Even though there are still no hard and fast rules about what the Metaverse is, a Metaverse Standards Forum was recently set up to keep an eye on the changing industry and help it grow in a way that is easy to understand. Some people say that virtual reality and augmented reality are the most important parts of the Metaverse, but most people use the term to mean virtual worlds that can be explored without VR.

At the moment, most of the development in the Metaverse is in the gaming industry. Old Web2 standards like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox still have around 50 million daily active users. When it comes to the newer Web3 developments in Metaverse gaming, most games are still mostly simple multiplayer minigames, and many of them focus on “play-to-earn” content, which is becoming popular.

Still, it’s surprising how few Web3 Metaverse games have plots that are deep and interesting. Where are all the RPGs in the Metaverse? Metaverse virtual worlds are the perfect setting for MMORPGs. Well, this quarter will see the release of a new 3D RPG called Metaverse that looks like it will fill that niche in a big way, and it will even be available on mobile devices.

PlayToEarn Diary has the latest scoop:

D.O.119, the first mobile 3D Metaverse RPG, will be out very soon

This game is anything but derivative. Source: ProtoRealityGames

Derivative Outstation 119, or D.O.119 for short, is a free-to-play 3D role-playing game with gameplay elements from the Web3 Metaverse. It will be available on mobile devices this September. D.O.119 was made by ProtoReality Games and is based on Solana, an eco-friendly blockchain network with fees that are almost impossible to notice.

Players can earn tokens and NFTs that can be traded, just like in other modern Web3 games. Daniel Muller, one of the founders, on the other hand, makes it clear that the game is more like “Play and Earn” than “Play to Earn,” putting the focus on the game itself rather than on the reward at the end.

“We want our players to keep coming back because the product is great, and to recommend D.O.119 to their friends as a great gaming experience. But you don’t get that with P2E GameFi titles nowadays — everybody is just focused on making money,” said Muller.

What is the story behind Derivative Outstation 119?

Dystopian-chic comes to the metaverse. Source:

In the year 2131, 88 years after the fall of central governments and world financial institutions, players of the futuristic, dystopian role-playing game Derivative Outstation 119 will do battle.

Once again, the few have power over the world after a brief period of peace brought about by decentralised technology. DO119 is completely cut off from the rest of the world and strictly governed by a dictatorial Council known as the Lucis.

Because of widespread fear that interacting with outsiders, especially humans, would have catastrophic results, inter-outpost travel is strictly forbidden. Y

You’ll need to know your history in the Outstation, investigate the many perils ahead, and communicate with the locals if you want to make it through this hostile environment alive.

In order to outthink, outmanoeuvre, and outpower their opponents, players will need to make calculated, high-stakes decisions.

What happens in Season 1 of the first metaverse RPG for mobile?

Players will follow the main character through Season 1 as they explore the world in search of answers. Success in pivotal challenges and missions will lead to the next stage of the protagonist’s journey. The player’s journey to find their true self will involve elements of strategy, trading, first-person shooter, racing, and combat sequences.

What is the gameplay like in D.O.110 3D RPG?

In D.O.119, every choice can alter the course of events and shape the protagonist’s personality in unexpected ways. In addition, there is a plethora of options from which to choose, what with the game’s many antagonistic groups and their plethora of goals, as well as the missions that encourage players to work together in order to overcome greater challenges.

When it comes to the actual fighting, the game looks like it will deliver in spades, with plenty of fast-paced vehicle races and first-person shooter-style gunplay. Trade, plotting, and exploring a massive urban environment will be fun for players of all skill levels.

How Do Users Profit From the D.O.119 Metaverse RPG for Mobile?

Gas masks and neon lights? Intriguing. Source: Medium

ProtoReality Games’ Derivative Outstation 119 gives players agency over their own narrative. Their choices will determine the nature of their rewards. Players will be rewarded for their time with the game through the accumulation of in-game currency and NFTs.

Users can choose to side with one of several factions in order to design characters and items with distinct visual styles. The newly created NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can then be minted and distributed.

They may be desirable to other players as a means of gaining an advantage in the game. Players will be able to buy and sell characters and items, and they can even exchange in-game tokens for real money.

By progressing through the main story and competing in tournaments and online competitions, players will be able to earn upgrades that will allow them to increase their character’s base statistics.

You’ll be able to chat with other players and customise your character’s outfit, weapons, and transportation. Gaining an advantage over the other players and getting the most out of the breathtaking game world is possible by investing time and effort into developing a powerful character.

Who are ProtoRealityGames?

An experienced team at the helm. Source: Medium

The talented creators behind Outstation 119 are seasoned pros in the field of mobile gaming. In their time working on this platform, the team has created many successful games.

The ProtoRealityGames team, however, does a better job of describing themselves:

“We are futurists. And as such, we envisage the world differently.

We have a clear vision, with a singular goal in mind: to create the future of gaming!

Utilising cutting-edge technology, creativity and passion, we will usher in the next generation of online and offline interactive worlds.”

(Taken from

Plus, they are a mix of East and West – drawing inspiration from mixed cultures.

Who are the founders of ProtoRealityGames?

Daniel Muller – a business leader with over 18 years in senior management roles in Banking, Corporates and Startups.

Robert Vu – a self-described INTJ, problem solver, and self-taught programmer.

Who is backing the world’s first metaverse RPG for mobile?

Backed by the best. Source: ProtoRealityGames
  • ExCapital
  • SwapIT
  • BlueBlocks
  • Point30
  • QCP
  • Widus
  • Solanium
  • Dutch Crypto
  • Lead Husky Capital
  • Foxhound

How Long Until D.O.119 Launches?

Served to you by Solana. Source: Medium

This quarter will see the release of D.O.119. The game can be obtained via the app stores for iOS and Android mobile devices.

With the success of their debut play-and-earn title, Derivative Outstation 119, ProtoReality Games has big plans for the expanding play-to-earn gaming market.

The developers at Proto Reality Games have released a teaser trailer for Derivative Outstation 119 on YouTube, and it showcases some in-engine gameplay.

Follow the links to learn more about Derivative Outstation 119 and get in touch with the game’s creators on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, where you can also learn how to buy NFTs and discuss the game with other players.

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