Back in 2021, the popularity of virtual gaming soared. P2E games gained popularity and experienced a sharp increase in value when Axie Infinity became widely known through conventional media.

The Ethereum network provides the foundation for the role-playing game Illuvium. Illuvials, who live in the metaverse, are fought by players and brought back to life. The Illuvials become devoted and assist players in their mission once they start doing this. The players get access to rare items after the quest, which they can trade on the IlluviDex.

In June, Illuvium, a popular role-playing game, announced its land sale. Such events typically have a quick sell-out rate, allowing customers to resell their goods for more money. Let’s delve deeper into Illuvium’s land sale and the process for purchasing Illuvium property.

Illuvium announced its land sale in June 2022.     Image Source: Finder.com

IlluviDex Explained

On the Illuvium exchange, a platform under the Illuvium DAO’s management, users can purchase and trade any in-game NFT. All NFTs discovered in the game can be traded there, although the IlluviDEX’s main concentration is on trading Illuvials.

Illuvium players gain access to NFTs such as lands, items, gear, and pets. Users can visit the IlluviDex, an open trade market, to trade such NFTs. Here, users can buy and sell properties and check their virtual assets’ status. They only need to connect their Metamask wallet before all their assets appear in the “my assets” area.

Illuvium announced the launch of its land sale in June. It allowed players to purchase lands and participate in the NFT land giveaway. In the giveaway, players stood to win five Tier 1 plots of land for free.

IlluviDEX’s main concentration is on trading Illuvials.      Image Source: YouTube

IlluviDex: How To Buy Land 

Users must complete a few necessary tasks before engaging in the actual NFT land purchase. This is mostly the case for the majority of NFT purchases. Therefore, before starting to purchase NFTs, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Create a wallet by downloading Metamask. Click on this link if you need help with how to do it.
  • Purchase some Ether. We can also help if you need to learn how. Here is a simple guide:
  • Send the Ether you’ve purchased to your Metamask wallet. Ensure to send an amount that exceeds the price of the land plus gas fees.
  • When you’re ready, head over to the IlluviDex platform to make your NFT land purchase:
  • Visit IlluviDex.
  • Link your Metamask wallet and sign the required permissions.

The First Land Sale On Illuvium

Illuvium worked with Immutable X, the leading Layer 2 (L2) Ethereum scaling solution for NFTs, for its Universe Land Sale. The partnership saw Illuvium deliver the next generation of AAA gaming. The blockchain witnessed true digital ownership, near-instant and carbon-neutral transactions, all completely gas-free on L2.

Owners of land in Illuvium can acquire fuel, which is necessary for catching and improving Illuvials. In Illuvium Zero, the desktop and mobile companion game to Illuvium, users can construct a virtual industrial complex.

Twenty thousand land plots were available for purchase, and users could buy them without paying gas fees to Immutable X. Players could trade fuel and other in-game goods on the IlluviDex market since in-game assets on Immutable are blockchain tokens. For their work and investment, they earned various prizes.

Illuvium partnered with Immutable X for its first land sale.  Image Source: YouTube

The sale was powered by StarkWare’s cutting-edge zk-rollup technology and Immutable’s deep knowledge of blockchain gaming. Players discovered and traded in-game assets simultaneously at totally gas-free and 100% carbon neutral while maintaining their assets’ security. Through this, Immutable X enabled significant scalability for Illuvium.

Illuvium provided actual ownership and a seamless experience to its gamers by partnering with Immutable X. Both blockchain and casual gamers experienced a AAA gaming experience.

More on how to participate in the Land Sale

Fuel is essential when it comes to catching and improving your Illuvials in the main game. Resources that can be exploited to extract fuel are abundant in Illuvium. On-land fuel production is possible.

Illuvium land
The land is limited and divided into five layers.  Image Source: YouTube

With ETH or sILV2, land can be purchased. Landowners scan their property for illuvials that pass through to create the blueprints for new skins. Fuel is needed to complete the game and can be used to speed up gameplay or sold on the IlluviDex.

The mobile and PC companion game for Illuvium: Zero lets players maintain and develop their bought territory. Create a simulated industrial complex in Illuvium: Zero that can harvest fuel from an ERC-20 token saved in your wallet.

The land is limited and divided into five layers. Each tier represents a new level of rarity. The amount of fuel that land can produce increases with tier.

Illuvium is one of the best upcoming games on Immutable X. Image Source: BeInCrypto.com

You must have ETH or sILV2 tokens in your wallet to buy land offered in a Dutch auction sale. A “beginning price” for each tier in a Dutch auction will establish the land’s price. The cost will drop till it is purchased.

The Future of llluviDex

During the 72-hour launch event, 20,000 land plots were sold for $72 million. As a result, it was one of the greatest NFT sales ever. Only the first 20% of the land on Illuvium was sold at the outset. Immutable X will sell the remaining 20% when it is eventually published.

The Dutch auction format used for the Layer 1 ETH smart contract sale allowed the community decides on fair pricing. The lowest sale price was $567, and the highest was $133,283, with an average sale price of $3,615.

Illuvium’s Universe Land Sale earned 70 times the value in USD compared to prior gaming-focused sales. This equaled five times the amount of ETH Axie Infinity sold in land in 2019 and 2020 combined. Additionally, it was worth 20 times more than Splinterlands’ 2021 land sale and ten times more than NetVRK’s initial land sale.

The Universal land sale
The Universal Land Sale is one of the greatest NFT sales ever.      Image Source: Medium

In terms of trade volume overall, Illuvium Land sold more during this initial sale than most web3 games. This covers the World Wide Web (land), Alien Worlds, TreeVerse, TownStar, Voxels, and RaidParty.

The Future of Illuvium

Illuvium has the potential to combine elements of both a good RPG and an NFT game. Modern aesthetics, thoughtful mechanics, and incentives could help it become a leader in the sector.

Illuvium is a fully 3D game. The project team has carefully considered every aspect of the game’s setting. The plot is one of the game’s strongest points. It distinguishes it from most crypto games, mostly focused on farming tokens, and is essential for any RPG.

Illuvium has released its beta 2 this year.    Image Source: NFT Evening

The game’s scaling mechanism, which purportedly enables it to support hundreds of thousands of players worldwide, is another strength.

Users play on various servers in “typical” RPG games to avoid server overload that causes lags while playing. Illuvium’s developers claim that the game’s world will be connected by a scaling approach that includes cloud storage resources.

The major concern for players is that the game hasn’t been finished yet. However, the makers have released the beta version this year. The Illuvium team is currently concentrating on marketing and promotion. The game has been featured on lists of the year’s most widely anticipated games.

ILV Token

ILV, the game’s native token, can be purchased on exchanges including Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, Gate.io, and others. Holders of ILV can take part in the growth of the network. ILV shareholders have the option to vote on the bonus payment amounts. ILV community members will automatically receive 100% of game and sales revenue.

Since the game’s popularity is continually expanding, it is quite promising. ILV began trading at $53 per token at the beginning of 2021.

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