Immutable X NFT sales

Immutable X has just announced a brand new partnership with Kiraverse. Kiraverse describes itself as a revolutionary NFT gaming experience.  

The exciting new announcement sees Immutable X collaborate with Kiraverse to deliver a game developed pre-mint. 

The tweet said: “With a game developed pre-mint and leading blue chips already integrated like Doodles, Cool Cats & DeGods, Kiraverse will utilize our scaling solution to unite fine art & gaming in a new world of digital ownership on Ethereum.” 

A short trailer was also released with the announcement which showed future gamers what the game is likely to involve.

Various characters were seen performing stunts and shooting each other with weapons.

This is a nod to the fact that the game will allow gamers to use several integrated NFT characters as part of the gameplay.

Linking fine art and gaming in a new digital experience?

The new game promises to link art and gaming in a new digital experience. Given Kiraverse’s previous work, this sounds promising.

A recent art piece shared on Instagram shows the potential for the quality of work they can complete with the caption “Bridging fine art, with an immersive and rewarding experience.”



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Battle Royale with your favorite NFTs?

Kiraverse has dropped a few hints as to the contents of the game on its own Twitter account. A recent Tweet teasing the release of the game said: “Battle Royale with your favorite NFTs is coming sooner than you think.

“Digital Ownership is on the forefront. 

“KIRAVERSE will be the ultimate battlefield to show your skills and art in unison. BE READY.” 

The reference to art in this case may be referring to NFTs, as well as other potential aspects of the game.

Kiraverse has been vocal on social media about its goal to bring NFTs to life so this may be an extension of its efforts.

The opportunity to bring your own NFT characters to other blockchain experiences is in development in several blockchain projects that are currently working on interoperability.

This new project is a development in that direction.

This can be seen by the artwork shared which shows off different NFT characters working together in the mock-up gameplay.

The Immutable X and Kiraverse Collab is about bringing blockchain gaming to the mainstream

Immutable X NFT sales
Immutable X hosts many exciting NFT gaming projects, including Cross The Ages and Illuvium. This new game is another notch on its belt. Image source: Immutable X

Immutable X released a mini-thread as part of its announcement of its partnership with Kiraverse. The thread shed some light on the background around the new Kiraverse project.

The tweet read:

“Kiraverse is founded by Param Labs, an Unreal Engine gaming & full-fledged blockchain development company.

“We’re thrilled to work with the talented team at Kiraverse including their world-renowned 3D artists who have worked with top-tier brands/artists: Nike, Will Smith & more.”

Kiraverse’s commitment to bringing fine art and gaming to the digital world can be seen by its choice of artists; talent who’s worked for brands like Nike and Will Smith is creating the new Kiraverse gameplay.

Expectations of the quality of artwork are going to be high as a result.

Immutable X also reiterated its commitment to bringing mainstream players to blockchain gaming. They said: “Combining our cutting-edge L2 platform powered by @StarkWare.

“We’ll onboard mainstream players to Kiraverse with a seamless NFT experience – so smooth that they can’t tell they’re on a blockchain.

“And every NFT minted and traded will be completely gas-free & carbon neutral.” 

Immutable’s commitment to gas-free and carbon-neutral NFTs is likely to help attract mainstream players, especially as we get more information around what a seamless NFT experience entails.

It’s key they’ve committed to an experience ‘so smooth they can’t tell they’re on a blockchain’. This, again, is an attempt to appeal to the mainstream gamer.

Kiraverse: Immutable X’s next big success?

Immutable X
Immutable X is going to collaborate with Cross The Ages to deliver this awesome new project. Image Source: Immutable X


Immutable X knows how to pick the right projects. From Gods Unchained to Illuvium to Ember Sword, and recently Cross The Ages, Immutable has a flurry of successful titles behind it.

It picks its projects carefully and knows how to find future hits to collaborate with.

That’s why it’s unsurprising that Kiraverse is already causing a stir with Reddit communities getting ready to get involved as soon as possible.

Kiraverse has a simple concept; a battle royale MMO bringing your NFTs to life. A game carefully crafted by top-notch art talent to create beautiful graphics.

But with the seamless experience that Immutable X brings to gaming, it might be enough to bring this newcomer to the mainstream.

After all, that’s the goal of many blockchain projects right now and Immutable’s gaming projects are no exception to this rule.

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