How to Start Playing Devikins

Devikins is a mobile-based game application built on blockchain technology. Developed last year by MoonLabs, Devkins falls under the RPG genre of gaming. This how-to guide covers the origin story of Devikins, its game mechanics, NFTs and possible ways to earn while playing. Continue reading below to know how to start playing Devikins!

Origins of Devikins

The creators of Devikins, MoonLabs, is known to be a decentralized indie games studio founded by industry veterans. A Role-Playing Game (RPG), Devikins embodies an open-world concept where each player and their character is an NFT – known as a Devikin. The game story revolves around character breeding and training, where players are required to raise their Devikins from infancy to adulthood in an exciting play-to-earn economy. As the capabilities of each Devikin improve in-game, the potential of winning combats increases proportionally. 

Only when a Devikin reaches adulthood can it engage in combat to collect loot, prestige, experience and enjoy slaying strange enemies. Only adult Devikins can provide players with a wide range of gameplay options that includes going out to explore, taking on dangerous missions and going deeper into the Void – the in-game environment. They have to fight their family or any other beasts who threaten to create chaos in the Void by engaging in epic battles. 

Lastly, there are in-game items that can be gained by looting, grinding, and completing tasks and missions. These rewards are in addition to Stardust, which is Devikins in-game soft currency. Some of these items can be traded on the marketplace for real-world profit. 

Game Mechanics

In a nutshell, Devikins offer a two-fold gameplay option for its players, namely player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-environment (PvE). Those who are highly competitive individuals certainly would love the PvP game mode. In addition, Devikins allows players to compete against each other in weekly league competitions for more laid-back gamers who still want to climb the player rankings and earn profit. 

Whereas, those who are more fond of story-based gameplay can enjoy that in single-player mode. Dive deep into the bizarre storyline of Devikins, grow a closer attachment to your cute character and help them form their full potential. The creators of Devikins have announced that throughout the years the gameplay will evolve and change. 

With Devikins Phase 1 release, Scavenger Mission will be the main section of the game that enables players to earn a profit. We will cover how to earn in Devikins in more detail below. What really sets Devikins apart is the Player-First Mentality. By enabling community-driven gameplay governance, players will have to manage any live events and game world progression themselves. 

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How to Start Playing Devikins

According to the game’s website itself, here are the exact rules you need to follow to start playing Devikins!

  • Download and install Klever Wallet on your phone. Download links are below.
  • TRX is required for gas fees. Please see the Devikins Shop for the current required gas fee.
  • After completing later steps, the Devikins Shop can be found at:
  • Transfer TRX to Klever Wallet from your preferred exchange.
  • Swap TRX to DVK, leaving enough TRX leftover for gas fees.
  • Gas fees are currently ~36 TRX for the Basic Pack (1 NFT), and scale accordingly. A higher number is stated on our store page for the sake of preventing energy errors and failed transactions.

Anatomy (attributes) of a Devikin NFT 

There are currently four main attributes of a Devikin NFT which we will describe below: 

  • Genes the breeding functionality in the Devikin ecosystem enables its characters to have hereditary components. Their appearance, such as eyes, facial features, hairstyle, skin tone and horns are all derived from the parent characters. This ensures each character is unique and distinguishable. 
  • AncestryDevikins legend states that all Devikins descended from one of the five ancestries. The skin tone is the main determining factor of Devikins’ ancestry. 
  • Personalityeach character has its own personality which influences Devikins objectives, dreams and moods. This shapes their in-game growth and interaction with mechanics slightly. 
  • Affinityan important feature for competitive players as affinity determines how a Devikin’s attributes grow. Stronger affinities will have a stronger market attractiveness. 
Source: Devikins

Game Economy

Devikins gameplay and the platform’s economy are fueled by its own utility token called DVK or Devicoin. These are used to fund any in-game transactions. You can buy the NFT-based characters via the marketplace, bred and improved, all using DVK. 

Ways to acquire DVK 

There are several ways players can gather Devicoin. The most common and ‘free’ way is to play the game and complete in-game achievements or earn them through winning weekly leagues. Players also have the option to go and complete a Scavenger Mission where they will receive DVK as reward. While these are free-to-earn methods, there are also direct ways to purchase them. Mainly, players have the option to purchase them via crypto exchanges or by selling their Devikin NFTs in the marketplace for DVK. Lastly, players can also earn DVK by staking them with an initial yield of 16% AP. 

Buying Devikins NFTs (via Klever Wallet) 

The following below highlights how players can buy Devikins NFT once they have DVK purchased through Klever Wallet: 

  • Step 1: Access your Klever Wallet and click on the browser icon at the bottom of the screen. In the address bar enter the following URL: with your password. 
  • Step 2: Upon entering the password, you will land on the Shop Page. While on this screen you can use the navigation menu to select the “connect wallet” option. 
  • Step 3: From there on you can choose which blockchain account you would like to use. Once your account links, you will be able to see the Shop and Inventory option in the navigation menu. 
  • Step 4: Shop button redirects you to the webpage where Devikins NFTs are available. You have the option to select from Basic (1 NFT), Team (4 NFTs) and Collectors pack (10 NFTs). 

How to Earn in Devikins

While the main focus of Devikins’ creators has been on enhancing the gameplay and making it newcomer friendly, it does offer intuitive ways to earn a decent profit. For starters, Devikins is free to play and does not require any upfront investments. Players can earn real-world money by collecting and selling exclusive NFTs or by earning DVK in-game through daily plays via MoonLads partner, Klever Exchange. Klever offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface so players can trade without any extensive knowledge of the crypto world. 

Key Takeaways

If you are a fan of the fantasy RPG gaming genre, make sure to also check out Devikins. It not only offers an engaging gameplay experience but also an attention-grabbing storyline. As the store is not definitive but rather expands with time, it sure is bound to hook true RPG fans. In addition, Devikins offer a low barrier to entry for prospective players by making the gameplay free to start. More so, players have all the tools at their disposal to earn a handsome profit all while enjoying an immersive adventure. 


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