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Gods Unchained, a well-known digital card game, has formed a partnership with Superpower, a consulting firm specialized in testing game balance. This joint effort intends to preserve and improve the balance of the game by utilizing data-based analysis and drawing upon the considerable expertise of the Superpower team.

The Collaboration

Gods Unchained, a popular digital card game with a large player base, is teaming up with Superpower, a consultancy that specializes in testing and maintaining game balance. This partnership aims to guarantee a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

The Superpower team comprises experienced players and content creators, including individuals associated with Infinite Mana (8M) as well as those who are not affiliated with 8M. A rotating roster of prominent players, including Clutch, FakeMews, and VilliBesti, will be part of the Superpower team.

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These individuals are highly recognized within the gaming community for their deep comprehension of the intricacies of Gods Unchained and web3 gaming. Their primary objective is to address the complex task of preserving game balance, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall gameplay experience in Gods Unchained.

Why Did Gods Unchained Choose Superpower?

Superpower contributes a data-centered methodology and comprehensive viewpoint, offering valuable insights for refining the game. The consultancy boasts a skilled team of data analysts and engineers who utilize gameplay data analysis to make well-informed choices.

The Superpower team will provide recommendations and feedback based on hypothetical game scenarios but will not have access to final decisions until they are publicly disclosed. As part of their responsibilities, Superpower will be granted access to Gods Unchained’s testing realms and will participate in beta testing upcoming content. They will conduct targeted tests, offer overall feedback, and hold weekly meetings to discuss their findings.

Regular playtesting will be conducted to ensure game balance. Additionally, Superpower will incorporate quantitative and technical insights into their feedback. Initially, the collaboration is planned for a period of two months, but there is a potential for extension depending on the outcomes achieved.

Achieving game balance is a complex undertaking that requires continual fine-tuning of various card types, abilities, and interactions. The challenge intensifies when introducing novel mechanics and card types. Superpower will operate within this ever-evolving and intricate landscape to uphold a balanced and exhilarating gameplay experience.

Superpower will adhere to the same disclosure regulations as Immutable, the company responsible for Gods Unchained. Stringent audits will be conducted regularly to guarantee compliance. Employees of Superpower are strictly prohibited from engaging in trading of Gods Unchained assets based on non-public information. Furthermore, Superpower has made a commitment to disclose their trades, even if they do not surpass the mandatory disclosure thresholds.

Players are Invited to Participate

Superpower enthusiastically embraces the viewpoints and experiences of every Gods Unchained player. They strongly encourage anyone interested in contributing to the game’s balance to visit their website and actively participate.

To summarize, the collaboration between Gods Unchained and Superpower aims to enrich the gaming experience for all players by ensuring an optimal game balance. While final decisions rest with Gods Unchained, Superpower offers valuable insights and input based on potential scenarios.


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