Rolling Neko Nyan

Who’s everyone’s favorite cat? Neko Nyan!

In recent years, the play-to-earn gaming industry has gained much traction among gamers and cryptocurrency users. It is even attracting non-players who are pushing the model to the top. 

One such play-to-earn world is called Rolling Neko Nyan

A Quick Overview

Rolling Neko-Nyan Graphic Head
Keep rolling with the paw-nches. Source: Rolling Neko-Nyan

Rolling Neko Nyan is a play-to-earn game available on both the App Store and Google Play. This mobile video game functions on the BNB blockchain and has an exciting theme behind it. 

The game is mostly user-friendly and has quite an attractive yet simple interface. Most times, you wouldn’t even need proper training or a tutorial to play the game. Just download it and tap away!

It’s impressive that Rolling Neko Nyan is available in ten different languages, allowing it to reach a wider audience. 

As part of the Meong Token ecosystem, the game’s main objective is to develop the user experience from play to win to play to earn. Basically, users can earn tokens in the game that can be traded globally or cashed out. 

Embark On A Fun Cat Adventure!

Rolling Neko-Nyan In-Game Footage Hill
Cat-ch the rewards if you can. Source: Chain Post

The central theme of Rolling Neko Nyan revolves around the cat called “Neko Nyan.” While there are more cat-skins available that users can opt for, this one is the fan favorite. 

In this eye-catching adventure game, the players control the cat as it rolls downhill and jumps over deadly obstacles. It’s all about collecting as many coins and diamonds as you can. 

It has attractive graphics and a number of gaming modes. 

1. Endless Mode

With this version of the game, you’ll be able to roll down the hill indefinitely with three spawns of life. Unfortunately, as you go down the hill, it gets more difficult to survive and maintain your streak. 

You can choose from various skills and weapons to ease your experience and give you the upper hand. These would include Shield, Gunner and Air Support, and Magnet. 

2. Puzzle Mode

It gets tricky here and may not appeal to players who dislike math. 

This mode of Rolling Neko Nyan requires users to guess answers to simple arithmetic calculations accurately. You must select two numbers and arrange them in the correct order. You advance to the next level for every correct answer.

3. Quests

These are not necessarily game modes but rather tasks you complete as you play Neko-Nyan. When you complete a mission, you can get rewards such as skins, coins, diamonds, etc. 

Features Of The Game

Rolling Neko-Nyan Character Cards
So many cats, so little time. Source: AppAdvice

1. Skins

The game offers several cutesy skins for users to use throughout their journey. The main character, however, is Neko-Nyan, the cat. Players can gain these varying skins by completing daily challenges. 

Every skin is unique in its appearance, characteristics, and personality. 

2. Daily Rewards

Players who maintain a log-in streak are rewarded daily with Rolling Neko Nyan benefits. However, if you miss a day, it’s required that you start over. 

The inventory gives you access to all in-game rewards. The game allows you to use them for gameplay or sell them for coins. 

3. Lucky Box And Spin

There are many more opportunities to gain rewards, especially those you missed. One example is to purchase a ticket to play the lucky wheel. 

Additionally, you can purchase lucky box tickets to open them. There are chances to win tickets from different quests and rewards.

4. Shop Away

Like most Web2 games, Rolling Neko Nyan allows players to purchase different items such as Hearts, Energies, Diamonds, etc. 

It’s a play-to-earn shop that gives you an advantage over your competitors.

A Collab With MetaMask

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It only has the ERC-20 crypto-token built-in that works on the Ethereum blockchain. However, you can link the platform to a wide variety of chains, including the BSC blockchain.

The only requirement is to connect the two manually and import the token. After establishing the connection, you can easily export your coins into the MetaMask wallet with ease.

The Meong Token

BEP20 is the primary cryptographic token used by the Meong Ecosystem in Rolling Neko Nyan. As of today, there are 1000T tokens in circulation, distributed into different groups: 

  1. Public Market: 300T
  2. Enterprise: 40T
  3. Developers: 40T
  4. Platform: 15T
  5. Reserved: 5T

A game like Rolling Neko Nyan makes a good bridge between the web2 and web3 gaming spaces, and it is interesting to see where it goes from here. 

In the meantime, we can continue enjoying the fun adventure while getting rewarded for a good time! 


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