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Gods Unchained has just announced that the much-anticipated Light’s Verdict cards are up for sale now! Twelve powerful new cards are included in the deck, and buyers have an opportunity to grab an exclusive Light’s Verdict collector trinket too.

The company made the announcement earlier today and many Gods Unchained fans are already looking to purchase new packs.

But this is a limited edition pack, so players are advised to get their hands on the cards sooner than later. Light’s Verdict cards will only appear in the Mortal Judgement: Light’s Verdict Expansion Packs for the next two weeks, so there is a set time limit.

The final release wraps up the first season of Gods Unchained and tells the story of Thaeriel, the fallen God of Light, and Lysander the Champion of Light who confronts him and condemns him to mortal existence.

Discounted Light’s Verdict packs are available now

Players who want to purchase cards can do so at a discount now. But the discount pool is limited and has already been depleted to 79% at the time of writing.

Once the discount pool cards run out, they’ll be going back to their usual price. Currently, cards come with a 15% discount. Players who want to stock up on cards can do so here.

Right now, there are four different types of packs you can purchase. And here’s what you’ll get depending on what you choose:

  • Rare packs are available at a discounted price of $2.10 and players will get 1 rare card, 2 common cards, and the chance of the “Rare Light’s Verdict Card”.
  • Epic packs cost $5.89 currently and players will get 2 epic cards, 3 common cards, and a chance to win an Epic Light’s Verdict Card
  • Legendary packs cost $21.05 and players will get 1 legendary card,ย 1 rare card, 3 common cards, and a chance of a Legendary Light’s Verdict Card
  • Shiny packs cost $126.32 and come with 1 shadow card, 1 gold or diamond legendary card, 1 care card, 1 shadow card or diamond common card, 2 common cards, and 1 shadow, gold or diamonds Light’s Verdict card of any rarity.

There will be 100,000 rare packs, 120,000 epic packs, 80,000 legendary packs, and 1,000 shiny packs for sale. Once these are sold out, Gods Unchained won’t be releasing any more packs for sale, but you will be able to earn them as rewards. More details about the different Light’s Verdict packs are available here.

And here is an overview of the Mortal Judgement storyline up until now. The Light’s Verdict expansion packs are designed to conclude this storyline.


Special Trinket reward available for Light’s Verdict players

There are more bonuses to be expected from this latest drop. Players who reach certain collection milestones will be in for a chance to win Lysander’s Spear Collection Trinket pictured below. But you’ll need to meet certain criteria to qualify.

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Lysander’s Spear Collection Trinket will be up for grabs if you reach certain milestones. Image source: Gods Unchained

And there are four levels of the Lysander’s Spear Trinket that you could potentially get your hands on.

  • You could get the level 1 Lysander’s Spear Trinket if you acquire a complete set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of any Shine Quality.
  • You could upgrade to level 2 Lysander’s Spear Trinket if you manage to collect a complete set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of Shadow Quality or Higher.
  • You could upgrade to level 3 Lysander’s Spear Trinket if you acquire a full set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of Gold quality or higher.
  • You could upgrade to level 4 Lysander’s Spear Trinker if you get your hands on a full set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of Diamond quality or higher.

Drop rate for Omox, the Mad increased

In other news, the Gods Unchained team has also announced they’ll be increasing the drop rate of Omox, the Mad in all Light’s Verdict packs.

The drop rate will increase 20 times, giving players an opportunity to land this legendary card. Omox, the Mad allows you to obliterate your hand and replace it with nine random mana creatures while setting their cost to 1.

Omox The Mad
Here is what Omox, The Mad looks like. Image source: Gods Unchained


Gods Unchained: What’s coming in Season 2?

The Light’s Verdict packs are designed to wrap up Season 1 and set up the stage for Season 2 of Gods Unchained. But what can players expect from Season 2?

Here at Play to Earn Diary, we asked Chris Clay, the VP and game director of Gods Unchained, to tell us a little more. Here’s what he said:

โ€œNo spoilers, sorry! We are going to continue investing more in lore and expanding the Gods Unchained universe.

โ€œThere has been a tonne of interest from the community to learn more about the Gods in the other domains. We may even explore new regions and factions in the world of Eucos.โ€

Looks like we’ll find out more about the lore behind Gods Unchained in this coming iteration – we love to hear it.

The Light’s Verdict cards will probably sell out fast. So if you’re looking to buy a few packs, you better get on it now.

And don’t forget, you’ll be able to use them in the upcoming Gods Unchained e-sports tournament too.



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