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Forty-three percent of Americans cannot pay their monthly bills, but 90% of adults in America use the internet, either irregularly or frequently.

Anyone with an internet connection can earn cryptocurrencies via play-to-earn games. In addition, they have the potential to provide a long-term revenue stream.

Nakamoto Games is creating the best play-to-earn environment possible. In a blockchain-based game, players and producers may make money by participating in a never-ending supply of fun.

Breaking Down Nakamoto Games

For Players

Nakamoto Games will launch play-to-earn games, and anyone with a bitcoin wallet can have access to a broad range of them. And the company will also provide developers the opportunity to make their games. Players fight for a share of prize money in each week’s competition.

For Developers

Similar to how smartphone app developers release programs in the Google Play Store, developers may launch their own play-to-earn games to the Nakamoto Games user base. Play-to-earn games are free to be monetized by their developers. In many ways, they were generating lucrative opportunities for competent developers.

The Naka Tokens

Each week, the developers burn a portion of the prize pool to deflate NAKA tokens, making them less valuable. As a result, the quantity of NAKA tokens is steadily decreasing, while the demand from players to access the ecosystem is steadily increasing.

In-Game Quests Have Arrived - Nakamoto Games

The Nakamoto Games ecosystem will benefit from the NAKA tokens, which will motivate developers to do research and development on the platform. Players can use NAKA tokens to set up bounty programs to reward those who contribute to the project.


At the core of the Nakamoto Games ecosystem, there are NAKA tokens. They provide players with the energy they need to play any of the platform’s games. Initially, there will be a shooting game in which players will spend NAKA tokens to purchase ammo.


We collect and partly burn NAKA tokens used in our weekly games as part of our prize pool. The game awards Individual game prize pools to the top-ranking players on each leaderboard.


NAKA token holders will also have a say in the platform’s management, with the ability to vote on issues like the burning of NAKA tokens and the composition of weekly prize pools.

In-Game Quests Have Arrived

Nakamoto Games is a growing play-to-earn and Metaverse initiative at the very edge of GameFi innovation. The ecosystem continuously expands its library of cutting-edge gaming games with a slew of ground-breaking play-to-earn technologies. Nakamoto Games will now include an in-game quest system to give even another degree of excitement and profitability for platform gamers.

Gamers may arm themselves and be ready to take on a range of goals and accomplishments inside several exciting games on our platform. The game rewards loyalty and skill with tickets, EXP, and Badges. EXP boosts productivity, performance, and profitability in the NAKAVERSE. Players may begin their adventures on Friday, June June 32, and these objectives and milestones will enhance their entire gaming experience.

In-Game Quests Have Arrived - Nakamoto Games

Top titles featured on the platform include:

  • NAKA Strike Multiplayer
  • Spooky Run
  • NAKA Strike Singleplayer
  • ZAKA
  • Candy Shop
  • NAKA Runner
  • Popcorn Popper
  • NAKA Galactic

The new rewards system will include 21 distinct tasks covering all of the abovementioned titles. Players on the Nakamoto Games platform may move from game to game, completing various challenging tasks to gain massive prizes.

List Of Quests

The following is the complete list of quests to complete:

Use these free games to join the fun without paying any money. Complete the first mission by playing any free-to-earn game three times.

Badge– Freewheeler

Reward — 500 EXP

Get your gear on and get ready to fight. To obtain the prizes for the second mission, you must purchase three tickets and three shields.

Badges — Big Spender, Powered Up

Reward — 700 EXP

Please take a look at our collection and explore some of our most popular offerings, including NAKA Strike Singleplayer, NAKA TD, and Candy Shop supply an additional reward when played twice.

Badges — Lone Wolf, Sweet Tooth, Defender

Rewards — 1 ticket + 1,000 EXP

Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge competitive multiplayer games with your friends and co-workers! Players who complete NAKA Strike Multiplayer and NAKA Racing twice will receive a reward.

Badges — Pack Hound, Joy Rider

Rewards — 1 ticket + 1,500 EXP

Set the pace in NAKA Runner by putting on your running shoes and hitting the road. Play the game ten times and achieve 30,000 points in five distinct runs to unlock goodies.

Badges — Marathoner, Running Riot

Rewards — 700 EXP

To take control of the company, you must rack up insanely high scores on NAKARunner. You must score 100,000 points in 10 separate runs to achieve virtual fitness.

Badges — Running The Show

Rewards — 1 ticket + 1,400 EXP

Because of your sweet taste, you’re always looking for more delicious treats. Every ten times you visit the candy store, you’ll get 18,000 points.

Badges — Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush

Rewards — 700 EXP

To be the Candy Commander, you’ll need to score 35,000 points throughout ten games.

Badges — Candamonium

Rewards — 1 ticket + 700 EXP

To become a battle-tested soldier, you must go through the rigors of basic training. Make sure to play NAKA Strike Singleplayer and NAKA Strike Multiplayer five times each to show your worth and enjoy the rewards.

Badges — Striker, Army Of One

Rewards — 700 EXP

Unbeatable. Unstoppable. Unbelievable. Earn the “NAKA Strike Legend” title by scoring 4,500 and a mind-blowing 5,000 points five times.

Badges — Top Dog, Apex Predator

Rewards — 1 ticket + 1,400 EXP

Serve as a bulwark against the opposition. Defeat five different defenses while playing ten rounds of NAKA TD and scoring 10,000 points each time.

Badges — Guardian, Tower Tactician

Rewards — 1 shield + 700 EXP

Play ten different NAKA TD games and score at least 10,000 points.

Badges — Tower Tactician

Rewards — 1 shield + 700 EXP

Keep an eye on the ball as you sail across the waters of ZAKA’s planet! To complete the task, play ZAKA 10 times and score 3,000 on five distinct adventures.

Badges — Baller, Treasure Hunter

Rewards — 700 EXP

In ZAKA, you may take on the seven seas by playing quickly and cunningly. Unlock the ultimate cache by earning 5,500 points five times.

Badges — Poseidon Protege

Rewards — 1 marble + 1,400 EXP

Play Spooky Run 10 times and get 8,000 points in five spine-tingling trials, and you’ll be dead.

Badges — Run For Your Life, Grave Runner

Rewards — 700 EXP

Demonstrate your Spooky run prowess by destroying 15,000 points in five separate runs.

Badges — Frightening Skills

Rewards — 1 ticket + 1,400 EXP

NAKA DUI is the place to take your beast off-road and have some fun. To win the grand prize, you must go thrill-seeking ten times and accumulate 600 points on each of those five expeditions.

Badges — Joy Rider, Drifter

Rewards — 700 EXP

Achieve 40,000 points in the action-packed thriller NAKA Galactic in five games to finish your journey into space.

Badges — Space Cadet, Galactic Conqueror

Rewards — 700 EXP

You’ll need to provide five excellent performances to get a massive 60,000 points in NAKA Galactic. Thank you, Captain!

Badge — Space Invader

Rewards — 1 oil + 1,400 EXP

Play Popcorn Popper ten times and score 4,000 points in five consecutive sessions to become a regular on the pop scene.

Badge — Pop Fan, Pop Star

Rewards — 700 EXP

A kernel-busting 5,500 points on five distinct corn-filled missions to unlock enormous rewards put Popcorn Popper at the top of the pop charts.

Badge — Pop Icon

Rewards — 1 ticket + 1,400 EXP

Let Us Summarize It

Innovating the play-to-earn market, Nakamoto Games creates the most engaging and immersive gaming experience possible. As a result, we are delighted to bring out the new quest catalog on our platform.

Complete tasks starting on Friday, June 32, to begin your trip and win rewards.

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