How to play Decentraland

The virtual world concept is an excellent use case for the blockchain. Blockchain gaming and the virtual world are essential topics in the blockchain world today. In fact, both sectors seem to be seeing exponential adoption every day since Facebook’s meta dished out the idea.

Meanwhile, growth never seems to stop, especially with VR compatibility that gives users an immersive and exciting experience. However, since the introduction of the concept of a new virtual world, several metaverse projects have started emerging. Projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland have given us a glimpse of the impeccable beauty of the future of a new world.

As its name goes, Decentraland is arguably one of the most popular and important decentralized virtual lands hosted by blockchain technology. The projects, started by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano in 2015, became a reality to global enthusiasts in 2020.

Decentraland already has a significant fan base and active community, making it a reference metaverse for many prospective cryptocurrency projects. The Ethereum-based system represents a global community of individuals in a digital social ecosystem. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about and how to play Decentraland

What is Decentraland? 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a decentralized 3D virtual world that allows users to sell, buy, and own virtual lands and territories. A core part of this metaverse is NFTs which players can trade for hard currency.

Decentraland uses virtual lands and properties to depict NFTs. Landowners can develop and showcase unique works of art for the benefit of the public. NFT markets such as OpenSea accept MANA and some supporting cryptocurrencies for land purchases. You can also combine nearby pieces into estates to get more significant areas of the property. 

Decentraland rewards players for managing a shared digital space in the game. LAND represents Lands ownership in the Decentraland metaverse, and owners can trade them for MANA which is the in-game token. Participants of the Decentraland game can interact easily among themselves while making use of functions such as in-game transactions, games, and the reception of digital materials in a new and exciting way.

Let’s get started with how to play Decentraland.

How to Play Decentraland

Getting onboard to play Decentraland doesn’t require many procedures for users to participate. A new user just needs to access its webpage on a computer. Also, steps like creating a character, giving it a username, and declaring your proper age are part of the things you need to do.

Creating new profile on Decentraland

As the last step, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to keep the assets secure while playing the game. If a participant doesn’t have a wallet, he can only roam about and customize his character but can’t participate in any activities.

 Hit the huge red button located at the center of the page to begin playing. A popup should appear asking whether you want to participate with a wallet or as a guest. Connect your wallet to completely register and enjoy the game. Character creation starts as soon as the game has started up.

Genesis Plaza Decentraland

Exploring Decentraland, you will start at the Genesis Plaza, where you will join other newbies. To help users get started, there will be an instructional window on your screen. We suggest keeping it open till you have an understanding of Decentraland.

There are some towers encircling Genesis Plaza, and each has a range of events to choose from. Alternately, players may enter the whirlwind by jumping into the center, which will lead to new locations.

how to Play Decentraland: Map

An interactive map guides you if you want to explore different parts of Decentraland. One can spawn to multiple regions using the map instead of traveling there. At the lower part of the screen, you can see your current position. The top of the page has a bar for navigating through the choices available. When you click on “explore,” you will be sent to a screen wherein you can browse through different locations, activities, etc.

Possibilities and Customization on Decentraland

As a Decentraland user, you’ll be able to construct 3D worlds, draw up characters, and exhibit monetizable virtual material. Also, the digital environment allows users to roam freely or utilize the map to travel to specified locations.

Users can play racing games in Decentraland. Also, you can attend NFT gallery events, or meet with other players. All these activities are possible via characters or virtual representations of yourself. Having a character is a great way to describe yourself to everybody and take account of your online pals. 

Meanwhile, NFT avatars on Decentraland are completely customizable. Therefore, you can personalize your character to look just like you. Also, select clothes, skin tones, haircuts, eyes, and grins. Meanwhile, you may start exploring the virtual world as soon as you’ve created your ideal character.

A Quick View Of the Ecosystem Economy

The Decentraland ecosystem is governed by its well-established community-driven DAO system. Meanwhile, the economy in Decentraland is powered by MANA and LAND, the in-game currencies of the platform.


LAND contributes to the main in-platform NFT assets in Decentraland. Alongside the central Decentraland marketplace, you can also purchase LAND with MANA on third-party markets such as OpenSea. 

Upon acquiring parcels of land, users are free to construct anything they wish, including houses. In the same way that actual land values rise with time and demand, the land value in Decentraland also rises as the game gets popular and as people participate.

To sustain the economic worth of LAND NFTs, Decentraland limited the number of LAND pieces to the net MANA supply. To keep Decentraland’s valuable materials high and prevent plots from being forsaken, the platform enforces a LAND limitation policy.


The game’s currency, MANA, is used for all transactions. Players use MANA to purchase various virtual goods such as properties, outfits, and more in the virtual space. Users may invest MANA across multiple liquidity pools to generate revenue.

Source: NFTs.WTF

Future of Decentraland

You can make friends, explore NFT exhibitions, purchase artwork, and attend parties even from the comfort of your rooms, thanks to the virtual reality platform Decentraland. Bolstering engagement rates with the network will be critical to its continued growth in the game space.

Decentraland has added several extra functionalities to the virtual world since its inception; the system continues to grow and improve. Numerous new technologies are under development and will soon be available very soon. It’s going to be a challenging few seasons for the metaverse. To be successful, it must take up the mantle, boost functionality, and address issues raised by the community before it can be a success.

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