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Gods Unchained announced its November Balance Update via its Twitter page. The update marks the completion of changes to the Mortal Judgement set. While the intention behind this update was to redesign several unplayed cards and ensure the cards have less clunky designs. More so, the update was done to raise card win ratios.


The Card Changes 

Several cards underwent changes in the update. Let’s examine those cards and changes to them.

Pyromancy Mentor

The card experienced a decrease in its mana cost from 8 to 4. Also, there was an increase in its stats from 1/9 to 4/4. The card’s text changed from giving +2 strength to a player’s weakest creature after an opponent creature takes damage. Due to the update, opponent’s creatures now get burn +3.

Lootable Corpse

Unlike the pyromancy mentor, the lootable corpse decreased in its stats after the update. Its stats went from 1/1 to 0/1. In addition, before the update, players could gift a random ally creature +2 strength under the afterlife skill. Now, with the update, the afterlife skill allows players to draw a card of their choice.

Crystaltech Scholar and Crystaltech Warlock

These cards changed texts from “Echo. Roar”, used to unlock a mana lock and Empower 2 used to draw a card. The update changed these skills to “Echo. Roar” to unlock a mana lock and Empower 2 to foresee 2.

The game cards
Some cards including the Pyromancy Mentor and Lootable Corpse underwent changes.   Image Source: Twitter

Card Nerfs

There are also changes to the nerf cards. Check out the changes below.


The card had its mana cost increased from 3 to 4.

Over the Line

Like its counterpart, the update also increased the card’s mana cost from 5 to 6.

Sneaky Bruiser

The update changed the card’s text from hidden to hidden for 1 turn.

Card Buffs

Gods Unchained made changes to some cards’ strength. Let’s check the improved cards.

 Bestowing Saint

The card had its stats increased from 2/2 to 2/3.

Loam Strider

The card’s text changed from “Frontline. Regen 1”, used to give +1 strength to creatures, to “Frontline. Regen 2.” The change will still enable creatures to gain +1 strength after healing.

Gods unchained updates
The update also caused changes to the nerf cards. Image Source: PeakD

The Card’s Bug Fixes

The update changed the potency of some commands. Certain commands in the card game now have limitations. Here are some of them.

On Her Command: After the update, this command will cease to destroy creatures with Ward.

Dreaming Sceptre + Obsidian’s Dagger: The duo will no longer have abilities that bypass Ward.

That Which Aches: The command now accurately summons upon playing “The Divine Coronet”.

Corrupt Ceremony + Enlightenment: With this command, target cards move towards the correct side of the void.

Phylactery + Enraging Talisman: The command allows the text on ability cards to match that of their parent card.

Gods unchained
The update changed the potency of some commands.   Image Source: AFK Gaming

Most importantly, players should be aware that the VFX has also undergone several changes. There has been an update to the god power to be compatible with the mulligan texts. Also, incorrect colours for mana and health texts have been rectified. Lastly, the Gods Unchained team has removed the lingering soulless VFX.

Card Gaming in the Metaverse

Blockchain trading card games are quite similar to their web2 counterparts. They provide players with challenging yet entertaining gameplay where they engage in one-on-one card contests to determine the best.

Even before blockchain became a reality, collecting cards was a fun hobby. Thanks to blockchain technology, your preferred rare card can now be an NFT. As a result, cards in web3 now function as financial assets tradeable across many exchanges, thereby increasing their liquidity. Moreover, it gives players an edge in-game and the chance to profit from them.

Over the years, blockchain trading card games have drawn a lot of users. They draw their influence from web2-based card games while maintaining the intricate gameplay and strategy development that made them popular. Over $52 million worth of assets has reportedly been transferred between players of Gods Unchained.


Gods Unchained in the Metaverse

Gods Unchained is a turn-based, free-to-play strategy game that combines trading cards, blockchain technology, and NFTs. Players can gather rare digital cards, create potent decks, and participate in international tournaments.

Gods Unchained ushers in a new era of gaming in which users possess total command over their in-game possessions. The cards contained in Gods Unchained cannot be changed or deleted because it is based on a decentralized blockchain. All in-game items, therefore, have real-world worth and may be purchased, sold, and exchanged with other players.

Players can earn rewards by competing against other players in tournaments, leagues, and quests. The quality of their rewards will increase as they perform better. These benefits can be used to fund fresh card purchases, new NFT creations, and even stakes in the staking pool.

popularity of the game
Gods Unchained is highly popular due to its extensive utility.   Image Source: Twitter

The NFT industry is growing significantly, and it’s no surprise that Gods Unchained is highly popular, given its extensive utility. The platform’s user base and prize pools have grown largely since its inception, and we anticipate further expansion.

Understanding The Gods Unchained Charter

Outlining the game’s procedure for balancing with its players is the Balance Charter’s major goal. Players will benefit from the Balance Charter in knowing how the meta and economy of the game are created. Players will also learn about card balancing, including how to nerf and enhance cards and many other subjects.

When a game is balanced, players should take into account two factors. Among these components are the balances of numbers and experiences. Every time they collaborate, the pair is like two opposites of a coin.

In the Gods Unchained metaverse, there is no such thing as a perfectly balanced game. You might wonder why. Creating a completely balanced game might be possible, but the results won’t be satisfactory. Playing a perfectly balanced game is boring.

The game balance
A perfect balance doesn’t exist in Gods Unchained. Image Source: Coindoo

A recent play-to-earn diary gives a crystal clear insight into Gods Unchained balance charter. Click here to read the article.

Gods Unchained: Worth A Try?

With a solid idea and a track record of success, this game has a ton of future potential. Additionally, Gods Unchained is being presented to you by a team that enjoys a solid reputation in the gaming sector.

More than a year has passed since the game’s debut. Gods Unchained may eventually be made available on mobile devices, as the developers have promised more in the future. Click on this link to learn about the Gods Unchained.

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