Illuvium has announced that it will partner with Carv to expand access to its private beta. The Immutable-based NFT game will give 125 users access to the beta in this deal.

The Illuvium private beta is a controlled access project that gives a chosen few access to the game and its exciting features.

In addition to the private beta access, 20 of the 125 lucky winners will also be rewarded with 50 ARC tokens.

How To Win the Beta Access

The new Illuvium promo is designed to make it as easy as possible for folks to win. There are three simple things users need to do. First, make sure you follow Illuvium and Carv on Twitter.

Secondly, you must also retweet the post announcing the Illuvium and Carv partnership. At the time of writing this article, the Tweet had already been retweeted around 600 times. Thirdly, users are encouraged to sign up with

Now, this is actually not a mandatory requirement. However, users who sign up with will dramatically increase their chances of winning 1 of the 125 places in the Illuvium private beta.

The Illuvium and Carv partnership will give 125 new users access to the Illuvium private beta. Image Source: Illuvium on Twitter

Please also note that the promotion starts on November 18th. It will continue until all 125 winners are announced.

Illuvium is also expanding its partnership with Carv beyond blockchain gaming. The two entities have, in fact, announced a joint AMA on Twitter where they will discuss web3 gaming in general.

To incentivize users to tune in, 200 ARC tokens will be given away to 20 lucky listeners. The AMA will also likely provide additional details on how Illuvium and Carv intend to work together in the future.

Illuvium Private Beta: The Story So Far

Illuvium is still under development. The P2E game has, however, launched several beta tests. These are designed to test out the game, monitor interactions between users, and see if there are any areas that can be improved.

So far, Illuvium has launched two betas. Illuvium beta 1 was quite a success and ended a few weeks ago. Right now, we are in Illuvium beta 2. And just like in the Carv partnership, the NFT casual game has actually opened up significant access.

The Illuvium team recently added around 500 new players in the private beta 2. We covered this story in our post here.

NFT game
Illuvium has so far issued two betas. Right now we are on Illuvium beta 2. Image Source: Illuvium on Twitter

Ultimately, the game sees these betas as a crucial part of fine-tuning the gameplay. In the end, Illuvium wants to deliver a state-of-the-art experience for its growing community. If this means spending months testing out the beta, the game is more than happy to do it.

The Illuvium Private Beta 2

After wrapping up the private beta 1, Illuvium announced private beta 2 in September this year. It’s only been two months, and it seems things are working out just fine.

The game, however, decided to make the private beta as exclusive as possible. Although Illuvium private beta 2 is available to all folks, who participated in the first beta, new users who want to get this experience have to apply directly on the Illuvium website.

The process of application is quite simple, but the selection criteria are rigorous. This is why the Carv partnership, which is giving 125 lucky winners a chance to join the beta, is a big deal.

It means that users will bypass the rigorous application process and secure a place in what could be one of the biggest web3 games in the near term.

Also, we are not entirely sure if there will be a private beta 3. However, once the Illuvium team releases an update, we will be the first to cover it.

What is Carv Anyway? is a web3 identity platform designed to help users build gaming identities across web3. The platform allows gamers to not only access games across various platforms but also to display their achievements in one single ecosystem.

P2E games
Illuvium is one of many strategic partners that are working with Carv to build a web3 gaming identity. Image Source: Illuvium on Twitter

Carv also makes it easier for folks to discover new games, monetize their gameplay data, and unlock exciting gaming experiences across the board. The platform also offers NFT-backed badges that can be used to record in-game milestones and other special moments.

In essence, Carv is a credential validation platform that works with several web3 games to enhance transparency and engagement among users.  The platform has so far managed to pick up a series of high-profile strategic partners.

Notable among them include the Polygon network, Walken, Thetan Arena, Immutable X, Catheon Gaming, High Street, and a host of other incredible players in the web3 gaming space.

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