What is STEPN?

Before we jump into learning how to earn max GST per day, let’s dive into what STEPN is.

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle application with features for Social-Fi and Game-Fi. Walking, jogging, or running outside while wearing NFT Sneakers allows users to collect GST, which is used to level up and buy new Sneakers.

Players can rent or sell their NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace, and the game stores users’ GST earnings in the in-app Wallet along with a Swap option.

The Solana blockchain is used for its operation. It keeps track of the distance you cover while exercising and rewards you when you cross a certain threshold each day. Although StepN doesn’t pay you for your work, it does enable you to acquire valuable cryptocurrency.

You can increase your income by upgrading your STEPN app game level. GST burns each time you level up. You can choose to exchange the cryptocurrency tokens for other digital coins or withdraw them as regular currency. 

How do you earn in STEPN?

Move that body. Source: STEPN

You must have a sneaker in your account to earn with STEPN. If you truly want to give STEPN a try, be ready to pay between $1000 and $1200 for a pair of sneakers in recent weeks.

Depending on the type of sneaker you purchase, you can use it for walking, jogging, or running, and each of these activities will reward you with GST (Green Satoshi Tokens).

A sneaker will need maintenance as you use it, which will cost GST. You can also level it up to improve its performance. That’s what makes it a game because you’ll be thinking about whether you should just repair your shoe (to keep it in good condition) and take the rest as profit, or whether you should use your profits to upgrade your shoes, which will again allow you to earn more money in the future.

What is GMT in STEPN?

STEPN launched for the first time with a two-token economy. Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) are the main utility token. All earnings are paid out in GST, and all purchases, including those of Sneakers, are made with the same GST token.

At the time this article was written, the native governance and value token (GMT) of StepN was worth just less than $690 million on the market.

GMT is the token for governing. The main purpose of GMT is to vote on changes to the STEPN metaverse that are very important. But GMT is also used to level up sneakers and get into STEPN events that are only open to certain people.

There was never a way to get GMT from playing the game. Users can still convert GST to GMT, but that’s not the same as directly earning tokens. STEPN thinks that earning money from GMT is the best way to get more users and keep a lot of the ones it already has.

After all, GST tokens could only be exchanged for USDC in certain situations, but all GMT tokens could be exchanged right away. This will make the game’s economy stronger. It will also make spending GMT more appealing and make tokens even more useful.

Oh, and as Pandaily reports, STEPN has even launched its own DEX! GMT is likely to get a lot more attention now.

Do you have to pay to start earning with STEPN?

So. Much. Math. I’d rather just get running. Source: ipaddressguide

Yes, you do need to buy an NFT STEPN sneaker before you can start making money. You are about to buy your first pair of STEPN shoes, which will probably cost you at least $1000. It could be kind of scary, right? When buying sneakers, what should you look for? Which one is better? Here, we’ll talk about some of the most important things you need to know.

Remember to choose sneakers that fit you well – Walker, Jogger, Runner, or Trainer

This is very important because the way these move changes depending on how fast you want to go.

As you can see, you need to choose a type that fits your pace and needs. If you’re only going to walk, don’t buy a runner because you won’t ever move at the best speed, which will again make your rewards less valuable.

You could say that the trainer is the “best” sneaker because it fits all of these categories. But the Trainer shoe usually costs more than the others. Find a sneaker that fits your needs no matter what.

What STEPN sneaker attributes should you focus on to earn max GST?

As soon as you start shopping for sneakers, you’ll see that there are a lot of features and other things you should know.

We’ll talk about these below. You must first understand how the STEPN Earning Cap works.

What’s a STEPN Earning Cap?

Start your sneaker journey. Source: ipaddressguide

Solo Mode has a limit on how much energy and tokens you can use each day. These rules limit how much Energy and tokens a user can have at any given time.

It’s not that hard, at least if you know what to do. The earning cap is the most money you can make with STEPN in one day. In other words, it is the top, the limit.

This is a daily limit, so it will start over every day.

It will also be reset every time you level up a sneaker. This is important to know because the daily earnings cap is based on the sneaker with the highest level in your wallet.

STEPN GST Tokenomics  and Distribition

GST is always available, and you earn more of it when you move in Solo or Background Mode.

  • 60 million GST were made to provide liquidity;
  • The Orca, Raydium, and Pancakeswap liquidity pools got 20,000,000 GST (SPL) and 20,000,000 GST (BEP20).
  • 10,000,000 GST (SPL) and 10,000,000 GST (BEP20) were made and locked in Binance to serve as a cross-chain bridge between Solana and BNBChain.

Daily Energy Cap

At the start of the game, each player has 2 Energy. The Max Energy Caps are 20/20. Users can get more or better Energy if they buy more or better Sneakers. 

