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Axie Infinity is one of the biggest NFT games out there, and being such a big name, it tends to invite a lot of attention. One of the main reasons it gets attention is how much it pays players for a P2E game. Today, we’ll cover just that, as we will try to answer how much you can earn playing Axie Infinity!

The Economic Reality

Axies everywhere! Source: AxieInfinity

Global economic disparity is a reality. We know that “minimum wage” in one economy doesn’t necessarily mean that the same wage would equate to the minimum wage in a different economy. For example, what is the average annual minimum wage in the US? The average yearly minimum salary in the US is a little north of Fifteen Thousand USD. But when you compare that same amount to another economy, a third world economy, to prove our point, you will find a massive difference if someone from Pakistan, the Philippines, or India earns a gross of $15000 converted to local currency annually.

How Does That Relate to Earning on Axie?

Why did we have to give a lesson on economics and income disparity among economies in an article more interested in Axie Infinity? Because the purpose of this article is to establish how much one can earn playing Axie infinity and any income from projects such as Axie Infinity is variable. 

When you ask, “How much can one earn playing Axie Infinity?” You need to understand that there is no single payout for playing the game. The game doesn’t guarantee an income, nor is it possible for you to be paid on commission unless you’re providing a repetitive service inside the game’s ecosystem. In many cases, earnings are exclusive to people with a skill level disproportionately higher than the regular user looking to make a quick buck. 

A Google search tells you that Axie infinity players can make anywhere between 8$ and 40$ daily, averaging 24$ daily. On average, an Axie Infinity player will earn around 720$ monthly. Slightly above the $8500 mark annually. From just this one game.

Note and remember that the minimum wage for the US discussed above is for full-time work. Gaming on Axie Infinity is anything except full-time employment. So, a game you would hardly spend 3 to 4 hours daily gives you that sort of payoff. Imagine how much people could earn if they organized their resources optimally and worked on this full-time. Now we need you to imagine that payouts like this for a high-income economy such as the US are still desirable. What if users and gamers from lesser-income economies gain entry to the ecosystem? They could earn a respectable income, often enough to feed a family of 4 or 5 consistently. 

Axie Infinity’s Earning Mechanisms

Previously, it was less likely that a player could earn any significant income from an NFT game. It seemed as if Play-to-Earn was more about Buy-and-Wait. You had to buy into an ecosystem through an upfront investment and wait for the token to inflate. Shortly after, you’d sell that token for a meager profit. Many people raised questions about this mechanism. Was this the peak of De-Fi’s prowess? 

Axie Breeding

axie breeding guide

Axie Infinity attempted to change this trend by introducing price floors for Axie NFTs. These price floors meant buying Axies would always be costlier than breeding these Axies. Rather than buying assets and then holding them to speculative behavior such as the act of “arbitrage,” this system created the value it allowed consumption. Essentially, it was an attempt to stabilize the economy by making things more organic.

Other updates complemented this breeding mechanism. Such as the inclusion of the $SLP love potion as a prerequisite to Axie breeding and the game increased breeding capabilities. Buying two Axies and breeding them for a third one became the ideal earning philosophy for many people and allowed for better mint and burn operations per every Axie induction in the economy. Initially, people had to buy three separate, $350 Axies to make up their base lineup. A player can buy two and create the third one through a dedicated mechanism. 

Earning from Axie Breeding

axie infinity review
Axie Infinity gameplay. Source: The verge

By breeding an Axie out of the existing two Axies, people could avoid the cost of purchasing additional Axies. Players can reinvest their finances better in the ecosystem. Additionally, the more Axies you have, the more breeding combinations you can try. An activity that the game wanted to incentivize and thus offered rewards. These rewards could be mystery NFT drops, resource drops, and even token rewards. These rewards allowed you to bolster your Axie lineup so that you can compete more in PVP battles and earn rewards from there.

So, the breeding mechanism allowed for a more qualitative and long-term earning mechanism that was feeding itself. In the longer run, this method could well and truly boast that it saved a lot of users a ton of their money. And it can also boast of helping those same users put in place earning routines that would allow them to acquire more from the game. This service also allowed users to convert their $SLPs into the $ETH token directly. 


Axie Trading

The point above directly opens us up to this other way of making money in Axie Infinity. When you’re breeding and creating Axies, which, to remind you again, are virtual assets, virtual, money-making assets, chances are you will increase your Axie “inventory” far faster than usual. Breeding mechanisms work well, and payers create NFTs for the market. These NFTs can then be sold, either on the game’s marketplace or on a third-party marketplace.

If a player champions the best way of breeding Axies, chances are they know how to breed Axies with a higher general rarity than most. These Axies will always sell for more than the base Axies. And if you have struck Gold, you might even have to deal with bids for your super rare Axies. 


The Axie Scholarship Program

Once a player is on their way, they can invest in your Axie Scholarship Program. The program supports players with an extensive lineup of Axies to “rent” out their Axies. Newer players can utilize higher-ranking Axies and win more battles.

The best Scholarship program would make sure that it rents out its Axies in an optimal manner. Axie hosts events that make a particular type of Axie more relevant. So, none of your Axies would be utterly irrelevant at any given time. But only if you know how to rent your Axie out well. How does rent work? The more your Axie “tenant” uses your Axie, the more you will earn off the work your Axie is doing. And if they choose not to use your Axie, you would still be earning the base rent and allowing the ecosystem to use idle and inactive Axies efficiently.

Axie Infinity Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Good Old Real Estate

AHA! We were waiting for this one. No matter how much these titles fight among themselves, they learn to appreciate innovation. Axie Infinity has launched pretty much its own Virtual Estate regime. Welcome to the “Lunacia Land Plots.” Although Lunacia is still under development, the game has been marketing it extensively. Many call it the ingredient needed to make Axie Infinity an easy priority in the NFT gaming market. Once Lunacia is up and running, investing in Lunacia will become one of the prime offerings of the game. 

Token Staking

We aren’t fans of this earning mechanism, but it can work wonders for people so let us talk about it too. Staking works in a very similar way to a Savings bank account. You go to the bank, register for the savings account, agree to terms, and then deposit the principal amount you are investing.

The bank would lock this amount with its operations and give you a date. The bank would unlock your principal amount and the premium promised on the stated date. It can bring home a lot of dough for people that place a more significant stake, and it genuinely stands as one of the best ways to maximize earnings through a risk-free model.

So, How Much Can You Earn Playing Axie Infinity?

P2E Crypto Tokens
P2E Crypto Tokens – AXS and SLP via LeoFinance

Although we quoted figures ranging from 8 to 40 USD per day, you can take our word that the average user in the game does not look at the earning opportunities in as much detail as we have above. However, keep in mind that all these figures are on an average basis.

Players have even reported having earned over $2000 a month!

The secret lies in compounding to try and earn the most from Axie Infinity. You must organize your asset portfolio well to maximize your earning potential and cross the hundred-dollar mark daily. The deal is not to invest your entire reserve into Lunacia or put all your money in the scholarship program.


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