With the surprise launch of Defi Kingdom’s new Crystalvale realm, all that’s on everyone’s mind is the new tokens and how the connection between JEWEL vs CRYSTAL in Defi Kingdoms works.

Defi Kingdoms is a well-known P2E game with cross-chain functionality and a strong emphasis on DEX use is called DeFi Kingdoms. The design theme of the game appears to have been influenced by vintage Nintendo games like Pokemon. Plus, it is based on the MMORPG genre. 

At the moment, the game places a lot of emphasis on the business side of blockchain games rather than providing a full experience. DeFi Kingdoms utilizes the ONE token in-game and is built on the Harmony Protocol Blockchain.

What is DeFi Kingdoms? Is DeFi Kingdoms free-to-play?

Ice, Ice, DeFi Baby. Source: ChainDebrief

According to the developers, there is no cost to start playing the game. DeFi Kingdoms adopts a different strategy from the majority of other blockchain-based games, where you must purchase an initial NFT or maintain a deposit. 

The game is free to access, but you’ll need some tokens to actually play it. When you complete a transaction in the game, there are what are referred to as gas fees. Gas fees must be paid for each purchase made in DeFi Kingdoms in order for it to happen. Because of this, the game cannot be considered wholly free to play.

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However, it’s crucial to note that these gas fees are negligible—usually measured in cents—thanks to Harmony’s low-cost function. It’s even possible to play the game right now—and this is surprising—without having to purchase any heroes. Although these heroes are NFTs you can play the game without them. Simply start the game, get staking, and take part in liquidity pools.

What is the DFK Chain by Ava Labs?

The EVM-compatible Proof of Authority/Proof of Stake consensus algorithms used by the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain are those created by Ava Labs.

In addition to their main product, DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale, Ava Labs hopes that DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain will become the go-to place for community members and projects to build GameFi and other blockchain gaming experiences. With the help of Ava Labs, they are leading this initial subnet offering and intend to develop the blockchain metaverse using DeFi Kingdoms as the source of such value.

Is DeFi Kingdoms also on the Avalanche Blockchain?

An Avalanche of Announcments. Source: Avalanche Twitter

Yes, it is. Why Avalanche, though? With near-instant transaction speeds, low fees, and over 4,500 transactions a second, Avalanche is a perfect platform for GameFi applications.

Their partnership is growing even more as Avalance announced at the end of 2021 that DeFi Kingdoms brought “their popular play-to-earn MMORPG game to Avalanche”. It brings the launch of a unique and original realm known as DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale.

Alongside the previous JEWEL ecosystem, another new token known as CRYSTAL was launched to complement it.

Before we dive into Jewel vs Crystal in DeFI Kingdoms, let’s look at what DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale is.




What is DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale? And what does it have to do with JEWEL vs CRYSTAL in DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale will be a brand-new realm with a tonne of fresh resources and features. Crystalvale will have access to all of DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale’s primary features (on Harmony).

New genes and classes that are exclusive to Crystalvale will be introduced in a small number of Gen 0 Hero NFTs produced by Crystalvale. There are also more quests, tools, and features.

These Hero NFTs can be used by you to level up and gain CRYSTAL tokens. In keeping with the overall winter theme of the realm, Crystalvale will have its own special NPCs.

Jewel vs Crystal in DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale – What are they?

No longer hiding – here’s the latest tokens! Source: Cruptosrus

Leading GameFi project DeFi Kingdoms, which had a successful initial launch on the Harmony blockchain, has expanded to Avalanche. This is because projects can divide up a group of validators and assign them the task of validating additional blockchains thanks to subnet technology. 

Thereafter, this effectively established a self-contained network from which the Crystalvale expansion of the DeFi Kingdom can operate. Crystal is a new token that has been added to the expansive world of DeFi Kingdoms as part of this expansion.

What is JEWEL token in DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale?

DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale was released on Harmony, and with it came the JEWEL token, which serves the same purpose in the realm as CRYSTAL does in Crystalvale. In addition to being used for in-game purchases, JEWEL is also required to pay for gas on the DFK Chain, which is the platform upon which all of Crystalvale’s monetary exchanges are conducted

Consequently, all JEWEL tokens have been bridged over from Anyswap and are now available for purchase on Avalanche through the Pangolin and Trader Joe exchanges. With the Avalanche network’s Crystalvale Realm, you can earn the CRYSTAL token by staking JEWEL.

