The game studio Cornucopias’ first NFT game, “The Island,” is an adventure MMOPRG. The game is developed in Unreal Engine. 

The serial entrepreneur and software developer Robert Greig, Josh Jones, a marketing strategist, and Ant Renics, a system analyst, founded the Cornucopias. Frederic Chesnais, the former CEO of Atari, is the advisor of it. 

The project runs on the Cardano blockchain, one reason why the team partnered with Lovelace, a Cardano blockchain metaverse service. Other project partners include GeroWallet and VyFinance. 


The game takes place on an island where players own the lands. The island map is divided into the Wild West, Farm Life, and Age of Samurai zones. These zones are split further into neighborhoods and land plots that players can finally acquire. 

Each player starts the game with two free beginning characters. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes. 

The gameplay consists of many mini-games. Players participate in them to earn rewards while exploring different zones. These rewards may include NFT items, in-game tokens, or experience points.

Earning Models 

There are two primary categories to earn playing Cornucopias “Island.” The first includes a “build to earn” model, and the second is based on a “learn to earn model.”

Build to earn feature allows gamers to create their own game assets. They can, for example, build tables, beds, or other items for their houses on the island and mint them as NFTs to sell them to other players in the marketplace.

The learn-to-earn model makes it possible to participate in educational content inside the mini-games and get rewarded. 

Apart from these two aspects, the game economy will also depend on the location of the lands. For instance, landowners can lease lands to farmers in the Farm Life zone. 

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Source: Raqoon

The COPI Token

The players will gain rewards in in-game coins. They can be transferred to the project’s native on-chain utility token COPI. 

COPI is also the governance token, and you can buy it on Pancakeswap. There’s a staking program for it on tokensfarm platform that you can benefit from.

You can use COPI to pay for in-game activities. The include boosting energy or upgrading character accessories. 

The total supply of COPI is 3,840,000,000. Token redistribution is as follows:

  • Private sale (9%)
  • Public sale (4.3%)
  • Team and advisors (24%)
  • Play to earn rewards (30.7%)
  • Staking and farming (15%)
  • Metaverse entity (4%)
  • Partnerships (5%)
  • Reserves (5%)
  • Floating liquidity (3%)

Cornucopias Island NFTs

The project has released two NFT drops up to now. You can explore the statistics of both collections on the opencnft, a Cardano NFT marketplace watch website.

The first collection is known as Bubblejet Sprinter. At the time of writing, the floor price is 125 ADA. The floor price of the second collection, GTI Javelin, is 52 ADA. 

In addition, you can buy the NFTs from the secondary market on marketplace. There are 12K Sprinter NFTs with five rarity tiers: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythic. 4915 unique wallets own the assets. 

Cornucopias NFT
Cornucopias NFTs have 5 different rarities.

The Javelin collection also has 12K NFT items. These high-performance vehicles will bring their owners special advantages while playing games with racing themes. 

The vehicles have the trim, color, paint, interior, and manufacturer as different attributes. Each attribute comes with several alternatives. For instance, there are Matte and Metallic choices as far as the paint attribute is concerned. In contrast, the color attribute comes with stealth black, olive drab, rollercoaster red, arctic white, and sapphire blue as alternatives. 

Cornucopias NFT
Second NFT drop featured vehicles.

Stay Updated

Some upcoming features are

  • Launch of land plots 
  • Public land sales
  • Release of mini-games on mobile platforms
  • Release of the full desktop version

Follow the official accounts on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Medium to stay updated. 

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