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Mobile gaming has witnessed notable transformations due to the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their integration into gaming. Google Play and the Apple App Store, two significant players in the mobile app market, have adopted distinct strategies regarding NFTs and crypto gaming. This article will look at the policies of these platforms, the impact on game developers, and the ever-changing landscape of NFTs in the world of mobile gaming.

Google Play Updates

In a recent blog post, Google Play made an announcement regarding its revised policy, granting video game publishers the ability to offer NFT games for sale on their platform. According to Google, this policy update includes a requirement for apps to be upfront with users about tokenized digital assets. This move demonstrates Google’s openness to exploring novel methods of facilitating transactions involving blockchain-based digital content within apps and games.

Developers are obligated to disclose the inclusion of NFTs in their games and maintain clear and open communication with users about tokenized assets, as mandated by Google’s policy. The policy explicitly prohibits promoting potential earnings from gaming or merchandising activities and also restricts the sale of loot boxes or gambling mechanics within the games.

Google Play

Blockchain Gaming on Android

Google Play’s embrace of NFTs and blockchain games represents a notable chance for game developers using the Android platform. The acceptance of tokenized assets aims to enrich user experiences and encourages the transformation of conventional games through user-owned content.

Google Play’s goal is to cultivate user loyalty by fostering an environment that supports these innovations. Their collaboration with Web3 gaming pioneers and their efforts to comprehend developers’ obstacles and possibilities underscore Google’s dedication to the dynamic realm of blockchain gaming.

According to one of Google’s regulations, NFTs purchased by users should be utilized within the game to enhance their experience or assist them in progressing further. The usage of NFTs for gambling or staking, in exchange for the chance to win real-world monetary prizes (including other NFTs) is strictly prohibited.

Google is pursuing a careful strategy by teaming up with specific game developers to experiment with and enhance the user experience of blockchain games. By forming partnerships with notable industry participants such as Mythical Games and Reddit, Google displays its dedication to establishing a fair environment that fosters user confidence and responsible utilization of blockchain technology. Through an iterative development process, Google aims to shape policies that cater to the evolving requirements of developers and the mobile gaming community.

Apple is More Restrictive

Unlike Google Play, the Apple App Store has historically adopted a more stringent stance towards NFTs and crypto gaming. Although developers are permitted to integrate NFTs into iOS games and apps, Apple continues to enforce its standard 30% commission on transactions involving NFTs. This commission system presents difficulties for developers, as they must adjust NFT prices to account for Apple’s fees, which could potentially result in higher costs for users.


The contrasting approaches of Google Play and the Apple App Store mirror a broader split within the mobile gaming industry concerning NFTs and crypto integration. Google Play is open to the possibilities of NFTs and blockchain gaming, whereas Apple takes a more cautious approach, prioritizing the retention of its commission structure and responsible implementation. As a result of this divide, developers and users will encounter distinct experiences when operating on the two platforms.


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