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Immutable X, a functional web3 platform, took to its Twitter handle on October 30, 2022, to showcase its partners. According to the tweet, the featured partner brands will be joining Immutable X for the upcoming NFT.London event scheduled for November. While this may seem like an appreciation tweet, it is indeed an appreciation tweet.

Immutable X is committed to its users and partners as a leading platform for blockchain gaming. As such, it is a welcome idea from the company to bring its partners into the spotlight, as they are also major contributors. Furthermore, they will be joining Immutable X as it takes the lead to Queen Elizabeth II Center, London, in November.

Notably, the NFT.London is a debut event organized by NFT.NYC, a new partner of Immutable X. Together, Immutable X – and its partners – and NFT.NYC will bring the NFT community together in London for various activities, including debates and talks. The event is slated for November 3 to November 4, 2022.

NFT.London: Immutable X’s Partners

Immutable X shared a video showing all its partners that will be joining the NFT event scheduled for November. In its tweet, the leading Web3 platform said: “Showcasing our partners joining us for NFT.London Nov 3-4 #onIMX.” In this regard, here are the partners featured in the tweet:

  •  Illuvium.
  •  HABBO.
  •  Aglet.
  •  Guild of Guardians.
  •  Delysium.
  •  Cross the Ages.
  •  Undead Blocks.
  •  DC.
  •  Oxya Origin.
  •  Worldwide Web3.
  •  Blocklords.

What Is NFT.London?

NFT.London is an event organized by NFT.NYC, Immutable X’s newest partner. Since its establishment in 2018, NFT.NYC has focused on bringing the NFT community to the mainstream. And it hopes to achieve this – or better still, move towards this goal – through the NFT event in London.

NFT.London debut
NFT.London is a debut NFT event organized by NFT.NYC. Image Source: LinkedIn

As announced, the NFT.London event is geared towards bringing the NFT community together in London. This way, they can rub minds on various topics relating to the NFT space and its development. Also, there will be room for debates, talks, and workshops for attendees.

The event, which will hold from November 3 to November 4, 2022, will feature fresh ideas from various contributors. Also, the event will give room for thoughts and views on NFT community leadership in the United Kingdom and across Europe. With that, attendees are sure to get enough insight into how the international NFT community can be brought together.

Not only that but NFT.London will also highlight the local builders as well as areas of concentration regarding the mainstream adoption of NFTs. Although the event is set for London, United Kingdom, the organizers are hoping to reach new audiences. This way, they can educate and inform NFT enthusiasts about the core values of the new technology.

Talks & Speakers

As mentioned earlier, there will be talks at the event. While the areas of concentration are many, they all center on NFT and its entirety. Also, there are invited guests that will contribute to different topics during the panel sessions. Among them, we have:

  •  Evil – CEO, EvilPlan Inc.
  •  Syrona Buchanan – Project Manager at World of Women.
  • 0x EthanDG – BAYC Council Member and Project Lead, MetaverseNews.com
  •  Aaron Penalba – Full time NFT Trader.
  •  Aaron Wilcox – Creative Director and Abstract Expressionist.
  •  AaronPYS.eth N/A – Web3 Lawyer – BAYC #3338.
  •  Aashsish Manchanda – Product & Design Strategist, Member Superteam DAO.
  •  Baptiste Cota – Founding Partner LeadBlock Partners.
  •  Ayesha M. Ali – Co-Founder & Creative Director of Metavisionaries.

These speakers will be contributing to various topics ranging from the gaming aspects of NFTs to the future of NFTs. By doing so, NFT.NYC can educate the audience; thereby, solidifying the NFT community in London. Here are some of the topics to be treated at the event:

  •  How NFTs will Help Shape the Future of Music Selling Models.
  •  NFTs: The Next Wave of Consumer Engagement, Experience, and Loyalty.
  •  The Future of NFTs for Fine Art.
  •  Death and NFTs.
  •  Becoming NFT Pioneers through Active Participation.
  •  Immutable – Keynote.
  •  How Artists are Using Music NFTs to Build Active Communities. NFTs are Silent: Give Your NFT a Voice.
  •  Key Tax Considerations for an NFT Project.
  •  The Foundations of a Blockchain Gaming Community.
  •   NFT101: Creating and Maintaining an NFT Community.
  •  The Future of Story, Animation, Music, and NFTs.
  •  NFTs and Regulation: IP, Property Rights, and Policies.
  •  Content will Transform NFTs.
  •  Building a Successful NFT Gallery.

Important Dates & Times

Attendees should take note that there will be a dinner on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. However, only attended with VIP tickets and approved speakers will be granted access to the dinner.

The NFT.London will hold at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK. Image Source: CoinDesk

Following the dinner, Thursday, November 3, 2022, will mark the official start of the event with all speakers and attendees on seats. There will be general sessions on that day, and attendees are sure to get the best experience possible. 

Programs will continue 0n Friday, November 4, 2022, including general sessions and debates. However, the NFT.London will officially cap off on that day.

Immutable X and NFT.NYC

Immutable X is an eco-friendly NFT platform, and this makes it a great choice for an NFT-oriented platform like NFT.NYC. Earlier this month, both platforms announced their collaboration, stating that the partnership will enlighten more people about NFTs. For NFT.NYC, it is a dream come true, as Immutable X will take care of its scaling problems.

Immutable X & NFT.NYC
Recently, Immutable X partnered with NFT.NYC. Image Source: Cryptoknowmics

“We are proud to partner with Immutable as the title sponsor for NFT.London and NFT.NYC,” commented Jodee Rich, co-founder of NFT.NYC. He continued by saying: “We have been deeply committed to integrating NFTs into the attendee experience since our first NFT.NYC in 2019. Immutable will play an important role in scaling those experiences to all attendees, helping us deliver unforgettable NFT moments at all of our events.”

Additionally, Immutable X is positive about the collaboration, as this shows that it is leading the move regarding Web3 projects. The popular blockchain tech platform is committed to bridging the gap between the real world and the world of Web3.

“Our partnership with NFT.NYC is a first for the industry, marking the beginning of a significant collaboration in the NFT space,” said Immutable X’s co-founder, Robert Ferguson. “Immutable is building and scaling world-class web3 games, bringing the next billion players to web3. With this new partnership, we can bring exciting experiences and engaging activities to all NFT.NYC events.”

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