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Launched back in 2014 by Riveted Games, CryptoBlades is a P2E game that allows players to earn as they play, along with the sales of Non-Fungible-Tokens on the marketplace. Players are rewarded in the form of SKILL tokens that can be used to forge a weapon, mint an NFT, and enhance a preowned NFT. You can also buy or sell SKILL on exchange platforms like Bitcoin to make profits. Today, we’ll discuss how to play CryptoBlades, so sit tight!

Requirements For Getting Started

  • Own a Binance account to purchase SKILL and pay gas fees
  • A Binance-compatible wallet like MetaMask
  • Creating an account on the CryptoBlades website
  • Own 4.6 SKILL required to mint a character

You can now head on to the website if you’ve met all the requirements. You will then be asked to link your MetaMask wallet and from there on, signing up is as easy as following a few steps.


After signing up, you’ll be taken into the game, where you’ll be required to select a character from the Plaza. You can also play the game on your mobile. It doesn’t matter what character you choose, as every new character is assigned a random element and a one-star weapon. There are four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. There are also five tiers of weapons ranging from one-star (weakest) to five-star (strongest). Every element can either trump the other element or be trumped. Before going into battle, you’ll be required to analyze if you can trump and have an advantage or if you’re going to fight a losing battle.

You will be given a character card that will display the level and stamina of your character. Starting from level one, your level can increase as you continue playing and winning. Remember that the starting character comes with the stamina of 200 and is enough to last five battles. However, you should be worried as the stamina regenerates at a rate of one every five minutes.

When going into battle, players can choose from four enemies displayed at the bottom. Players need to select a weapon that is aligned with their character to have an advantage, along with selecting an enemy which would be trumped by this weapon. At one time, players are allowed to own four characters, with each character costing 4.6 SKILL. A small gas fee is charged by the game per battle, and if you come out as the victor, you are rewarded in the form of experience and SKILL. Experience is used to upgrade your character, which increases its overall power.


Other Features

Raiding is another cool feature that allows players to team up and fight against bosses to earn rewards by emerging victorious. The levels of the bosses you’re going to face are dependent on your level. A higher level of your NFT means you’re more likely to face a higher-level boss. Raiding requires 200 stamina to enter, which is way more than the individual battles require.

Going on quests is also another way to earn rewards. To go on a quest, you are required to be outside the Arena. If you complete a quest, you will be rewarded with reputation points, increasing your character’s tier, items, and experience.

Users can head over to the blacksmith, where they can forge new weapons; this increases the player’s overall combat power. Like characters, weapons also are assigned one element. Here one-star weapons are the most common to obtain, with five-star weapons being the rarest.

Reforging can also be done with the help of the blacksmith. It is a process where you combine two weapons to upgrade your better weapon by using the less valuable one. Remember that reforging does not increase the tier of the weapon, nor does it change the attributes of the weapon. Also, reforging is an irreversible process, meaning you cannot get the weapon you’ve burned back.

How to Earn in CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades rewards its users upon every battle won in the form of SKILL and experience points. The amount of SKILL you earn per battle depends on the level of your opponent. The higher the level higher the reward, and vice versa. You can either cash out your SKILL tokens by converting them to BNB or use them to continue playing the game and buying more characters. Experience points allow you to further upgrade an already owned NFT. By upgrade, we mean that your character’s power level increases with experience earned. Note that the power level is capped at 255, per every claim, the game charges a gas fee.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk NFT trading. This is the basic rule of thumb for trading successfully. You can also sell your own NFTs if you think they’re rare and get a good price for them, or if you don’t want to let them go, you can always scout one at the Marketplace. While searching, look for rare attributes, so it gets easier for you to sell at a higher price later. Weapons can also be sold at the Marketplace along with characters. So, if you manage to forge a higher-starred weapon, you can sell it for a handsome amount.

Another way of making money is by converting your SKILL tokens to BNB and earning real-world money. You can also buy these tokens at a lower price and sell them later if there’s a price hike. However, this is a risky process as the crypto market is volatile.

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Is CryptoBlades Worth Playing?

CryptoBlades was one of the first P2E games in the business. As of now, it is one of the leaders in the P2E market, and rightly so! It offers its users quality gameplay along with being easy to use. Earning while playing is not hard either, it just requires a bit of focus and maybe some luck too.

So, if you’re still deciding whether to start playing, well you’re missing out on some quality gaming experience. Getting started is easy for newer and also isn’t expensive. As of now, the current value of one SKILL stands at around $1.49. We hope that this guide on how to play CryptoBlades was helpful for you!

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