gods unchained content creator call

The Gods Unchained official Twitter account today sent out an open call for all influencers and content creators. They want their community’s opinion of which of their favorite content creators and influencers the Gods Unchained should contact to partner with them.

Which Influencers are the Gods Unchained Community Recommending?

There was a whole range of suggestions that the community came up with, including:

gods unchained content creator call
A Star Atlas Influencer. Source: Atlas Theory
  • Atlas Theory (@staratlasttheory), is a self-described ‘Metaverse Content Creator” who is mainly a Start Atlas fan (hence the name), who has nearly 3,000 subscribers on Youtube which is a Star Atlas fan channel where subscribers can watch for discussions, interviews, and theories surrounding Star Atlas and the Metaverse.
gods unchained content creator call
An Italian influencer. Source: Twitter
  • CryptoGames Italia (@CriptoGamesIta) whose YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers is “entirely dedicated to the world of Video Games on Blockchain.” Over there you can connect and talk about the Metaverse, NFTs, and all those titles where it is possible to earn real money simply by playing.
gods unchained content creator call
Just ordinary old Adam. Source: Linktree

Who Has Partnered with Gods Unchained Before?

Back in July 2022, Gods Unchained partnered with CardBoard.Live that makes it possible for millions of viewers to participate in the Gods Unchained experience on Twitch.

Trading card games are nothing new to CardBoard.Live, so the Gods Unchained team believed it was only appropriate to work with them to provide their audience with an unmatched viewing experience. 

It’s never been simpler to join in on the action, whether users are following their favorite content creator, taking part in a community tournament, or attending one of the Gods Unchained upcoming esports events.

gods unchained content creator call
Gods team meets Cardboard. Live. Source: Gods Unchained

Through the exciting new features of the extension, broadcasters are now, since July, able to immerse the viewer much further “into the game.” For instance, the streamer’s hand, decklist, voids, the sanctum, god powers, relics, and any cards on the board can all be seen by viewers, along with information on everything else the player has access to.

With this increased level of accessibility, Gods Unchained team gave viewers new opportunities to learn about the tactics that their favorite streamers or players might employ. One key feature is that a player’s current decklist and hand can be viewed by viewers in real time.

Not only that, but Gods Unchained team also partnered with CardBoard.Live to bring viewers who are interacting with the stream even closer to digital ownership, namely via NFTs.

Blade of Whiteplain A
The Blade of Whiteplain is the third and final card to be revealed in the new Mortal Judgement Light’s Verdict card set. Image source: Gods Unchained

If users see a card used in the game that they’d love to add to their collection, or perhaps discover a new pairing they’d not considered before, they can view the cards that are currently in-stream on Immutable X, Token Trove, or Aqua by getting marketplace links to them. 

What is the Lights Verdict: Showdown Event?

The Battle for the Light was the eagerly anticipated first run of international esports competitions for Gods Unchained players, this esports influencer event featured top players who competed for bragging rights and the championship crown.  

It was the first time that Gods Unchained players had the chance to compete against one another using the recently released Light’s Verdict expansion pack, which is only temporarily available. Both events were organized by web3 gaming marketplace AQUA.xyz. 

GameStop NFT marketplace
One of the Gods Unchained partners. Source: Medium

On September 30 at 5:00 PM PDT, eight top competitors engaged in a single-elimination challenge known as the Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown. The Gods Unchained Battle for the Light esports competitions started the following week. Depending on where they lived, players competed in one of two tournaments. The Twitch channel for Gods Unchained carried live streams of both events. 

Gods Unchained Have Even Partnered with GameStop!

Very recently, back in September, Gods Unchained announced a partnership program that will involve the members of GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro. This collaboration was the means to introduce top GameStop members to the card game of Gods Unchained. 

The members got unique codes to exchange for Gods Unchained expansion packs. The packs contain a set of collectible NFT trading cards which can be used to create decks and participate in multiplayer battles.

OKEx Blockdream Ventures

OKX is another of the team’s partners. Source: OKX

OKX Ventures is a fund with an initial investment of $100 million that focuses on investigating excellent projects with great potential. Gods Unchained’s international development and the expansion of the ecosystem will both be aided by the partnership with OKEx Blockdream Ventures. 

OKX Ventures will concentrate on research and investments in a variety of areas, such as Layer 2, DeFi, Web 3.0, NFT, and Metaverse in addition to the fundamental infrastructures of blockchain.

Their goal is to investigate and invest in cutting-edge blockchain projects around the world. They also want to advance sustainable growth for the entire global economy.

These folks are eager to collaborate and develop with driven founders and dreamers to advance the blockchain sector while offering the founders access to their extensive global network and background.

The Gods Unchained team is eager to cooperate closely with OKEx in order to establish itself as the market leader in the NFT gaming sector. 


Rarible is a recent Gods Unchained partner. Source: Rarible

Back in September, Gods Unchained announced another partnership with Rarible

Through the use of a piece of software called Rarible, digital artists and creators are now able to create, issue, and sell unique crypto assets that signify ownership of their digital creations. It’s important to note that Rarible is both a marketplace for those assets and an Ethereum-based distributed network that facilitates direct trade between parties.

Rarible is more concerned with providing a space where creators can have a say in how the platform is run. OpenSea, on the other hand,  is providing a marketplace that makes it simple for users to buy and sell digital assets. The business grants them ownership of both their artwork and the market as a whole.

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