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Guild of Guardians has announced a new partnership with major eSports teams Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid to bring Web3 gaming to millions of eSports fans.

With a mission to onboard as many people as possible to the Web3 platform, these leading eSports titles have a combined following of 6.3 million. The multi-year deal will bring a blend of blockchain gaming and digital entertainment, delivering the Web3 gaming experience to the largest eSports communities worldwide.

Guild Of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a multi-player, can’t, fantasy, action Role Play Game (RPG)  published by Immutable Games Studio and developed by Stepico Games. Since starting development in mid-2020, Guild of Guardians has attracted a passionate community of over 220,000 followers across Email, Twitter, and Discord.

According to its Whitepaper, the platform intends to spearhead the future of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming by demonstrating excellence in the following areas:

  • Fun mobile RPG gameplay: Guild of Guardians will be fun and compelling. We plan to have a combination of action RPG, deep strategy, a dynamic trading economy metagame, and social-focused gameplay that will keep players engaged for years.
  • Play-and-earn mechanics: Guild of Guardians will have a deep and sustainable economy where players can play for free and earn NFTs and tokens. Just like the real world economy, you can choose how you want to specialize or play within the Guild of Guardians Economy.
Guild Of Guardians will partner with eight eSports games to reach millions of gamers. Image Credit: NFT Plazas.
  • Community-driven incentives: We understand the value that a community brings to the game. Guild of Guardians will involve and reward the community for contributing to the growth. It will empower creators to build long-term businesses in the Guild of Guardians metaverse.
  • Highly accessible: Guild of Guardians will be available on iOS and Android, making it hyper-accessible to everyone. The underlying technology will be based on Immutable X, allowing players to eventually enjoy instant and gas-free trading without even knowing they are using the blockchain.

-Guild Of Guardians Whitepaper

Are You Ready, Sports Fans?

A Web3 approach to eSports. Image Source: Reddit

The eight eSports team will become fully-playable characters in the Guild of Guardians’ fantasy world and will also leverage NFTs to offer eSports characters to fans as digital collectibles on the proof-of-stake blockchain platform Immutable X.

Commenting on the partnership, Derek Lau, VP & Game Director for Guild of  Guardians, said:

“GOG is a mobile team RPG which is built for players and designed as a highly  accessible game, making it the perfect gateway into the world of web3 for all players.” –NFT Gators

The partnership gives eSports fans more exciting options to support and engage with their favorite teams and players. The announcement shows fans can represent their teams in-game using digital assets. This partnership also gives fans true ownership, allowing them

“to create, own, and trade their digital  assets, in addition to competing against others to earn rewards.”- PR Newswire

eSports Move To Guild Of Guardians

How Will It Work?

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The multi-year deal aims to bring Web3 gaming experiences to the larges eSports communities. Image source: Medium.

Guild of Guardians plans to implement the integration in three phases:

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Fans can support and represent their favorite teams in-game in new and meaningful ways via digital assets. Image credit: Esports Talk

Guild Of Guardians Medium

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