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While most digital platforms offer users exceptional user interfaces and fast trading networks, not many realize the importance of rewarding users. Giving back to users is a way of thanking them for their time and patronage. As a result, rewarding users for trading is a welcome idea.

Immutable X, a leading platform for¬†Web3¬†game launches and¬†digital asset¬†trading, has keyed into the art of rewarding traders on its platform. The gesture ‚Äď known as the Trading Rewards program ‚Äď has been considered a giant step in actualizing its goal of powering the next generation of Web3 projects. Through its functional platform,¬†Immutable X¬†seeks to offer its users unforgettable experiences.

Recently, the popular digital platform, Immutable X, announced the inclusion of two new features in its Trading Rewards program. The new features, which are Partner Spotlight and Eligible Collections, will bring Immutable’s services closer to its community of users.

Trading Rewards 

Immutable X is famous for its unique services, which users cannot do but enjoy. Earlier this year, about mid-June, the platform launched its Developer & Venture Fund worth $500 million to support the adoption of Web3 games and projects. The project allowed more Web3 projects to be grounded on the Immutable platform.

According to Immutable X, ‚Äúthere‚Äôs never been a better time to trade‚ÄĚ on its platform, informing users of its platform‚Äôs sustainability. While it ensures that traders enjoy smooth transactions with near-zero¬†gas fees, the Australia-based company offers users the chance to earn rewards while trading. This led to the launch of the¬†Trading Rewards¬†program.

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Users can now earn rewards while trading through Immutable X’s Trading Rewards program. Image Source: Zipmex

The company seeks to empower its community by allowing them to earn IMX tokens while they trade. To earn rewards, users simply have to trade eligible NFTs within Immutable’s protocol, such as the IMX Marketplace or any of Immutable X’s partners. Afterward, they can earn as many IMX tokens as possible. 

Also, the Trading Rewards program is open to everybody, and the steps involved are not relatively complex. Users simply need to have registered wallets on Immutable X, after which they are expected to trade NFTs of an Eligible Collection. These NFTs must be worth 10 USD or more for them to earn $IMX tokens. However, users will be rewarded based on their trading volume.

Eligible Collections

The Eligible Collections houses various¬†NFTs ‚Äď in a list ‚Äď which are assessed and authenticated by Immutable X. Users are expected to trade NFTs out of an Eligible Collection to earn trading rewards.

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Immutable X is rated one of the best blockchains for gaming and NFTs. Image Source: Coin Bureau

The Eligible Collections list includes NFTs from inspiring games like Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Unfamiliar Territory, and Cyber Galz. Also, an Eligible Collections list is determined by various criteria, including NFTs’ qualities, royalty fees, and community engagement.

Partner Spotlight

Immutable X¬†introduced the Partner Spotlight feature as a ‚Äúspecial edition of Trading Rewards where we reward our community for showing some love to our partners.‚ÄĚ

The new feature will help brands on the Immutable X platform to gain more visibility, allowing them to offer users their best services. In return, Immutable X will reward users based on specific multiplicative grounds while maintaining the same criteria and processes as trading Rewards. 

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The Partner Spotlight feature is aimed at rewarding users for showing love to new brands or partners on Immutable X. This promotes brand visibility and more earning opportunities for users. Image Source: Immutable Twitter

In Partner Spotlight, users are exposed to some partners on¬†Immutable X¬†who are developing mind-blowing projects. However, users can earn more under the Trading Rewards program rather than earning ‚Äėnormally‚Äô under the Partner Spotlight feature.

This is because of the introduction of multipliers on featured marketplaces. For example, if you engage in a $10 trade on a marketplace with a 2x multiplier, your reward will be $20. This allows users to earn more $IMX tokens on a daily basis.

While the feature seems interesting, it is a limited edition. Partners will be featured by Immutable for limited periods, after which the multipliers will be removed. With Partner Spotlight, users can ‚Äútrade NFTs, earn $IMX rewards, and experience new Immutable X partners.‚ÄĚ

What Is Immutable X?

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Immutable X is a solution-oriented digital platform that accommodates Web3 games and trades. It offers fast transaction confirmation and zero gas fees. Also, it runs on the Ethereum network. Image Source: Academy

Immutable X is a layer-2 digital platform designed to be a scaling solution for NFTs on the Ethereum network. The platform supports about 9,000 transactions per second, offering swift transaction confirmation and negligible gas fees. This way, users can mint and trade their NFTs on the platform at near-zero gas fees. Also, the platform utilizes the $IMX token. 

The IMX is Immutable X’s native token with which all transaction fees can be settled. Also, the token is utilized to reward users on the platform. Users can earn IMX tokens by participating in various activities on Immutable X, such as NFT trading and project development. Additionally, the IMX token is a governance token that allows users to participate in decision-making processes like voting on different subject matters. 

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