STEPN is the king of move-to-earn. The app, which pays users to exercise or move, is a prime example of how everyday activities can be converted into income-generating opportunities through web3.

STEPN has also managed to build a community of passionate users. This community is now taking the initiative to create additional tools to make STEPN an even bigger success. In this post, we decided to look at some of the most exciting tools built by the STEPN community for the STEPN community.


So, if you are new to STEPN and are still unsure if the investment is worth it, you may want to estimate how much GST you’ll earn before diving in.

STEPN Sneakers
STEPN.Guide allows users to estimate GST earnings based on sneaker types. Source: Medium

Although GST earnings are not standard and will typically be different daily, certain factors will determine, on average, how much each user earns. STEPN.Guide is a tool that gives you the GST earning estimate based on some of these attributes.

The platform will estimate expected daily GST earnings based on the type of sneaker, its rarity, and its level. The tool also includes daily energy allocation in its calculations.

Other sneaker attributes like Comfort and Resilience are also included. The great thing about STEPN.Guide is that it will not just give you the GST earning estimate. You also get info about potential durability and HP loss. You can click here to access the tool.

STEPN ROI Simulator

The STEPN ROI simulator is also going to estimate your potential GST earnings. But, unlike STEPN.Guide, it is far more detailed and engaging. Also, the simulator works in reverse.

Some tools can help users estimate the return on investment before getting into M2E. Image Source: TechCrunch

So, instead of using many factors to determine your estimated GST earnings, it simply shows you what you need to do to earn a specified amount.

Let’s say, for example, a user wants to earn 100 GST tokens in ten days. The STEPN ROI simulator simply gives you a list of what you need to achieve that goal. This will include the type of sneaker you should buy, the leveling-up strategy, energy allocation per day, and so much more.

The STEPN ROI simulator is perfect for both beginner STEPN users and advanced community members. To access the tool, head over here right now.

The STEPN Calculator

The STEPN calculator is a great tool for folks who want to keep track of their investments and returns. It’s almost as if two of the above tools are jammed up into one. The STEPN Calculator comes with two options.

The first one estimates how much time it will take for you to return your initial investment. The second option allows you to calculate the minting costs of STEPN sneakers.

The only downside with this tool is the fact that it’s not nearly as detailed as you would expect. For example, the app does not consider the daily energy caps in STEPN or even the type of sneaker. But it is still a great way to have a general view of STEPNs economy and how it works.


STEPN.WIKI is also a simulator that estimates potential GST earnings based on sneaker attributes. One thing that sets this tool apart is that it allows you to customize your strategy and see how it affects earnings.

WEB3 lifestyle
You can use a simulator to create real-life conditions and use them to estimate earnings. Image Source: BeinCrypto

So, in essence, you can use STEPN.Wiki to fine-tune your strategy until you are ready to jump into the app. Now, strategy can mean different things for different people.

But for the STEPN.Wiki tool, you are only required to key in how much in GST you want to earn per day, limits, leveling up plan, and the amount of GST in your wallet at the beginning of your experience with STEPN.

We all know that sneakers are integral to STEPN’s move to earn revolution. They also account for the biggest share of the initial investment you need to start earning. It’s therefore nice to know how much you will spend on each sneaker.

NFT sneaker
Knowing the average floor price of NFT sneakers helps to establish STEPN’s startup costs. Source: NewsBTC is a community-built tool that gives you an estimate of the floor prices of these NFT-backed sneakers. The website is updated regularly. Also, breaks down the costs required to upgrade or level up sneakers.


The Stepn-Market.Guide is more of a refined search feature that will allow you to find the exact sneaker you are looking for. The tool allows you to customize your search based on very specific attributes. You can also search through different realms.

Stepn-Market.Guide also connects you directly to the sneaker marketplace, where you can buy what you need. The website also provides detailed market info about the sneakers.

There are community tools that allow users to do a refined sneaker search. Source: Medium

This info is updated every 5 minutes and will include the number of sneakers available, availability of sneakers by rarity, and many other factors.

Other Factors That Determine Earnings in STEPN

Although the tools above are quite helpful for both beginners and advanced users, several other external factors will determine how much you earn in the long run.

For starters, earnings are paid using GST. The dollar value of these earnings will largely depend on the exchange rate between GST and USDC.

Also, please note that there are limits on how much GST you can earn in a day. For new users, you are limited to around 5 GST tokens. Advanced users typically earn more, but the maximum amount a user can earn in a day is 300 GST.

You can check out our detailed guide here on increasing GST earnings.

We would also want to end the post with a disclaimer. The tools above are not official tools. You must therefore use them with caution and manage expectations.

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