn game with different ideas in store for its users. Globula is a project with a bright future and aims to transform and create tens, hundreds, and thousands of jobs in the gaming world. The project has some exciting features to be added in the future. Some of which include an in-game market auction, location-based modules features, GLB staking neurofeedback device integration, Dex listing, Cex listing, GLB yield Farming, and many more.

Final words

Globula aims to expand GameFi ecosystem through its amazing features. The app will be full of exciting adventures and interesting features.  It also plans to create an enabling platform for the distribution of useful resources by gamification of labor. As of today, Globula game is ready to be launched to the market. New features and updates will also be available in upcoming announcements.


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