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The much anticipated Nine Chronicles Chapter 3 release was finally unveiled earlier this month. The Cave of Jotunheim has been described as ‚Äėa turning point‚Äô in the ecosystem of the Nine Chronicles.¬†

The long-awaited update promises an improved sustainable economy through NCG staking, as well as an enhanced gaming experience through features like the Arena Reboot. 

A whole new world to explore, Jotunheim, is also available to players now. And the substantial update has already seen a positive reception. DappRadar recorded more than 16,000 unique wallets interacting with the game in the last 24 hours. 

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Nine Chronicles: a brief summary of the game 

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized, open-source RPG driven by the players. Anyone can propose new content and help develop the concept through Github. The fantasy-themed game is on the Libplanet blockchain and has its own cryptocurrency; Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG).

Players have a character that fights in dungeons and hunts for resources. Players can then craft tools and upgrade them to make the character stronger.  Uplevelling the character can help access more unique tools and further dungeons. 

Players can also be miners, merchants, and politicians in the gamespace, taking on roles beyond the default adventurer gameplay. 

Backed by Ubisoft, the game is free-to-play and allows players to earn crypto. As with many similar role-playing games, it is centred around crafting, trading, and strategy. 

Nine Chronicles has had a positive reception in the past 

Leofinance reviewed the game last year and was strongly for giving it a go due to its many strengths. He pointed out that further updates are likely to help it grow exponentially. 

Via Leofinance:

“The biggest advantage of this game is that it is fully decentralized and peer-to-peer. I think no other game can claim to be as decentralized as Nine Chronicles.

“I expect this level of decentralization to be the default for blockchain games in the coming years.‚ÄĚ

What exactly is the Chapter 3 release? 

The Chapter 3 release comes with more staking opportunities, a brand new in-game currency, and a whole new world to explore (Jotunheim). 

The update can be broadly divided into two categories: the sustainable economy update and the enhanced gaming experience update. 

What is the Sustainable Economy update? 

The sustainable economy update consists of two key features: the new staking opportunities and the new in-game currency. 

More staking opportunities 

The new staking opportunities come in two forms: NCG staking via the Monster Collection as well as WNCG Staking. 

When players deposit NCG, the in-game currency, their Monsters will be able to go on adventures for Extra Treasure. Stakes can be as small as 50 NCG to allow more players to participate in the Monster Collection aspect of the game.  

WNCG refers to Wrapped Nine Chronicles Gold, the ERC-20 Token designed to allow non-players to hold and trade NCG, as well as participate in NCG governance. 

WNCG staking will work by allowing non-players to gain incentives by staking their ERC-20 Tokens on Balance. 

New currency: Crystals 

The new in-game currency, crystals, allows players to replace insufficient materials for crystals. Players can also trade obsolete items in for crystals. 

Players can then use the crystals to unlock new worlds, and unlock recipes. They can also obtain insufficient materials without having to go back a level to farm specific materials. 

An illustration showing the main features of the Chapter 3 update
Here are the main new features players will be able to benefit from. Image source:

What is the Enhanced Gaming Experience update? 

The enhanced gaming experience update includes the arena reboot, the release of the brand new Jotunheim world, and the new community support program. 

The Arena Reboot 

The arena was the feature that changed the most in the recent update. Players will be able to sign-up for upcoming arena seasons using crystals. Arena seasons will now be pre-scheduled and players will be warned in advance before they begin. 

Players will also benefit from several in-game improvements during battles. 

The new Jotunheim realm 

Avid gamers can explore yet another realm within the Nine Chronicles. And Jotunheim promises adventurers hours of fun in the ‚Äėforbidden and barren‚Äô caverns of Jotunheim. The ancient Jotun giants dwell in these lands, and they hate both gods and humans alike.¬†

The Community Support Program 

The new community support program is designed to support and cultivate the community. After all, Nine Chronicles was designed to be a community-driven game. The new community support team will be in charge of achieving this goal. 

An exciting new update for players and WNCG holders alike 

Whether you’re taking a step back from gaming or ready to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of the Nine Chronicles, the new update provides long-awaited features to get excited about. 

Stakers and adventurers alike will find new ways to make the most of the game now that Chapter 3 has launched.

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