Illuvium Showcase

So, the Illuvium Zero showcase, hosted by co-producer Andrew Wall, featured some fantastic audio leaks, video leaks, and art and designs.

Speaking and streaming with Grant Warwick, co-founder of Illuvium. Every week, an Illuvium showcase happens on Twitter live. This week features some super exciting developments in Illuvium and its gameplay. So without further ado, let’s find out more about these new leaked videos and audio leaks. 

Illuvium Zero Videos

Video number one was initially leaked on social media, featuring MonkeyRogue resisting being caught. This cool video features insane graphics from the Illuvium team, with advanced animations.

The next video features a mammoth fainting, with some loud audio effects, including the rumble of the rocks and a mammoth screeching. Although this animation is basic, it creates an excellent gaming atmosphere and land.

Source: YouTube

The next video is a giant luminescent hazelnut featuring sparks of light and some great electric sound effects. The video shows the concept, model, low poly, shaders, animation, VFX, to its final product.

Grant Warwick commented on how far the animations have come and how this will change the future of Illuvium Zero.

The next video features a luminescent hazelnut in the sky, drawing attention to in-depth sound engineering. Developers created the sounds from a montage of layering and filtering using Unreal Engine to create this specific sound effect.

Source: YouTube

In terms of reverb and echoes in the game, it’s realistic to life. For example, if you’re near a wall, the sound would not sound the same as if you were not. The sound engineers were able to accurately create this immersive audio to fit in with the map and conditions of Illuvium Zero. 

VFX and Animations

The next video features a test scene created by VFX expert Laura. The video features buildings being nanized, with some awesome sparks of light and sound effects. 

The next video shows the new sprint. Now, the animations include walking, running, and sprinting. In previous versions, developers did not implement the sprint, and did not look cohesive.

Source: YouTube

This new sprint is realistic, with great animations. With the sprinting, the camera zooms in, creating a super-fast tunnel vision effect. The effects on some of these visuals are awesome, with truly immersive features of a high-scale Web3 game. 

The next video features a new teleport activation sequence. The teleporting and capturing mechanisms have been created for when players load the next region of the game.

The sneak peek video is cinematic, working on the capturing mechanic, teleporting, and general mechanics. The capturing and teleporting mechanics both needed this visual update. We see six weeks of work in obelisk teleport activation, with some truly AAA features, from VFX artist Peter.  

Source: YouTube

With insane details and layering, you can see how great these graphics are. When you teleport, you must load the next region, so this activation sequence would run in the background while the next region is loading.

Grant mentioned that if you’re paying to access and play these regions, you want them to be high quality. The new animations are seamless and smooth, aiming to feature a holographic display of each map to teleport to and choose your region.

Some plant animations are basic in games, but Illuvium developers have been working to world-build some plants to be ultra-realistic.

This video features the new technical implementations of plants in Illuvium Zero. The developers are currently working on game optimization, but the plants’ animations will be available in the final beta.


Audio animations are the next element of the Illuvium showcase. Firstly, we hear a distorted woman’s voice, speaking an incomprehensible language. This sounds like a far-out fantasy sci-fi sound, not meant to be understood by the human listener. 

Image leaks

The first image is a Stabbin, a stage two penguin getting a final texture. We also see the penguin in stage 3, with a helmet and ice armor inspired by subzero. Reminding Andrew Wall of Ancient samurai, this penguin is super cool. Additionally, this image features armor upgrades and polishing, with this particular character playing an integral part in the storyline. 

penguin stabbin
Source: YouTube

Design and Art

Alternate backgrounds are a brand-new feature for the Illuvium Zero P2E game. They will not be implemented on the first alpha, but developers will put them in the game in the future.

Skins for the buildings will be able to be customized, and you can choose the color combination. This aspect is universal throughout the game, but you must unlock the skin to add more visual variety and custom features. 

Source: YouTube

So, next up is the essence art. This is placeholder artwork, and it will not change drastically, but it will be rendered and animated in the final product.

Crafting is a heavy component in the game, with resources including shards, essences, and minerals to combine and create weapon pieces, skins, etc. 

Source: YouTube

Here, we can see a new rendering of a giant tree trunk in a thistle basin. Previously, it lacked some area details, but the asset and modeling team has improved this new design, making the game look unique in each area and sub-region. 

With another showcase planned at least twice a month, we can expect to continue discovering more exciting details about Illuvium Zero. 

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