Axie Origins

Axie Origins Season 4 is finally here! This new season brings exciting updates and features to the Axie universe, including enhanced gameplay mechanics, new ways to earn rewards, and the ability to promote and enhance starter axies. With new challenges and rewards awaiting players in each era, it’s time to dive back into the arena and see what Season 4 has in store!

The AXS Leaderboard

The prize pool for Season 4 is a large sum of 111,764 AXS. If you believe you have what it takes to compete with the best players in Lunacia, here is what you need to be aware of.

Season 4 will consist of three eras, with each era lasting two weeks. The Rare Era will begins on May 10, followed by the Epic Era on May 24, and the Mystic Era on June 7. The changes to the eras were based on feedback from the community, with each era offering a unique playing experience that appeals to different players.

The Updates

The balancing and mechanic updates announced on April 25th have now been implemented. The majority of the balancing updates are minor. For instance, Topaz will inflict 12 additional damage for every card in your Banish Pile instead of 15.

Nonetheless, a few of the mechanic updates have the potential to alter the game significantly. For instance, any unused Energy will now be transformed into Energy Fragments, and players can use these fragments instead of Energy to “Keep” cards. The team is enthusiastic to see how these changes impact the game and believe they may increase the skill ceiling while also creating more opportunities for outplaying opponents.

The Lunacian Edition

In March, Axie Infinity added Blitz Mode to Origins, which offers matches at 1.5 times the regular speed, and the community responded positively to the faster gameplay. In Season 4, Axie Infinity is utilizing what they have learned and increasing the animation speed for regular Arena Mode matches to 1.35 times their normal speed. 

Additionally, Blitz Mode has been updated to run at 1.75 times its regular speed. The Axie Infinity welcomes your feedback on this new update and encourages you to share Arena clips using the #AxieOrigins hashtag on Twitter.

More Changes

Axie Origins

Players can earn rewards by logging into Origins, winning a ranked match, and crafting an item. They can also earn Class Badges, Honour Medals, and regular rewards by completing Daily and Weekly Missions. These Daily and Weekly Missions will continue to offer tempting rewards in Season 4 but with an exciting new twist. They are crucial for promoting and improving starter axies. It’s true: starter axies can now be promoted and improved.                            

From Season 4, players have the option to promote and enhance their starter axies, which unlocks new abilities and artwork. This feature provides insight into what future progression systems for NFT axies could entail, and the feedback received will be immensely valuable in refining this kind of system.

By using the Class Badges and Honor Medals earned through Daily and Weekly Missions or won from the Mystery Box, players can promote their starter axies to unlock card enhancements. As a result, starter axies will now have 350 HP instead of 320. 

By enhancing a starter axie’s Nut Cracker card, for example, the axie will gain new abilities and an HP boost. Furthermore, starter axies will now come equipped with a set of Runes and Charms. These enhancements are part of Axie Infinity’s efforts to improve the new user experience and provide better onboarding to the Axie universe.

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