Fans of Gods Unchained are gearing up for the Daily Play and Earn feature launching this Wednesday (August 31). The new update promises to deliver lots of excitement and rewards for gamers who get involved with the game.

Daily Play and Earn allows players to earn the in-game currency, $GODS, any day of the week. There will be a daily cap of $GODS tokens that can be earned depending on several factors such as the number of players who are participating.

Gods Unchained is a trading card game powered by Immutable. It allows players to play, earn, build, and trade with NFTs. Players can build their perfect card deck and then use these cards to fight against other players and earn rewards.

The Daily Play and Earn feature allows players to earn even more rewards by participating in ranked battles.

The Daily Play and Earn feature is a much-anticipated addition to Gods Unchained. Image source: Gods Unchained

How will the Daily Play and Earn Feature work?

Daily Play & Earn is a way to earn in-game currency rewards every day of the week. Players must compete in ranked matches to earn rewards. They may participate in up to 10 matches each day, but must win these matches to qualify for rewards.

There isn’t a set amount of rewards that can be won on a particular day.

The total amount of $GODS tokens that can be earned on a daily basis depends on a number of factors and varies based on the number of players who are actively participating in Daily Play & Earn.

Players will earn points called Fragments every time they participate in and win an eligible match. These Fragments can only be used to calculate the points players have won and thereby claim $GODS rewards.

The number of Fragments a player can earn from each game they win depends on the gameplay modifier and deck modifier, two aspects that are weighed equally.

  • The gameplay modifier is based on the player’s current rank in the game as well as their skill at winning games
  • The deck modifier refers to the quality of cards used in the deck, and this is where players with better cards have an advantage

Because both modifiers are weighed equally, truly skilled players without minted cards can still win big $GODS rewards.

Gods Unchained Review
The new Daily Play and Earn feature will allow lots of opportunities to earn $GODS tokens by winning matches against other players. Image source: Gods Unchained

Daily Play and Earn Feature: What are Gods Unchained Fragments?

Fragments are the points players earn in Daily Play and Earn that are used to calculate their $GODS rewards. But players can only earn fragments from the first 10 Ranked matches that they play each day.

Wins generate fragments, but the first three wins players achieve generate double the fragments.

The amount of fragments players can earn from winning a match depends on various factors, such as their rank,  how many wins they achieve and the shine quality of cards they use in the game.

Once the player accumulates a certain amount of Fragments, they can turn these points into $GODS.

How are Fragments turned into $GODS?

Fragments are turned into $GODS using the following formula:

(Your Daily Fragments divided by Daily Community Fragments) times Total Daily $GODS Rewards = Your $GODS Reward 

The Daily Community Fragments refer to the total Fragments earned by all players that day, while the Total Daily $GODS Rewards is the rewards cap for that particular day.

These values are not set in stone and will change depending on a number of factors. Therefore, players will only know how much they’ve earned after a particular day ends.

God's Unchained Poster
Gods Unchained promises a fascinating premise and the opportunity to win lots of rewards with the new Daily Play and Earn feature.  Image Source: Gods Unchained

What is Gods Unchained?

If the Daily Play and Earn feature has piqued your interest, now might be the time to try out Gods Unchained.

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game with battle elements. It pits deities, in the form of cards,  against each other in a battle to the death, using their unique powers to deplete the opponent’s health points.

The player who can best protect their own deity will be the victor and consequently win rewards. To progress in the game, players need to collect Flux, which is used as a crafting material to improve their deck.

The game is constantly evolving, with new cards and ranks being added all the time.

YouTuber CopperPitch has a detailed guide explaining what the game is all about and how to start playing it today. Check it out here:

The Daily Play and Earn feature allows players to earn even more rewards while playing Gods Unchained. It is likely to make the NFT blockchain game even more popular with gamers in the P2E space.

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