Illuvium Game

Illuvium is a champion and one of the best games on the Ethereum-based blockchain games over the last few months. It has become a top title and a breakthrough franchise in fantasy massively multiplayer online RPG games with a community-driven ecosystem.

In fact, in the crypto gaming sphere, it is one of the most open and decentralized games, making it a reliable project for investors and gamers.

If you’re hearing the Illuvium game for the first time or wish to know more exciting details about the game, this guide is definitely for you. Let’s dive right in.


Illuvium Game

illuvium game

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium is a leading MMORPG PC game. The game features a vast ecosystem with myriads of fun and earning opportunities. In the game, players can explore their open world of Illuvials to capture and train them for battles and duels.

Illuvium features innovative concepts that make it more than just a regular crypto game as crypto game. It uses the layer-two scaling power of the Immutable network. Meanwhile, it provides a continuous revenue system where players can enjoy superb gaming experiences to earn rewards.

Illuvium has innovative and immersive visual graphics as a core part of its nostalgic gameplay. Meanwhile, players can also enjoy a cinematic gaming experience on an invincible Unreal Engine 4 photorealistic gaming engine, a perk that distinguishes the Illuvium game from its rivals.


Immutable X Layer Two Technology

As mentioned earlier, Illuvium uses the layer-two scaling solution from Immutable X as an innovative way to make in-game asset trading easier and cheaper for players.

As a player-driven project, Illuvium does not only aim to produce premium gameplay but also at every player’s convenience. The Immutable X integration allows users and players to enjoy gas-free minting and zero transaction fees on all NFT trading activities.

Apart from this, players enjoy fast and secure transactions with zk-rollups that handle more than 9,000 transactions per second.


The gameplay of Illuvium Game

Illuvium Game gameplay

Illuviumtakes place in a fictional alien land and is a survival role-playing gameplay. Its core setting is a finite exploration of an unknown world after a crash into an extraterrestrial planet. Although this planet is new to players, they must find their way to survive against the odds of harsh weather, harmful creatures, and powerful aliens. In the gameplay, players can explore the planet, hunt down monsters, and search for the mysterious realm called the Obelisk.

Players must create a role-playing avatar as an in-game character to get started in the game. Meanwhile, they can also customize their avatars. Afterward, players can participate in daily challenges and special quests to win in-game items and Illuvial. The main in-game modes of Illuvium include:


The game offers a free-play mode where players can explore the different edges of their world. Players can recover Illuvials, mine resources, or harvest fruits to upgrade their in-game assets during this mode. Adventure modes are essential to prepare players for Arena matches and other important game modes.

Battle Arenas

PVP Battle Arena is a competitive game mode where players can go into battle with their Illuvial team. Players can arrange their Illuvials to challenge in Ranked Arena battles. On winning this mode, players will receive$sILV rewards, a secondary in-game token that we will discuss soon.

Mining and Harvesting

Another rewarding game mode is gathering resources by scouting for them with in-game drones. Players can collect loots, ores, shards, and gemstones while roaming their world. They can then forge looted items into weapons or armor through fusion. Players can add these new assets to loadout or sell them off at the marketplace.


How To Play Illuvium Game

To start playing, visit Illuvium and create a new gaming account. Confirm mail address and download game client on PC to start playing.

You can start exploring by deploying the Polymorphic Subordinate Drone to scan world regions. Once the drone detects an Illuvial, players can fight and subdue them with Shard. The type of Illuvial that a Shard can catch depends on its power. New players can mine weak Shard that is only effective against a few Illivials. Still, this is an excellent way to start exploring the world of Illuvium.

Players can upgrade and buy new tools with their earned tokens as they proceed in the game. Over time, players will unlock the Obelisks that will allow them to explore new challenging and rewarding regions where they can collect more powerful Illuvials and items.

How To Earn On Illuvium Game

The Illuvium game provides myriads of ways that players can earn. However, earning with gameplay on Illuvium requires players to be skilled and strategic. 

For starters, players can earn by participating in the gameplay by lining up their Illuvial team to square out in special tournaments or battle arenas. Alternatively, players can earn by betting on the outcome of a battle arena match. With this, players do not have to play but can wager their $ILV token on battle outcomes.

Another way to earn $ILV tokens is by capturing Illuvials and selling them in the marketplace. Lastly, players can lock their tokens on the Illuvium staking v2 platform to earn yield rewards.


Illuvium Game Economy: Token and NFTs

Illuvium token ($ILV) powers the Illuvium game ecosystem. $ILV is an ERC-20 token that serves as the game’s leading utility and native token. It also fuels all economic and marketplace activities.

$ILV has a limited token supply pegged at 10 million units. The token peaked at $1900 ATH from about $31 ATL in only six months in 2021. It currently trades around $458 with a $298 million market cap.

Apart from the $ILV token, Illuvium also has a secondary token, sILV, that serves as an in-game currency.

The main uses of $ILV tokens include staking for yield rewards and governance decision-making ability.


NFTs: Illuvial



Illuvials are the main in-game characters dwelling in the real Illuvium. During exploration, players can recover up to 100 Illuvials which are NFT assets that players can sell. Illiuvials have specific traits and attributes that make them unique. These traits also complement or improve their in-game ability. An excellent combination of these Illuvial and their power can increase players’ advantage during gameplay.

  • Affinities of Illuvials include fighter, Rogue, Psion, Empath, or Guardian.
  • Their classes generally depend on their base elements. They include Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Nature.

Players can combine their NFT Illuvials to breed more powerful and high-level rarity Illuvial. Fusing two Illuvials of different classes or affinities can give rise to a more complex and powerful Illuvial. For example, cross-breeding Air and Fire Illuvials will give rise to a more powerful Frost Illuvial with the strength of both classes of Illuvial.

Fusion can also increase players’ in-game earnings, especially as they continue to breed a formidable team of Illuvial. Illiuvials are the only way players can earn with gaming activities in the Illuvium game; therefore, players need to be as strategic as possible.


The IlluviDEX

IlluviDEX is an essential component of the Illuvium game ecosystem. It is the game’s NFT marketplace where players can trade or exchange any in-game NFT asset, including Illuvials, weapons, skin, and other in-game items. The game’s DAO controls the IlluviDEX by making it more community-driven and attractive to investors.


Illuvium Game Team

Illuvium features a team of seasoned, experienced experts with excellent track records in the gaming sphere. The team comprises a rapidly growing group of dedicated and promising professionals worldwide.

The team has dedicated itself to the continued development and innovation of player-driven gameplay for its community. With various investments and seed rounds, the core team of Illuvium game can not only develop an AAA title and ensure continuous adoption of blockchain via gaming.


Final Words

Illuvium is one of the most talk-about games that has garnered many gamers’ interest over the years. From beautiful graphics to thoughtful mechanics and rewards mechanics, Illuvium will undoubtedly be a gaming blockbuster.

Although the game is still in active development, teasers and cinematic graphics have already taken the gaming community and fans in awe. However, before the game is released, you can invest and earn by staking the Illuvium token. Please read our complete guide on Illuvium token staking here.

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