Illuvium has created a very long Twitter thread outlining its twenty-year plan.

According to Kieran.eth, the Illuvium founders are locked in for the long term and building the next frontier of gaming. They are generating mainstream crypto adoption, something about which they are passionate.


Illuvium is an open-world fantasy battle game and NFT creature collector with an auto battlerĀ game built on theĀ Ethereum Blockchain. Play to earn in a graphically-rich sci-fiĀ adventure and conquer the wilderness to help your crash-landed crew flourish.

A spin on the classic tale of a sailor lost at sea, the player finds themselves stranded on a strange and forgotten planet. In a bleak landscape littered with the remnants of a lost civilization, the ‘Illuvials’ are tiny creatures or animals surviving on the surface. Surprisingly, they are mighty beings with almost divine attributes.

Twenty-Years Into The Future

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Illuvium has a twenty-year plan for its platform. Image Credit: Medium.

Kieran.eth wants the world to know: Illuvium isn’t just a game. It is a collection of cohesive games that form a single coherent universe with something for every gamer.

The plan involves making Illuvium the first AAA IBG (Interoperable Blockchain Game), further utilizing decentralized governance and verifiable ownership to empower players.

“Each game will expand over time, pushing the boundaries of its genre while seamlessly connecting with other titles. Our first three titles are just the beginning.” – Kieran.eth

Illuvium: Zero

Illuvium Zero
Illuvium Zero was the game’s first NFT land sale. Image Credit: The Mediaverse.

Zero will continue to grow, becoming more than an idle clicker. The land will become a vital finite resource relevant to gameplay and the story while acting as the financial hub for all games.

Illuvium: Overworld

In this game, players explore the seven regions of Illuvium in search of Illuvial resources. Depending on which of the areas they visit will determine what type of Illuvial they have the highest chances of finding.

For instance, if they are in the snow/ice Taiga Boreal region, they will have a higher chance of finding the Frost/Water affinity Illuvials but a very low chance of finding a Wildfire/Fire Illuvial.

The critical thing to note here is that players will still be able to find any Illuvial in any region. Still, the region’s natural habitat and the Illuvials affinities will determine the encounter rate. So players should plan their trip wisely if they hunt for specific Illuvial.

“The overworld is a breathtaking open world. We have worked tirelessly to deliver a world players desire to live in, so that’s what they will do. It will become the social platform for the Illuvium Universe.” – Kieran.eth

Illuvium: Arena

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Illuvium Arena will redefine genres. Image Credit: Play To Earn.

In this game mode, players can use 3D Illuvials they’ve captured to fight and battle for in a competitive and non-competitive play and earn matches. Once collected and a team of Illuvials is made, players head to the Arena and test their luck.Ā 

In the ascended Arena; there are going to be three types of Arena, all using the Illuvium’s auto battler/auto chess:Ā 

  • Ranked Arena – (competitive ranked ladder)Ā 
  • Leviathan Arena (wagering/betting matches)
  • Survival Arena ( casual PvE to test your skills against the computer)
    • There is also a survival PVP option to see who can go farthest against the computer.

In the future, it will be the first of many titles that will define genres. Each title builds on the lore of the existing Universe, giving players new and exciting ways to experience in a familiar setting.

Out Of The Metaverse

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Illuvials are high-quality 3D art. Image Credit: Medium.

Non-gaming endeavors such as movies, TV shows, and merchandise will help develop the Illuivium IP into a ‘juggernaut’ that reaches all types of consumers.

Key founders will focus on critical parameters because “we believe in the project and want to show that commitment.”Ā AnĀ IBGĀ is a combination of genres to create a single cohesive Universe.Ā Racing, FPS, MMO, MOBA, RTS,Ā maybe even a dating sim. All utilize core assets that are compatible everywhere.

Brand partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies. Think Illuvitar collections, merchandise, events, and in-game cosmetics. An economy where every dollar from game revenue, events, merchandise, sponsorships, esports tournaments, movies, tv, and more goes toĀ ILVĀ holders.

More Games

Illuvium doesn’t look to be slowing down for at least two more decades. Image Credit: Reddit.

Additional games are at various design stages, which is necessary to integrate them seamlessly with the existing titles.Ā ILV Festivals host multiple tournaments featuring the most prominent artists in the world. With the largest prize pools and the most distinguished minds in DeFi and GameFi, it will become a destination for pros and fans alike.

Kieran says that Illuvium will perform a mega raise when the market recovers, and even “one of the largest in history.” They will also expand their team, creating a solid foundation for their twenty-year plan.

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