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With a huge focus on creating more engaging services for gamers, popular web3 gaming company, Illuvium, is out with a brand-new update.

Weeks after the arrival of the much-awaited Survival Arena Private Beta 2, Illuvium has announced its plans to grant entry to 500 lucky winners. The announcement, which came in today, is aimed at stirring the platform’s user community to participate in a puzzle for free. Should there be 500 lucky puzzle winners, they will be granted access to the recently-launched Private Beta 2.

Notably, the Private Beta 2 is an upgrade from the Private Beta 1. And it has been embedded with tons of new features. With the upgrade, Illuvium seeks to improve its users’ overall gameplay, giving them fresher experiences on its platform.

Gaining Access to Private Beta 2

Gamers who owned Private Beta 1 will have automatic access to Private Beta 2. But to get that done, they need to install and download a new version of the game and log into your Illuvium account. Also, after installing PB2, gamers should delete the folder containing their old PB1 game files.

In a bid to provide a more thrilling gaming experience, considerable adjustments have been made to practically all game sections. Now, Illuvium’s Private Beta 2 offers more significant challenges than Private Beta 1. Among the new features is an experience that gauges participants’ ability to overcome obstacles.

Strategies in Illuvium’s Arena Private Beta 2

While significant upgrades were made to practically every Illuvial, there are also some changes added to the overall game mechanics. Notable additions include checkpoints, augments, and bonding. Also, Synergies offer unique stats and perks. By bonding with an Illuvial, a player’s ranger can gain access to his dominant synergy and receive a composite synergy.

Now, players compete to see who can survive the most battles. However, thanks to recent updates like unit placements, special powers, synergies, augmentations, and bonding, gamers can utilize different strategies.


Like in traditional games, checkpoints allow gamers to restart if they lose rounds rather than starting from scratch. Also, there is the quit option, which is useful for gamers who feel that they can no longer make any progress. The decision will be recorded in the daily leaderboards. Furthermore, the checkpoints are at every five levels.


Illuvials have augments tied to them that give them new skills. Players can use augmentations to reinforce an Illuvial’s weak points, boost their arsenal, or improve their innate abilities. Also, they can be recalled by dragging them off the playing field. This way, they will receive a refund for their purchase price and any connected augments.

Illuvium's Public
Illuvium’s Public Beta 2 comes with improved overall gameplay and more engaging features including augmentation and bonding. Image Source: Everyeye


Arenas demand quick judgment and as a result, there are quite many hotkeys to help gamers. Utilizing these keys will support gamers’ overall gameplay, as well as prevent them from running out of time. Additionally, they can come in handy in defeating opponents.

Overview of Survival Arena Battler Private Beta 2

As mentioned earlier, there are new unit placements. Notably, there are 75 TOs and 31 Lynxes, making up 106 new units. Also, the Omega progression of all Illuvials is condensed, with stage-1s being more potent than stage-3s.

Furthermore, the quality of exclusivity indicates richness in essence and worth. This is a strength of the Illuvium metaverse. While the main aim of the upgrade is to provide gamers with exclusive gaming experience, Aaron Warwick, Illuvium’s co-founder, said that the goal is to “have zero tech debt by the time we get out of Beta.”

Illuvium’s Public Beta 2 comes with improved overall gameplay and more engaging features including augmentation and bonding. Image Source: Everyeye

Additional Information

As a project with a truly global scope, Illuvium is one of the few games with so much user-oriented packages. The platform has over a hundred thousand people who want to be a part of the ecosystem. Yet, only 17 influencers across six languages have been chosen out of the 160 who applied to join the marketing team.

To get the latest updates about the platform, you can also join via Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to Earn

As gamers keep participating in quests, they will be rewarded for successes. However, they have to possess the ILV token before playing any game, as that is one of its functions. Once authorized, gamers may start to acquire additional assets in the form of NFTs in order to increase their chances of succeeding in challenges.

The earning aspect of the game is similar to the traditional Temple Run game in the sense that instant rewards are obtained for completing each challenge or level. However, in this case, earned rewards can be monetized.

Another interesting aspect of the game are the tournaments where huge prizes are presented to the winners. The prizes can be invested back or liquidated depending on the kind of tokens they are received as.

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