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Gods Unchained and Superstonk have announced a new giveaway as part of the latest collaboration with Gamestop.

To celebrate the GameStop x Gods Unchained partnership, the blockchain NFT digital card game gives five lucky winners five Legendary Mortal Judgement: Light’s Verdicts Packs for completing a challenge.

Gamestop, Gods Unchained And Superstonk

Gods Unchained offers Gamestop’s top players in the United States access to an exclusive program.

Starting on September 27, GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members have access to a unique code they can use to redeem Gods Unchained expansion packs. Gamers receive collectable NFT trading cards via the expansion packs that they can use to build their decks, get experience in the game, and participate in competitive multiplayer games.

Superstonk wants to return power to the shareholders following stock manipulation. Image Credit: Reddit.

Superstonk is an all-inclusive and diverse community of apes of all shapes and sizes!” Users come together as a community to discuss Gamestop and exchange views on its value and activities. A shocking revelation came to light that the investors had banded together last January to drive the price of Gamestop stock up more than 1,700 per cent.

“A place for theoretical discussions about business and stocks – specifically GameStop Stock ($GME). Opinions and memes welcome. None of this is financial advice.” – Superstonk.

Communities emerged to fight injustice in the stock market. Consequently, these “apes”, named in homage to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” came to Reddit.

The Challenge

Those excited about the latest Gods Unchained partnership with Gamestop can participate in a new challenge to win a fantastic prize. Image Credit: Gleam.io.

As part of the Gods Unchained and Superstonk giveaway, players must complete the following challenge to be in with a  chance to win:

  • Follow Gods Unchained on Twitter
  • Tweet why you love Gods Unchained using #ilovelightsverdict
  • Visit the Gods Unchained Youtube Channel
  • Visit the contest daily for Bonus entries

-Gods Unchained

Rewarding Players

gods dude
The Light’s Verdict packs of Gods Unchained tell the story of Thaeriel, the fallen God of Light, and Lysander, the Champion of Light. Image Credit: Venture Beat.

As a GameStop Pro member, players can collect some of the most unique and rare rewards on offer to gamers. Moreover, each card pack carries five NFTs from the latest expansion set of Gods Unchained.

“Competition and strategic gameplay sit at the center of Gods Unchained. Not only will players tap into their skills to build their ultimate deck, the ability for true ownership of cards gives you the choice to acquire exactly what you need for your dream deck off the marketplace. That’s one of the many reasons why Gods Unchained appeals to highly skilled players looking for a new level of control, challenge, and entertainment,

“With more exciting announcements on the way soon, this is the perfect time for GameStop PowerUp Pros to dive into the world of Gods Unchained.”

Chris Clay, Gods Unchained.

Light’s Verdict is an Epilogue Expansion Set that is part of Mortal Judgement. Image Credit: Gods Unchained.

Legendary Light’s Verdict Packs

In September, we saw the launch of Gods Unchained: Legendary Light’s Verdict Packs. The release of twelve powerful new cards is exciting for players worldwide, and as long as they live in the US, users can win five by completing this single challenge.

Furthermore, the MORTAL JUDGEMENT: LIGHT’S VERDICT EPILOGUE SET is available for a limited time. The sale ends October 12 (PDT).

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The new packs come in four different forms: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Image Credit: Gods Unchained.

Light’s Verdict Drop Rates

Light’s Verdict will function differently from a standard Expansion Set as it won’t have its card packs. 

Instead, there will be an opportunity to receive an additional card from the Light’s Verdict Set in Mortal Judgement: Light’s Verdict Expansion Packs.

The cards will appear in packs of the same Rarity, e.g. players must open a Legendary Pack to access a Legendary Light’s Verdict card. Shiny Packs are an exception, however, as all Light’s Verdict cards will be available at a minimum of Shadow quality.

Light’s Verdict will feature three powerful Chase Cards with lower drop rates. Two will be within Epic Packs, and the third will be in Legendary Packs.

Watch out for these rare dropouts! The drop rate for Light’s Verdict cards depends on the Rarity of the card in question and the variety of Mortal Judgement Pack. 

For more information on the drop rates of each card, click here.

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Superstonk is keeping the NFT market honest. Image Credit: Reddit.

To Conclude:

Considering the hype, this pack has received and the ease with which players can enter to win five of these coveted twelve cards, there’s no reason not to participate! It’s been a tough time for crypto and NFT trading, but God unchained is constantly announcing new partnerships, and this is a pretty cool one.

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