Daily Token Cap & How to Increase GST Limit On STEPN

Step to it. Source: Crypto Briefing

At the beginning of the game, users have a 5/5 Daily GST Cap. The most tokens you can get in a day is 300 GST. By leveling up their Sneakers, users can raise the number of tokens they can earn each day. By burning some GMT, a user can permanently raise the GST cap above 300/300. This option won’t be shown until you’ve used up 90% of your Daily Cap.

In other words, in GMT, you can pay a fee to increase your earning limit. This is a one-time cost that will raise the limit on how much you can earn. You can see how much it costs in GMT to raise your daily earning limit on STEPN below.

Does STEPN’s earning cap make it unplayable?

Level up on the daily. Source: ipaddressguide

Many people won’t have a problem with the earning cap because it’s in everyone’s best interest to level up their favorite sneaker to earn more. As long as you run with 2 or 4 Energy per day, earning more than the daily limit will be hard as long as your shoes are level 5 or higher.

A level 10 sneaker should be more than enough if you can afford even nine (to get nine Energy and forty-five minutes of exercise per day), and you can expect to make about forty-five GST per day. And trust me, if you have enough money to buy nine pairs of shoes, it shouldn’t be hard to upgrade at least one of them to level 10.

What factors affect GST Earnings?

You’ll sneakily level up in no time! Source: ipaddressguide

Sneaker Level

Your maximum daily earnings (GST) will depend on how high your sneaker level is. You can increase your sneaker’s level with the highest level. Each time you level up a shoe, you can add +4 to the four categories (Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, and Resilience). You can put all four in the same category, or you can put each of them in a different one. This can be done until you have a sneaker at level 30, which means your maximum earnings are 300 GST. When this happens, there are other things to do to get a greater max GST per day…

Attributes of STEPN Sneakers that affect GST Earnings


This is important if you want to move and earn as much GST as possible. Put another way, the higher this number is, the more money you can make.


You can win mystery boxes by simply moving. You’ll have to pay GST to crack them open, but the benefits to your sneaker will be worth it. If you have a high Luck value, you will have a greater chance of receiving random loot.


At level 30, if you’d rather be compensated in GMT rather than GST, you should be able to do so.


Keep up the running resilience. Source: Stepneurope

The durability of your shoes is directly related to this. The less money you’ll have to spend to fix your shoes if they have a high resilience. Your shoes will eventually wear out from all of your use. It will be at full strength just before you move. 

The shoe’s fitness may drop to 95/100 if you spend 2 Energy, though. There is no immediate threat, but your rewards will begin to decrease once your health meter falls below 50/100. In other words, make sure your shoes are in good shape and get them fixed after every use so that they are always at 100%. 

Your sneaker’s longevity will depend on your resilience level, as shown in the following chart. When using Energy, your shoe size will decrease by 4.5 for every Energy used if your resilience is at 5. In other words, investing in your resilience will pay dividends over time.

Does the STEPN Sneaker Type influence Max GST Per Day?

Many blockchain M2E games have an NFT element. Image source: STEPN

In the STEPN universe, there are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary sneakers.

The primary distinction is, of course, the cost. Already there is a huge difference between common and uncommon, and that gap will widen considerably as you progress higher. Your daily energy gain from wearing a pair of common sneakers is 2, but donning a pair of uncommon ones will increase that by 1.

You get higher attribute points with different sneakers

Having one of these will give you a jolt of energy:

  • Uncommon sneaker: +1
  • Rare sneaker: +2
  • Epic sneaker: +3
  • Legendary sneaker: +4

As you progress through the levels of your newly minted sneakers, you’ll notice that not only do they provide a noticeable boost to your energy, but they also provide incremental increases to your attributes.

  • Common: All attributes will start between 1-10
  • Uncommon: All attributes will start between 8-18
  • Rare: All attributes will start between 15-35
  • Epic: All attributes will start between 28-63
  • Legendary: All attributes will start between 50-112

The amount of experience points you gain at each level is also variable. We have stated that a pair of common sneakers will grant you a +4 enhancement bonus. However, you only get +6 if you level up an uncommon sneaker, +8 if you have a rare sneaker, +10 if you have an epic sneaker, and +12 if you have a legendary sneaker.

Does the number of STEPN sneakers determine max GST per day?

Tackle trainers systematically. Source: Stepneurope

It’s time to go for a run after you’ve invested in your first pair of running shoes. But then again… The truth is that if you own a single pair of sneakers (and they are considered common), you are entitled to 2 energy per day. This is done four times per day (every six hours) and amounts to 0.5 Energy each time. As a result, power is replenished four times a day, every six hours.

Additional energy is provided during these times:

  • 02.00 (GMT)
  • 08.00 (GMT)
  • 14.00 (GMT)
  • 20.00 (GMT)

One common sneaker will give you two daily uses of energy. It’s also possible to increase your daily energy intake in other ways.

