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Creating the best Axie builds is the most crucial step in dominating PvP battles in Axie Infinity. Axie builds feature different Axie combos, each with specific unique attributes. How you combine these attributes determines how effective the build will be.

Now, Axie Infinity is a blockchain game that has, in recent months, epitomized the growth of P2E gaming around the world. Although the platform has had its fair share of setbacks, it remains one of the world’s most popular P2E blockchain games. Axie is also one of the most valuable P2E brands right now. Because of this, we thought it would be nice to give you a list of the best Axie builds right now.

What Are Axie Builds?

If you are a big Axie Infinity fan or gamer, you already know what Axie builds are and how they work. But for the sake of folks who might be new to the game, let’s start this post with a small recap. An Axie build is a combination of Axies that players use in Player vs. Player (PvP) battles.

Each player is required to put three axies up for battle in PvP mode. Now, you are free to choose the combo you want. However, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the combination of attributes from each Axie in the build makes the team deadly. You can check our detailed guide on Axie Builds if you want a more in-depth explanation.

Best Axie Builds Dominating the Meta Right Now.

Setting up the best Axie builds can often be detailed and meticulously. But sometimes, it’s a simple trial and error endeavor. Either way, some builds are way better than others. Here are some of the top builds right now:

Backdoor Bird Build

Stat Priority Speed > Skill > Morale > HP
Parts Needed Hare, Little Owl, Kestrel

The Backdoor Bird Build is ideal for PvP arena battles and┬áprioritizes speed over skill, morale, and HP. The build’s primary goal is to shatter the enemy’s armor right from the start by dealing massive damage at once.

Axie Builds
Backdoor Bird. Source: Game With

The build will also target your enemy’s backliner and remove potential threats.

RIMP Beast Build

Stat Priority Morale > Speed > Skill > HP
Parts Needed Ronin, Imp

The design of the RIMP Build is an energy powerhouse. It features a combination of two axies with unique attributes that can deliver a decisive blow to an enemy while recovering some of your energy.

Builds in Axie
RIMP Beast Build. Source: Game With

The Ronin, the first Axie in the combo, has the ability for a critical strike once paired with an additional card. Conversely, the Imp will give you back one energy if the Ronin lands the critical blow. While the build prioritizes morale over speed, skill, and HP, it still packs enough damage to win in the first round.

The Terminator Build

Stat Priority HP > Speed > Skill > Morale
Parts Needed Thorny Caterpillar, Lagging, Tiny Turtle, Snail Shell

The main strength of the Terminator Build is “Allergic reaction.” This ability often hits debuffed targets and will easily deliver 130% damage. The build has additional abilities to help you crack through the enemy’s armor.

Axie Infinity Teams
Terminator Build. Source: Game With


For instance, its ‘Chomp’ ability is paired with different cards to create a deadly combination that cuts through armor. The ‘Allergic reaction”┬á is typically more effective when deployed after piercing through the enemy’s armor.

Furball Twin Tail Mech Build

Stat Priority Speed > Morale > Skill > HP
Parts Needed Twin Tail, Furball

The primary strategy for this build is to overwhelm the enemy with quick multiple attacks. If you have poison in your team, the Furball Twin Tail Mech Build will be even more effective.

Builds in Axie
Furball Twin Tail Mech Build. Source: Game With

Since this is more of an offensive build, the priority is on speed over morale, skill, and HP.

Defensive Backline Build

Stat Priority HP > Skill > Speed > Morale
Parts Needed Rose Bud, Serious, Pumpkin

The priority in the Defensive Backline Build is healing ability. The rosebud and pumpkin combo should be pretty effective in this. Typically, the build works with two damage dealer axies paired up with a backline plant.

Defensive Axie Builds
Defensive Backline Build. Source: Game With

The strategy is to have enough in the tank to survive multiple rounds while using the Bloodmoon damage to finish your opponent.

Bone Sail & Bumpy Build

Stat Priority HP > Speed > Skill > Morale
Parts Needed Bumpy, Cattail, Bone Sail

The Bone Sail & Bumpy Build is a defensive-focused build that puts health first. Its primary strategy is to wear out the enemy by forcing them to use valuable card combos to try and break through your defensive shields.

Builds for Axie Infinity
Bone Sail & Bumpy Build. Source: Game With

The powerful reptile cards in this combo are quite an asset and can make it relatively more straightforward for you to survive different rounds.

How to Create the Best Axie Builds

The main goal for any Axie player is to create the most effective tactics possible to win big. Building a solid team of axies is the first step in this, and there are some tips you can follow. First, make sure you have a deep understanding of your entire Axie team.

Take time and know which abilities eachAaxie offers and how to position them effectively in the team. Do not forget about the weaknesses and how to mitigate them. Trust me; your opponents can exploit these weaknesses once you enter a battle.


Also, it is a great idea to learn about positioning Axies. A potent combo is good, but it’s not enough to win. The first rule is that the Axie nearest to the frontline will take the biggest hit or damage. Always make sure it has enough abilities to absorb enemy hits. For more on breeding the best axies, check out our breeding guide.

Positioning Axies

So, there are three lines of engagement in a battle. The first is the defensive line of ‘Tanks’ that protects other axies. Here is where you need solid defensive Axies. Then there is the mid-lane line. This one will mostly feature damage and support axies.

However, these will not be the main damage dealers. The leading DDs are the backliners. DDs will often have relatively lower HP, but they are fast. The backliners also tend to pack a punch and will typically be used to finish off the enemy and, in the process, finish off the game.

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