Metaverse Crypto Projects

Like NFT in 2021 and DeFi in the ‘DeFi Summer’ of 2020, it appears that Metaverse Crypto projects are currently enjoying their time in the spotlight. There was even a Metaverse Fashion Week earlier this year.

As a result, it may be the most popular segment of cryptocurrency at the moment. Don’t feel as though you lost out on the best initial opportunities in the metaverse, though. There’s plenty more insane metaverse crypto projects coming your way.

Why Should You Pay Attention to New Metaverse Crypto Projects?

Metaverse VR and AR
The Future of the Future. How Meta. Source: MIT Technology Review

On Decentraland and The Sandbox, virtual properties and other assets are either not available or are getting more expensive so quickly that you are priced out of the market. However, there will be many winners rather than just two, exactly like with DeFi, NFTs, or Layer 1 blockchains. 

So let’s investigate what metaverse crypto projects are coming soon that you can sink your teeth into:

Souls of Nature – Metaverse Mixed with Social Change

Souls of Nature Social Change Metaverse
Change the real world in a virtual world. Source: Souls of Nature

Evidently, the metaverse has a lot of potential. 

This new technology, which is rife with prospects, is being tested by tech heavyweights from a variety of industries. 

Souls of Nature raises the bar whereas most research and development focuses on sociability, engagement, and entertainment. Even better, it offers the ongoing metaverse movement a new focus.

One of the first gaming metaverses to include a social objective into immersive meta-experiences for greater reach and impact is Souls of Nature. 

9,271 Animal Soul NFTs are now being developed as part of the project, which will grant users access to an exciting virtual environment. It’s interesting to note that a portion of the sales earnings will go toward saving endangered species of wildlife worldwide. The objective is to demonstrate how the web3-powered metaverse can support environmental initiatives.

What happens in Souls of Nature?

Souls of Nature transports us to the spirit world, where we first began. Here, you are reborn as a cub. While your NFT establishes who you are, the game molds and defines how your animal spirit will develop. 

A portion of your soul is unlocked as you progress through the metaverse, accomplishing each mission, peril, and difficult task. 

Oh, and there are benefits for playing as well. Payment is made in $ZOOIE tokens. In the upcoming stages, more information regarding the $ZOOIE economy and incentive system will be made available. The debut is planned for the last quarter of 2022.

It is the first immersive metaverse project from Metazooie Studios, a renowned group of gaming aficionados with more than a decade of expertise based in Mexico. The most open and cutting-edge real-time 3D development tools in the world, such as Epic Games and Unreal Engine, are being used to build Souls of Nature.

In the third quarter of 2022, Nature Soul NFTs—your identity in the HD metaverse—will become operational. Genesis Episodes’ eagerly anticipated official debut will happen in the first quarter of 2023.

Alterverse’s Sky City Metaverse

Alterverse Sky City Metaverse
It’s like Avatar but without all the blue stuff. Source: Alterverse

At first glance, Alterverse’s Sky City resembles a futuristic Dubai that is less fake-looking. Soon, a Sky City replica of other significant cities like London and New York is also planned.

Additionally, Alterverse leverages Unreal Engine to create a metaverse crypto project that is both free to play and play to earn. As a result, you can purchase land, mint your own NFTs, sell and rent them, and fly around.

Additionally, 2 more games are now under development. Outpost, a first-person shooter, and Rekt, a survival strategy game. For these games, 3000 people have already signed up.

Additionally, CommunityDAO, which is purchasing property and building a 20-story tower of penthouse residences in Alterverse, is one of their partners. Meeting rooms will be available for use or rental, and educational training will be conducted in the Alterverse. As a result, we anticipate seeing more partnerships like this.

What is Sky City?

Sky City is the primary hub of the AlterVerse as a result. It’s a city where anyone can enter and construct on it, similar to Decentraland. There are 17 sizable floating platforms in Sky City that they refer to as Halospheres and that resemble contiguous neighborhoods. 

And just like a well-designed real city would, all of these halospheres are connected to Sky City’s main central hub, which houses more stores and city functions like City Hall.

Users can in a halosphere:

  • Invest in and develop land
  • Create or purchase a business
  • Take a look at the NFT Art Galleries
  • Use these shops to buy and sell NFTs like art etc.

Additionally, there is a mayor, city council, and voting system in the game, and when everything is finished, elections will be held in late 2022 or early 2023 using the ACE Coin as the in-game currency. In Q2 2022, the ACE token is anticipated to launch.

Bitcountry – Metaverse Portal

bitcountry metaverse portal
Hop in! Source: Bitcountry

Polkadot and Kusama’s metaverse gateway (or portal) is called Bitcountry. They want you to be able to easily and swiftly launch your metaverse. 

A successful Odyssey Sale and TGE Event took place in late November or early December, and 80 million NUUM (or 8% of the 1 billion total supply) were sold out.

50% of NUUM’s total supply of 1 billion will be made accessible to the general public. The White Paper lists the lockup and vesting timetables, with the majority of non-public tokens locked for a minimum of one year.

