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Gods Unchained, a card trading strategy game, and the web3 fantasy sports game Sorare are two of the best NFT sellers in the P2E space for November.

According to tracking done by CryptoSlam, the two games have dominated NTF sales over the last three months or so and are expected to maintain this trajectory over the coming weeks.

Sorare leads the charge, with Gods Unchained coming in second. In fact, the web3 fantasy sports platform has topped P2E NFT sales for three months in a row.

Sorare NFT Sales in November

It’s been a very good year for Sorare. The platform has seen major milestones over the past few months, including the launch of its NBA-themed fantasy sports platform.

P2E NFT sales
Graph Showing NFT Sales for Sorare In the month of November. Image Source: CryptoSlam.com

Sorare has also seen incredible success with its World Cup-themed global cup event, which will end after today’s final between Argentina and France.

However, the game’s success was already obvious, especially when considering NFT sales month over month. In November, for example, the platform sold over $23 million worth of NFTs.

There is no other web3 game that comes even close to that number. Although the $23 million was a drop from the $28 million recorded the previous month, it’s still a huge testament to the popularity of Sorare.

Dominating NFT Sales in P2E Since July

The November success is not the first for Sorare. As noted above, the game, alongside Gods Unchained, has been the most dominant name for NFT sales. In fact, Sorare has topped NFT sales in web3 gaming every month since July.

Sorare NFTs
Sorare has dominated P2E NFT Sales since July, and only Gods Unchained has come close to its numbers. Image Source: Sorare.com

However, the highest haul in terms of dollar value came in February. The fantasy sports platform sold $40 million worth of NTFs, the highest for 2022. Despite this success, we have seen somewhat of a decline in terms of sales.

For example, after selling $36 million worth of NFTs in August, Sorare reported a sharp drop of nearly 40% the following month. Sales improved a bit in October, only to drop again in November. Sorare has, in fact, seen monthly NFT sales drop for two months in a row now.

This drop comes even as the platforms continue to run the Sorare Global Cup, a world cup-themed event that looks like a big success so far. It will be interesting to see how the December sales will go.

However, according to data from CryptoSlam, the game has sold about $10 million worth of NFTs. If this trend holds, the game will likely either match or slightly underperform the monthly sales for November. We will, however, have to wait and see what happens.

Gods Unchained Keeps Sorare on Its Heels

Although Sorare has been the top-performing P2E game in terms of NFT sales, it has not been alone in the spotlight. Gods Unchained, a popular card trading game built on Immutable, has also seen a major spike in sales this year.

In fact, Gods Unchained managed to hit its all-time monthly NFT sales record in October. The NFT game saw sales hit $22 million for the first time in its history. However, sales have retreated slightly ever since.

Gods Unchained NFT SALES
Graph Showing all Gods Unchained NFT sales for November. Image Source: CryptoSlam.com

Data from CryptoSlam shows that November sales hit $18 million, a drop of about 18% compared to the previous month. The data also shows that December sales are currently at $4 million.

This is relatively modest, considering the month is just about to end. We don’t expect Gods Unchained to beat the November haul. It will be the second month in a row that sales have dropped since the game hit its record highs in October.

Great Year for Gods Unchained

Despite the slight drop in monthly NFT sales over the last two months, Gods Unchained has outperformed significantly. The game, in fact, managed to surpass $10 million in monthly NFT sales for the first time in 2022.

Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained has had its best year yet in terms of NFT monthly sales, with a new record of $22 million in October. Image Source: Gods Unchained Blog

Besides, the writing was already on the wall when the game shot to $15 million in sales in January this year. Although sadly, this trend did not hold for the following months, but Gods Unchained picked things up in mid-June.

It’s also been a year of milestones for the card trading game. The first season concluded a few weeks ago, and there is talk of a much more exciting second season as well.

Major Impact on Immutable X

Also, Gods Unchained has risen to become one of the most important projects on Immutable X. For most of 2022, the game has contributed the biggest share of NFT sales on Immutable.

NFT games
Gods Unchained is the most dominant project on Immutable X right now and could remain so for a while. Image Source: Gods Unchained Blog

Although the blockchain is already working on several other exciting projects, it is clear that Gods Unchained will remain the star of the show for a while.

Also, lifetime NFT sales for Gods Unchained have now hit $107 million. Crossing the $100 million mark is a big deal for a P2E game. It means now that the web3 card game is ranked 54th in terms of the most successful NFT projects by sales.

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