Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a P2E multiplayer crypto game that is based on an open-world style of gameplay. The game is based on the EOSIO blockchain, allowing gamers to buy and sell the assets they create within the game. These digital economy assets can be held in player wallets and accessed using private keys.

The game is inspired by popular conventional games like Minecraft and Roblox. It’s also one of the hottest NFT-based P2E gaming projects at the moment.  Players can create unique NFT characters and worlds within the game. The characters are NFTs that can be bought and sold, creators can also showcase their characters as exclusives.

Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party is an interactive metaverse game. Source: Epic Games

The metaverse game has a vast range of parties to choose from. They can create their own rules, customize their experiences and jump into games together with the gaming partners of their choice. However, enough with the basics! Let’s dive into the core game mechanisms behind the Play-to-Earn game.

Blankos Block Party In-Game Currencies

The game’s main in-game coins are Blanko Bucks and MOOLA. Blanko bucks can be bought in the game’s store using conventional money. It is used to purchase things like Emotes, items, accessories, and Blankos. In short, it’s the game’s hard currency.

MOOLA, on the other hand,  is the game’s soft currency earned by playing. This can be earned via Blankos Parties, completing challenges, leveling up your Blanko, and spending more time in the game. It is however also used to purchase Emotes, build items, and accessories.

What is the Party Pass?

Party Pass consists of daily weekly and seasonal challenges that players need to scale through to unlock hype points. Hype points unlock items like special Blankos, Gumballs, XP Chips, Emotes, new accessories, Blanko Bucks and MOOLA. You can trade the special Blanko on the Mythical Marketplace to earn money.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party Gameplay

The gameplay is very exciting as players can create their own worlds and also play in worlds created by other players. You have the freedom to design your own world based on your own feelings and ideas.

The creation does not require any coding experience as the game developers have provided software development kits and public tools that are quite easy to use.

The main map in the game is called the Junction where you can check out a variety of games, gigs, and special missions without creating or entering another world. There are multiple game factors involved in BBP, as the amount of things to do in the game is humongous. Here are just some of the things to do in the game.


The Shelf is where you can customize your Blanko using the skill points you’ve earned by playing the game. Customization includes multiple features, including but not limited to skill improvement, accessories, and outfits.


Gigs are quests given by computer characters in the game and are a great way to practice the game before jumping against real-world players. Gig completion game rewards include accessories and also emotes. Some of the gigs to do include target-hitting, finding hidden treasures, and building objects from scratch!


These are subtasks and actions within the game. Players earn Hype Points for completing challenges, which can be used to unlock Blanko Bucks, MOOLA, Emotes, Gumballs, and accessories.

Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party allows you to earn through several game modes. Source:

There are many challenges available for players to partake in, such as earning the top position in a race or completing a certain number of Block parties.

The Party Bus

The Party Bus is the gateway into other custom worlds created by other players within BBP. It is used to find parties and play special games with other people.

You can share a code with the specific friends you want to play with. They can enter this code in the Party Bus section to connect with you within the game. There are multiple game modes in a party that you can choose from. Let’s talk about some of these game modes!

Blankos Game Modes

  • Build Mode – This mode is a blank canvas. You can build the world according to your imagination. Keep in mind you have a block budget that limits the items you can use and the size of your block
  • Shooting – This mode allows you to kill your opponents. You can also use unique skills to unlock different Blankos
  • Racing – In this mode, you will race with other players to complete tracks. The tracks have a prescribed route that has checkpoints that need to be crossed
  • Trials – Trail mode is a great place to practice your gaming skills before playing against real-world players.
  • Gumballs – This recently introduced mode allows players to purchase consumable items, additions to accessories, and Blankos characters. Gumballs include features like updating your character colors. You can acquire gumballs using MOOLA, Blanko Bucks, or by progressing with the party pass

How to Earn Money Playing Blankos Block Party?

The game provides different opportunities for players to earn money while playing the game. The first method of earning, as would be in any other P2E game, would be by winning the game.

Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party offers a P2E mechanic for in-game NFTs. Source: Epic Games

If you take part in the various challenges in Blankos, including daily, weekly, and seasonal, you can earn yourself heaps of tokens. Moreover, you can take part in building challenges, which will help you earn NFTs

This brings us to our other point, which is to trade NFTs in the game. There are a gazillion ways to get an NFT in a metaverse game like BBP, so you probably know that by now. Afterward, head on to the Mythical Marketplace, where you can trade these NFTs of yours for higher prices.

The Mythical Marketplace is where players can transact their NFT assets to earn money. Whether you are looking to complete your Blanko collection or list them on the marketplace, the Mythical Marketplace is the go-to place for you.

Socials & Team

The game’s socials are top-notch, considering that it’s an already established title. Blankos Block Party boasts a massive, 144K number of members on Discord, which is a stellar number for the platform.

Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party. Source:

The Twitter page isn’t that heavily followed, but it’s safe to say that Discord is the primary channel for P2E and NFT projects. Nonetheless, their Twitter has around, a respectable, 33K followers.

The studio behind the game is Mythical, a multi-national game development company that has worked on BBP. They have branches in the U.S, U.K, Sweden, and also in South Korea. The company is truly global and has helped BBP reach the stage at which it sits right now.

Bottom Line

Blankos Block Party is a promising step ahead for the NFT marketplace in general, specifically for the P2E industry. Mythical has done a great job with the game, and we can only expect better things to come in the future. Currently, the game is out on MacOS and PC, but there are talks about it being developed for mobile as well. Fingers crossed! 


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