Cometh is a blockchain game of mythical proportions. By rewarding players for engaging in space combat, it has secured its place as a top NFT and FT game. Players collect and play their cards, and if they do it right, they can battle, win acclaim and climb rankings tables to receive the benefits of their matches.

Players in this universe can trade ships and resources in exchange for MUST, the Cometh currency. Renting more advanced ships enables newer players to harvest more valuable resources and advance in the game.

¬†“The players duel each other to gain better ratings (ELO) and hoard resources (which are ERC20 tokens)” – Cometh.¬†

DeFi Game With a Difference

Cometh is a gamified DeFi product powered with yield-generating NFT and based on the Polygon (MATIC) network. DeFi supports protocols for various online marketplaces and allows users to exchange products and services globally and peer-to-peer. Cometh has implemented a smart contract on the blockchain through this technology and has enabled its users to access services usually reserved for the banking and investment world. 

Cometh defi game
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“Active players can mine MUST tokens using their spaceships, and a share of all NFT sales gets distributed as asteroids back into the game.” – Play to Earn

Players also benefit from Cometh Astra, a scaling solution for blockchain games. It ensures low to zero transaction fees for users and instant blockchain access. Players who are then purchasing ships or selling their wares can benefit from stable pricing without the worry about costs impacting their sales or purchases.

“Space Apes” can play for free, but to get any real monetary value from the game, they’ll need to purchase a ship for approximately $200 and continue to expand their fleet. The better and bigger your ship base, the more valuable the returns.

A Growing Enterprise

The Cometh gaming platform recently announced it had raised $10 million in its latest funding round to develop future games and blockchain software. The site announced on its blog: 

“Cometh doesn’t seem to stop counting milestones in the field of Blockchain gaming and sure is set to create a significant trend when it comes to play-to-earn and play-to-own driven game economy.” – Medium.

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Whitestar Capital, Julien Bouteloup (Stake Capital Group), and several other investors led the seed round. The future of Cometh seems an adventure of its own, equivalent to the space quests of its players. Now captaining its blockchain technology, we can expect to see Cometh technology integrated into a series of video games and collaborations. 

“Blockchain games are created with blockchain technology or placed on the blockchain so that not just one entity but the entire cluster of computers playing the game owns a copy of it.”- Zipmex.

Cometh is free to play and play to own, with players taking total ownership of game resources such as cards and strategies. Players own their assets and can use them however they choose. If you don’t own the asset, you can’t see or buy it, but you can still enjoy the game and develop your combat skills.

Blockchain Benefits

“The spaceships you own and hold in your wallets will always be transferable from one game to another. This is one statement we want to and will stay true to, you are our supporters, and we will continue to create games for you, showcasing the utility of NFTs.” Jerome de Tychey, Cometh Founder and Galactic Councilor

Cometh wants to keep its players happy, so the benefits keep coming. There are monthly championships where players can battle for valuable rewards before entering leagues and tournaments. Its NFT blockchain service allows it to distribute NFT to a large user base and redeem funds stress-free.

Rewards for engaging in battle are also generous. In a recent post, Cometh announced that “all best ranked Alpha Crew Members shared $6,000 in cash prizes in the last 2 missions.” The next mission’s top crew member will receive $1,000! Not bad for seven days’ battle.

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What can you gain?

There are several possibilities to gain rewards:

  • By playing the game and¬†mining comets.
  • By owning a spaceship in the Galaxy, which will allow you to gain MUST when other players¬†use your ship to travel.
  • By putting your spaceship up for rent in the ComethRental. Indeed, if you don’t have time to play, you can rent your ship to other players.
  • By depositing your rewards in accordance with the deposit program of¬†liquid funds: Comethswap.


A Retro Space Adventure

If, like me, you are a child of the 90s, then the nostalgic element of this game will hit home.

Mr Fit, featured above, harks back to the days of cringe comedy and old-school gaming antics. The design pays homage to past arcade games whilst utilising the latest tech. Lovingly called Retro Geek,¬†the game has picked up on Stranger Things’ aesthetic influence. Web3 has impacted how we play and think about games, but this old-school element keeps Cometh rooted in the history of space-based gaming.

And it’s delightful.¬†

Over And Out 

Although players will need to invest before seeing any significant payout, the game offers many opportunities to get involved with the highflyers early on. Tournaments and competitions offer one-off bonuses and inspire the competitive novices to take to the stars.

If you enjoy mining for MUST, battling space fleets, and nostalgic design, this game has plenty to enjoy. As the developers start spending that $10 million investment, we’re confident bigger, and better Cometh missions will soon be taking off.

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