Immutable X NFT sales

Rarible has announced that all new Immutable NFT listings on the marketplace will trade at zero fees. And this is not some promo or one-time offer. All Immutable NFTs will trade on Rarible at zero fees forever.

The deal is a continuation of a series of partnerships between the NFT marketplace and Immutable, one of the world’s biggest NFT and web3 gaming blockchains.

Immutable and Rarible: A Budding Partnership

Rarible and Immutable announced their collaboration for the first time on September 14th. The agreement would see gaming NFTs on Immutable list on Rarible. The deal also meant that Rarible users could now be able to use Immutable X, a zero-gas fee chain, to access an array of gaming NFTs.

To celebrate this agreement, the two entities announced a series of perks for users. For starters, all Immutable X users who purchased NFTs on Rarible would qualify for double IMX rewards.

Rarible, on the other hand, confirmed that it would charge zero fees for all Immutable NFTs traded on its platform. At the time, this was a limited-time offer that was supposed to run for about two weeks.

In fact, the zero fee offer, as indicated by the tweet below, was meant to end on September 27th. However, based on the announcement today, it seems that Rarible will extend the deal indefinitely and perpetually.

What This Means for Immutable NFTs

Immutable X is billed as the ultimate blockchain for NFTs and web3 gaming. And it’s not hard to see why. First, Immutable already offers zero gas fees for all its on-chain NFTs.

Secondly, the blockchain is one of the fastest and most scalable in the market. It was, in fact, built to give P2E gaming and NFTs a better alternative to Ethereum.

Immutable X
Immutable X offers zero fees on all NFT transactions. Image Source: Immutable X on Medium.

The zero fees deal with Rarible means that all holders of Immutable NFTs can continue to pay nothing for transactions, even when they trade in marketplaces. The idea underpins Immutable’s long-term vision to make NFT trading as efficient and as painless as possible.

Additionally, Immutable NFTs will likely get a lot of visibility. Rarible is, after all, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world. The fact that Immutable NFTs will be selling there at zero fees could be a big incentive for most potential buyers.

Just to underscore this fact, in the first week after the deal with Rarible was signed, the volume for Immutable NFTs surged to almost $5 million.

Notable Immutable NFTs to Keep an Eye On

Immutable has ushered in some of the most popular NFT games in the market. For now, Gods Unchained ranks as the most successful P2E game on the platform. It is also leading the way in terms of NFT sales.

Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained is the most successful Play-to-earn game on Immutable right now. Image Source: CoinDesk.

According to CryptoSlam, Gods Unchained sold $12 million worth of NTFs in September. On the other hand, total sales on Immutable in the same month were around $14 million. This means that Gods Unchained accounted for 86% of all sales.

Guild of Guardians is also another NFT game to watch on Immutable. The game is still under development, but it has managed to generate a lot of buzz.

How Immutable Is Changing Blockchain Gaming

Immutable Xโ€™s vision is to build an ecosystem of interconnected blockchain games, each with unique NFTs, gameplay, and tokenomics.

Immutable games
Immutable X is building partnerships around the world for an integrated gaming ecosystem. Image Source: Bin Bits

Although so far, Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians are among some of the most popular titles, Immutable has been picking up additional games as well.

For instance, the chain recently announced the entrance of Go Peanuts Games, a new mobile gaming platform that wants to build a Candy Crush version of web3.

Immutable is also venturing beyond P2E gaming by also bringing in game-related NFT marketplaces. While Rarible will be an amazing catch for the Layer 2 chain, it has just announced the entrance of AQUA, an NFT marketplace built for gamers and for gamers.

Web3 Gaming in 2022

As the broader crypto market faces one of its worse bear markets in recent months, the P2E industry has thrived. Blockchain gaming is now the biggest driver of decentralized technology.

According to tracking by Dapp Radar, blockchain games brought in 1.7 million people to the blockchain in the last week of September alone. Another Report by Dapp Radar the previous month also showed the industry is bullish despite all the troubles in crypto. We covered that report in detail here.

Despite these incredible stats, web3 gaming is still not a mainstream sector. For example, this study by Coda Labs on the state of web3 gaming found that over 52% of traditional gamers are not familiar with NFTs or web3 games.

The study also found that only 12% of traditional gamers have been able to try a web3 game. The good news is that it seems web3 games are more popular among crypto users than they are among traditional gamers.

The Coda Labs report notes that 65% of folks who own crypto have, in one way or another, played a web3 game. As P2E games and platforms like Immutable continue to improve, these numbers will only improve with time.

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