They provide:

  • Compatibility between EVM and WASM
  • Ability to launch and sell your games, apps, tokens, and NFTs.
  • Interchain communication
  • And everything on DOT’s Substrate

Bloktopia – Metaverse Skyscraper

Bloktopia Metaverse Skyscraper
To infinite heights, and beyond! Source:

A virtual skyscraper called Bloktopia wants to become a hub for web3 experiences, immersive entertainment, and crypto-related information. It creates a magnificent metaverse crypto project using blockchain technology and a powerful real-time 3D Creation Engine.

In recognition of the 21 million Bitcoin, it has 21 levels. Bloktopians are the token owners in the Bloktopia ecosystem. 

On Bloktopia, the most prominent revenue source is Real estate. Anyone will be able to buy and trade the tokenized land parcels. They can be used to make money through advertising, staking, and passive revenue. 

It will be possible to unwind, mingle, have fun, and compete in the virtual world. In essence, this implies that you can engage in immersive material and play games in exchange for thrilling rewards. You can participate in challenges, sceneries, and works of art to win prizes. – Metaverse Communication Communication Metaverse
Let’s get connected, yo! Source: PR Newswire UK

The emphasis is different in They are concentrating on inter-person communication in the Metaverse. Whether it’s for social, educational, or professional reasons, everything in our world revolves around communicating with other people.

Here, you may create lifelike avatars using tools like 3D facial scanning, explore a diverse virtual environment, and engage in NFT trading.’s native token, $PAXW, enables users to build and monetize their own virtual worlds.

Additionally, they make it simple to enter their universe by supporting a wide range of hardware and having modest hardware requirements.

They are now operating a whitelist for land purchases. If you join up, you can receive an early package.

What does Pax.World offer? will offer NFT art galleries where upcoming and established artists can post their work in order to provide you with a wider perspective. More artists will join the NFT gallery because its operating expenses are substantially cheaper than those of traditional galleries. They will also be distinguished by an interactive experience. 

The same holds true for the business and educational centers that are housed on the platform. Depending on the type of engagement, offers social incentives, creative awards, and DAO rewards to participants.

Overall, Pax World has a lot going for it:

  • Have a functioning product with support for 3D, audio, video, and face scanning
  • More than 10,000 people attended their massive demo day in Switzerland in January 2022, both in person and online.
  • received recognition for the excellence of their metaverse at AIBC Asia
  • So they are well funded, they raised $5 million in seed money.
  • Their DAO will be introduced later. It will be yours to stake.
  • They’ll have a marketplace with NFTs for purchasing real estate, event tickets, and 3D NFTs for paying for social or educational events.

Legion Network – Metaverse Super App

Legion Network the Metaverse Super App
We are Legion! Source: LegionNetwork

The Legion Network promotes itself as a Metaverse-based NFT marketplace and super app. Their internal ecosystem of services and platforms is already set up, which makes it one of the best metaverse crypto projects:

  • Arcadia is a P2E game
  • Empower is a platform for learning which makes money, 
  • and Rewards offers freebies to the public.

In addition, they have a cooperative NFT market called BlueMoon. In order to create shared designs that can be released and sold to the general public, brands and creators can come together. It’s a really cool concept. The Legion token can be purchased or staked.

Illuvium – Open-World Metaverse

Illuvium the Open-World Metaverse
Open yourself up to metaverse adventures with Illuvium. Source: BeInCrypto

Illuvium is an open-world metaverse that provides a game where players can acquire NFT creatures and play auto-battle. 

In 2022, the PC and Mac versions of the visually stunning sci-fi adventure created on the Ethereum Blockchain will go on sale. 

In exchange for intriguing benefits, you are here on a quest to traverse the wilderness and aid your crash-landed crew in thriving.

Illuvium is separated into seven extraterrestrial settings, each of which is the setting for a catastrophe that wiped off the entire planet. 

The captivating sci-fi setting is anticipated to be on par with classic games, with lots of chances to find, hunt, and catch lethal creatures known as Illuvials. In order to succeed as a player, you must develop your squad and train your teammates. 

ILV tokens are used to pay out prizes on the network. You can obtain ILV tokens in addition to playing the main game by completing PVE missions, achieving unique achievements, and taking home awards in competitions and tournaments.

Dropp – Metaverse Mirroring the Real-World

Dropp the Meteaverse Mirroring the Real-World
Hit the virtual streets and snap up property like Mr Monopoly. Source: Dropp

Geolocation and mapping are used in this metaverse crypto project. Dropp is a land-based metaverse to reflect the topography and locations of the actual world. Furthermore, Solana powers this metaverse. In this metaverse, you also employ AR.

Dropp Land’s first location was in Los Angeles. While you control the land, you can charge rent and get paid for staking it or for NFTs that are dumped there. As a result, you can also mint your own NFTs.

Finally, its Gallery Module gives you the opportunity to curate your own NFTs on your site or to create a gallery there to sell NFTs to others in a manner similar to a physical art gallery.


Only one question remains…

Which insane Metaverse crypto project are you going to invest in? If none stand out to you, we’re sure the world’s first metaverse RPG will.

Want to start playing more established metaverse crypto projects? We’ve got a list for you to keep you busy.

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