As you can see down below, carrying around just three pairs of sneakers can give you an extra 1 energy per day, bringing your total daily maximum to 4. If you have nine pairs of shoes in your wallet, that number goes up even higher.

One energy is equivalent to five minutes of activity.

The amount of money you make per exertion is based on several variables, including the sneakers you use and how efficiently you use them.

How do Gems and Sockets determine max GST per day?

This game’s a gem. Source: Suzmoneylife

It’s also worth noting that gems can be useful in terms of strategy. There are four gem sockets available in each shoe. To gain access to them, you must reach certain milestone levels, such as 5, 10, 15, and 20. Efficiency is symbolized by yellow gems, luck by blue stones, comfort by red stones, and resilience by purple stones. Gems can be used in sockets to improve these base attributes.

Users can raise the level of their Gems by combining three of the same Gems (e.g., three Level 1 Efficiency Gems into one Level 2 Efficiency Gem) and expending GST in the Upgrade section of the Gems menu.

As of Gem Level 4, GMT will also be needed to complete an upgrade.

What are rainbow gems in STEPN?

If a user is upgrading their Gems (which requires three Gems of the same type), they may receive a Rainbow Gem of the same level as a random drop. For instance, three upgraded Level 1 Efficiency Gems have a chance to evolve into a Level 1 Rainbow Gem.

Each of the Rainbow Gems can be directly applied to a Rainbow Socket to boost its Rainbow Power. You can’t level up any further with the Rainbow Gems.

So, how much GST can you earn per day in STEPN?


This is highly contextual and difficult to foretell because of all the variables involved, such as the type of sneaker you wear, your typical running pace, your efficiency, and the cost of sneaker repairs. If you insist, however, we’ll say that anyone with a single pair of COMMON sneakers who walks around for 10 minutes per day at a speed within the sneaker’s optimal speed range should automatically make between 5 and 10 GST per day.

What are STEPN’s new GMT earning plans, and do they boost max GST per day?

New GMT earning plans from STEPN have been introduced to reward the network’s most dedicated users. Plans are also made to give people in the community a reason to stay in the project for a long time.

The GMT earning plans are also a way for STEPN to give back to the community. The M2E app will also look at several ongoing efforts to make GMT more useful in the future.

There will be a set of rules for the STEPN GMT earning plans. But these rules are not set in stone and could change in the future.

  1. The move-to-earn platform has decided not to put limits on how much each GMT worker can earn. Instead, the app will have a more dynamic approach. Earnings will be based on a stat that changes over time called GMT earning power. This power will change every five minutes based on how many live GMT earners there are on a given day.
  2. Also, you can’t get STEPN GMT earning plans until you reach Level 30. To be eligible for the program, users must have at least 3 energies in all STEPN realms.

What are STEPN Earning Pools for Max GST per day?

Plans for making money with STEPN GMT will be split into four larger groups. From these pools, you can figure out how many GMT tokens you can get in a day.

The Classic Pool will be the simplest one. On any given day, 20% of all GMT earnings will go into this pool. All of the classic STEPN shoes are welcome to join this pool.

The Rainbow series shoes will be needed for the other three pools. The series should start on STEPN in the next few weeks.

GMT Rainbow Pools

Still, the second pool of money you can earn with GMT is the Rainbow pool. This pool will get 30% of all the money earned by GMT on a given day. Rainbow sneakers, one of three NFT sneakers that will launch as part of the Rainbow series, will earn money from this pool during GMT. The Rainbow Sneaker is the simplest of the three.

The third earning pool for GMT time will be for Rainbow Plus shoes. This is the second in a set of intermediate sneaker NFTs. The Rainbow Plus pool will get 50% of all the money that GMT makes on a certain day.

Schadenfreude Pool

STEPN will also offer a 4th way to make money, called the Schadenfreude Pool. The Rainbow Infinite sneakers earn GMT in this pool. They are the third NFT shoe in the Rainbow series and the most valuable one.

But the rules for making money from this pool haven’t been decided yet. But STEPN is likely to make it as exclusive as possible.

Also, keep in mind that these pools will open in stages. The first one to go is the classic earnings pool. The other three will go after that. It’s likely that the Rainbow series pools will come out at the same time as the NFT shoes in the collection.

There’s even an upcoming collection in collaboration with Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFin exchange, as CoinDesk reports.


STEPN Ice challange
Funky graphics to help you move your feet. Source: STEPN on Medium

People often say that StepN is the best move-to-earn app. StepN doesn’t have a set strategy, as you can see, but there are things that can change how the game goes. If you had to follow a set strategy, the game wouldn’t work, and getting GST would be very hard. We hope that our tips will help you start making the max GST per day with STEPN.

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