Create NFTs for Decentraland

Decentraland is an amazing virtual world browser-based platform that is slowly shaping the way we see our reality and the fact that we can now even create NFTs for Decentraland opens a range of possibilities we never before knew existed.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) themselves have been a major tool for the evolution we are experiencing today.
With it, individuals and businesses can now showcase their creative side and products even better.

On the Decentraland platform, individuals are making tons of money just by selling NFTs which in turn translates to a lot of profits for developers of these NFTs.

Create NFTs for Decentraland

If you are looking to be a developer and create your own NFTs on the Decentraland browser-based platform then you are just on the right page as here I will be showing you how you can do just that.

Creating NFTs for Decentraland

If you are a fan of Decentraland, and you are looking to create NFTs for the platform, it is important you know that there are various ways in which this can be done.

Let us take a look at these ways below:

1. Wearables

Create NFTs for Decentraland

Wearables are the various items of clothing, accessories, and body features that can be used to customize the appearance of a Decentraland avatar.

There is a selection of default wearables that are freely available to all avatars, but Decentraland also supports the creation and use of custom wearables that are represented by non-fungible tokens (or NFTs).

This allows a finite amount of different wearables to be created, or minted, on the blockchain, similar to the LAND.

In addition, these custom wearables can be created by both brands and users, and are often distributed in competitions and giveaways.

Decentraland’s growing marketplace for user-generated content also includes support for wearables, which can be bought, sold, or traded as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

There’s a growing range of available wearables including cyberpunk-themed sneakers, fashionable jackets, fun tophats, and more.

All of these stylistic choices give users an exciting and meaningful way to invest in and express their unique personalities.

By allowing wearables to be minted, and then sold as NFTs, Decentraland provides content creators with a fun way to monetize their creative work.

Decentraland has in its provision a step-by-step guide which you can check out here on how you can easily create these wearables as NFTs.

2. WonderZone

Create NFTs for Decentraland

WonderZone is a metaverse game on the Decentraland platform which you can use to craft items as NFTs that you can then sell on the Decentraland platform or OpenSea.

In other to craft these NFT items, you will need to make use of the Crafting Machine as it transforms specific sets of materials into other items in the most amazing way.

All you need to do is to use the red arrow buttons to browse through the crafting recipes. If you already have enough of an ingredient, it has a green background on the screen.

If you have all of the ingredients needed, the lever to the right of the screen starts glowing green. To craft the recipe item, click the glowing lever, and then watch the machine go to work.

Other than crafting, you can also mine meteors to collect loot. What makes WonderZone so much fun are the other players nearby as you can start a conversation, show off your latest gear, or have a dance-off.

Also while mining, you stand a chance of having a mining bonus which increases based on your level in the game, the type of pickaxe you use, and which wearables your avatar is wearing when you play.

The greater your mining bonus, the higher chance you have of getting a bonus loot drop when mining.

A Bonus Loot Drop gives an extra material, pulled from a higher-value pool. You’re more likely to get rare gems and metals, like Diamonds and Platinum, from that bonus drop.

You can also see your current mining bonus in the inventory display.

3. NFTs in your Scenes

Displaying an NFT in your scene is also another way to create NFTs for Decentraland. NFTs can be added to your scenes as picture frames and luckily, both OpenSea and Decentraland support the same format (images and gifs).

This is why you can either sell the NFTs you created on either OpenSea or Decentraland without any hassles.
One thing you should note however is that NFTs in videos and audio are not supported by Decentraland.

3D image representations of certain items such as wearables are also converted to 2D images as NFTs. This means that Decentraland can only support images and gifs in 2D.

To add NFTs to your scenes, simply follow the steps below:

From your Wallet

The easiest way to import an NFT you own is to open the Collectibles tab on the right menu, under all the asset pack collections.

There you’ll see a list of all the valid tokens available in the wallet you’re currently using. Simply drag an NFT into your scene, you can then move or scale it and treat it like any other item.

Note: The limitation of this approach is that you can only add NFTs that you own, and you can’t configure properties of the picture frame, like the style of the frame and background color.

NFTs by ID

The more robust approach is to use the NFT smart item, which you can find in the Gallery asset pack, or by simply searching NFT in the search bar above.

Once you drag a copy of the NFT item to your scene and select it, there are a few fields that you can configure.
The main fields to configure determine what NFT to display:

NFT ID: The unique ID of this specific NFT

NFT Contract: The contract address of the collection that this NFT belongs to (ie: Cryptokitties, SuperRare, Decentraland Halloween Wearables 2019, etc)

To obtain these, the simplest way is to look them up in the Decentraland Marketplace and then check the URL.
For example, from the URL of the following item:

You can infer that the contract is 0xb932a70a57673d89f4acffbe830e8ed7f75fb9e0 (referring to SuperRare) and the ID is 20175.

Similarly, you can also obtain these from the OpenSea URL of the token. For example, from the URL of the following item:

You can infer that the contract is 0x31385d3520bced94f77aae104b406994d8f2168c (referring to CryptoPunks) and the ID is 2614.

Other optional fields that can be configured in this UI:

Frame Style

The default frame style has a glowing margin that might not match the style of the artwork or your scene.
There are several other options to pick from with varying styles, from baroque to minimalist, or even tape on the painting’s corners.

Background Color

NFTs with transparent backgrounds are given a background color, violet by default. You can choose any other color.

Note that some frame styles, like None, don’t include a background color at all.

Include UI

When players click on a picture frame, they see a UI with additional information about the token, including creator, description, sale info, and links to purchase it.

A hint of text appears on the screen when pointing at the image, which some might consider distracting from the art. Disable the UI to also remove the hint text.

Extra UI Text

The UI extracts most of its data from external sources but allows for an additional field where you can add a custom description. This text is only available to players if Include UI is switched on.

Note: You can only see these changes take effect when entering the scene in Preview mode. None of these changes modify the representation of the smart item that you drag around in edit mode.

Now that you have understood how you can create NFTs for Decentraland, let us take a look at some of the NFTs that you can create:

NFTs that can be created on Decentraland


Create NFTs for Decentraland

Artwork is one of the most common NFTs that can be created on Decentraland. One major way you would be able to create artwork NFTs for Decentraland is by making use of smart contracts that can help create images that will be placed on the blockchain network.

Event Tickets

This is a recent addition to the NFT functionality. All you need to do here particularly if you are someone who has a flair for events is to mint your unique NFT tickets and then sell them on the blockchain.

If there is an event requiring those NFT tickets, you will be making profits as individuals purchase the NFT tickets for that event.

Virtual Items

Virtual items just like the name implies are assets that are featured in Decentraland such as avatars, clothes, and even wearables.

All these and much more are virtual items that you create as NFTs in a 3D modeling environment.

Real Estate

This is also an interesting part you can work on. NFTs here represent virtual real estate and other luxury items.

Although you cannot create land as an NFT on Decentraland, because it has a fixed number of land, you can increase its value through decoratives.

NFTs at present are the buzz of the moment and with it gaining wider recognition and usage, it definitely will turn out to be something even more in the future.

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