Need JEWEL’s contract address on Avalanche? Here it is: 0x4f60a160d8c2dddaafe16fcc57566db84d674bd6

What is CRYSTAL in DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale?

CRY$$$TAL? Source: Medium

As the primary store of value in Crystalvale, CRYSTAL serves a purpose that goes above and beyond that of a standard coin. You can use it to buy and mint Hero NFTs, trade them on the in-game DEX, stake them for fee sharing, combine them for liquidity, and use them to cast votes for relevant governance issues.

Subsequently, in the game, there are primarily two ways to get a hero for yourself: 

  1. The first one costs money because you must visit the Tavern to obtain a hero. Now, you have the option of renting a hero NFT from someone else or purchasing one from the Tavern.
  2. Summoning a hero is the second method of getting one. In the game, summoning involves using two already present heroes to call forth a third. Both of the parent heroes’ “genes,” which are simply their stats, will be passed down to the new hero. Even new or rare hero abilities may be acquired through summons. A mutated hero may also be summoned, though these chances are extremely rare.

In other words, CRYSTAL functions similarly to JEWEL on DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale in that it can be used to summon, buy NFTs within the game, and more.

Where can you use JEWEL vs CRYSTAL in DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale?

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  1. Marketplace – Utilize the Marketplace to buy and sell CRYSTAL, resources, and other Avalanche tokens.
  2. Ice Gardens – The Ice Gardens will provide incentive pools that reward liquidity with CRYSTAL tokens. Both unlocked and locked CRYSTAL rewards will be available, with the emission rate starting out high and gradually decreasing after each epoch.
  3. Bank/Jewler – To earn a share of in-game transactions, you can stake your CRYSTAL tokens in the bank.

Guide to going from Serendale to Crystalvale

You’ll find the Dockmaster by, well… the Serendale Docks. Source: DappRadar

Those who have begun playing DeFi Kingdoms on Harmony know that the Serendale Docks will serve as an in-game bridge to DFK Chain and that Dockmaster Maria is the person to see if you need to transfer any assets across. 

Step One:

You must first bridge some JEWEL tokens because they are required for DFK Chain’s gas fees. This is because there is a protocol in place that allows for the automatic conversion of JEWEL bridged onto the DFK Chain into the native gas token CRYSTAL. Most importantly, players don’t need to take any additional steps to complete the transaction.

Step Two:

The only incentive-based liquidity pool accessible on March 30, the day of the launch, was JEWEL / xJEWEL. Additionally, xJEWEL must be bridged in a separate transaction if you want to stake for CRYSTAL. You must first go to the Jeweller and deposit the appropriate amount of JEWEL, which will swap it for xJEWEL, if you don’t already have any xJEWEL or would like more. 


Step Three:

You can decide how many JEWEL you want to stake and deposit 50% of that value to the bank to get an equivalent number of xJEWELs. However, you must remember that LP pairs should be made using equal values of each token.

Step Four:

Additionally, make sure you’ve bridged enough JEWEL while still leaving some for fees so that it pairs in an equal amount with your xJEWEL. To set up your wallet for DFK Chain after bridging your JEWEL and xJEWEL, click “Travel to Crystalvale.”

Step Five:

Once you’ve bridged assets, you can access the Docks to get to Crystalvale. Staking assets follows the same procedure as in Serendale. To pair your JEWEL and xJEWEL, speak with Druid Ulfur in the Marketplace, after which you should deposit them in the Ice Gardens.


Ice, Ice, DeFi Baby. Source: ChainDebrief

Several important factors have been instrumental in DeFi Kingdom’s journey to success so far. The timing was extremely important, and the team could not have launched the platform at a more appropriate time. 

Now DeFi Kingdoms has found itself in a wonderful position when players began to explore elsewhere for play-to-earn chances and gas prices rose. 

Later, we anticipate that with the addition of Avalanche and DFK Chain, the platform will continue to develop and draw in and keep the interested investor community searching for a gamified approach to participate in DeFi.

We’ll have to wait and see how JEWEL vs CRYSTAL in DeFi Kingdoms impacts the overall P2E space.

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