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Immutable X introduces a new NFT Sneaker. The Web3 gaming platform announced the Aglet One via its Twitter page. The NFT Sneaker will be available at the NFT.London event on the 3rd & 4th of November.

While only 50 collections will be up for minting, collectors willing to participate should follow these guidelines. Collectors should download the Aglet app and go to the in-game map to look for the Immutable-branded Treasure Stash Icon. Then, they can mint and share it on their socials via #onIMX.

The NFT.London event headed by NFT.NYC will be the company’s inaugural event. Moreover, the company partners with Immutable X ahead of this event to bring together the NFT community in London. The event will seek to entail a variety of events, including talks and debates.

NFT.London Explained

NFT.NYC, Immutable X’s newest partner, is the organization behind NFT.London. NFT.NYC has been striving to make the NFT community more widely known since its inception in 2018. It intends to accomplish this through the NFT event in London or even take a step closer to it.

The NFT.London event, as previously indicated, aims to unite the NFT community in London. Several communities can discuss different aspects of the NFT space and its evolution in this way. There will also be space for attendees to engage in discussions, lectures, and workshops.

The event, which takes place from November 3 to 4, 2022, will highlight original thoughts from numerous authors. The event will provide a forum for ideas and opinions on NFT community leadership in the UK and throughout Europe. Attendees are sure to gain enough understanding of how the global NFT community may come together as a result.

Additionally, NFT.London will spotlight regional contractors and key regions for the widespread use of NFTs. The event will take place in London, United Kingdom; however, the organizers want to expand their audience. In this approach, they can inform and educate NFT aficionados about the fundamental principles of cutting-edge technology.

The Event’s Programme

The event will feature speakers, as already indicated. Although there are many different focus areas, they all focus on NFT. During the panel discussions, invited visitors will offer their perspectives on various subjects.

These speakers will offer their perspectives on various subjects, including the future of NFTs and the gaming applications of NFTs. By doing this, NFT.NYC can inform the audience and strengthen the NFT community in London.

There will be a banquet on November 2, 2022, so attendees should plan accordingly. However, only those with VIP tickets and authorized speakers will be allowed entry to the meal.

After the meal, the event will officially begin on Thursday, November 3, 2022, with all speakers and attendees seated. There will be general sessions on that day, and participants will undoubtedly have the most enjoyable time.

On November 4, 2022, there will be further programming, including general sessions and discussions. On that day, however, the NFT.London would formally come to an end.

The event will hold between November 3rd & 4th.    Image Source: Morning Brew

 Immutable X & NFT.NYC

Immutable X is a fantastic option for an NFT-focused platform like NFT.NYC because it is an environmentally friendly NFT platform. Both platforms announced their alliance earlier this month, claiming that it will educate more people about NFTs.

It is a dream come true for NFT.NYC because Immutable X will solve its scaling issues. Jodee Rich, co-founder of NFT.NYC expressed his delight towards Immutable as the title sponsor for NFT.NYC and NFT.London.

Since 2019, NFT.NYC has firmly committed to incorporating NFTs into the attendee experience. Immutable will be crucial in helping to provide unforgettable NFT moments by scaling those experiences to all guests.

NFT.NYC & Immutable X
NFT.NYC announced partnership with Immutable X in October.    Image Source: nft.news

Additionally, Immutable X welcomes the collaboration because it demonstrates that it is driving the charge for Web3 projects. The well-known blockchain technology platform is committed to linking the digital and physical worlds. Also, it marks the beginning of a substantial collaboration in the NFT area.

Immutable is developing and scaling top-tier web3 games to attract the subsequent billion players to the platform. Through their partnership, the Web3 platform can now add fascinating experiences and fun activities to all NFT.NYC events.

NFT.NYC’s Growth

NYC is already showing endless potential for expansion in the industry. Along with the global NFT business, the event has expanded in recent years. Research indicates that NFT and other events might push the global NFT market to $230 billion by 2030.

VMR, a global research and consultancy firm, estimated that the NFT business would be worth $11.3 billion by 2021. According to the analysis, during the next eight years, the NFT sector would expand by 33.7%. Similar findings emerged in SkyQuest Technology’s NFT report from May 2022 and VMR’s report on NFTs.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that simulates a physical item. They feature unique identification numbers and are usually rare and different from one another.

The global NFT market could be worth $230 billion by 2030.   Image Source: NFT Evening

 A Glance at Immutable X’s Growth

Immutable X is a web3 gaming platform that uses zero gas fees to create, transmit, and trade NFTs. It has a reputation as a cost-effective and energy-efficient NFT platform.

For example, in early June, it assisted an Illuvium blockchain game sell out its 20,000 virtual pieces of land. The sale reeled in US$72 million. Notwithstanding the bear market dread then, that was one of the most successful gaming-metaverse sales.

Immutable demonstrated its continued dedication to the cryptocurrency gaming industry by announcing and opening a massive US$500 million venture fund. The goal was to fund and advance blockchain gaming and NFT initiatives.

The Immutable X game
Immutable X donated $500 million to the crypto gaming industry.   Image Source: Cointelegraph

Immutable most recently took the top spot on LinkedIn’s 2022 Australian Top Startups List. The list rates Australian businesses based on headcount growth, exceptional talent-drawing capacity from world-class corporations, and LinkedIn user engagement.

According to Zepto, Coinbase’s Australian chapter placed second on the LinkedIn list. This was due to Immutable X’s influence because the duo shared a connection. Immutable received an early-stage investment from Coinbase Ventures and a few other well-known blockchain businesses with Australian founding.

 Tickets for NFT.NYC

Tickets for events starting in 2023 will be NFTs minted on Immutable X. Participants will receive their NFT “Swag Bags” minted on the Immutable X.

Immutable-minted digital assets include the first layer two scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum. These assets will be wholly carbon-neutral and secured with Ethereum-grade technology. Since its launch in 2019, NFT.NYC has attracted developers, pioneers, influencers, builders, marketers, and NFT aficionados to the technology.

NFT.NYC in June 2022, hosted nearly 16,000 guests from 72 different nations to hear 1,500 speakers during 16 NFT-focused sessions. The collaboration between NFT.NYC and Immutable broaden the conference’s international scope and introduce NFT.London, to the United Kingdom.

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