The term “metaverse” has gained popularity as a result of the quick development and growing interest in augmented and virtual reality, and it is predicted to transform the game industry. With many GameFi projects and P2E games publishing hyped trailers that might not represent the gameplay, the metaverse has enormous potential. Many of these lead to unprofitable games with overpriced tokens. 

Kingdomverse is hoping to take the lead and improve the reputation of the industry in what is expected to be a significant year for metaverse gaming in 2023. Defend the Kingdom (DTK), a Play-to-Own (P2O) mobile game, is the first title from Kingdomverse.

Defend the Kingdom, a Play-to-Own (P2O) mobile game, is the first title from Kingdomverse (DTK). The $KING native token (ERC-20), which serves as the game’s in-game currency, powers this new mobile cryptocurrency game. The most promising gaming token to invest in right now is $KING, which is listed on KuCoin, among the top 5 CEXs by CoinMarketCap.

$KING will be used to buy in-game assets like spellbooks as well as other unique and limited edition goods in an entertaining Play-to-own mobile game. The native token will serve as the currency of the marketplace and be used throughout the Kingdomverse ecosystem. This includes mobile games and also the mobile gaming metaverse.

What is Kingdomverse?

Kingdomverse refers to a mobile gaming metaverse. It is made up of numerous distinct casual mobile games that are joined by a vibrant open-world social hub where players may communicate, trade, and engage in conflict. 

The Kingdomverse ecosystem’s mobile games are linked via NFTs and tokens that can be exchanged on primary and secondary markets and exchanges. They are utilized both in all games and in the 3D social hub.      


Defend the Kingdom (DTK)

Defend the Kingdom (DTK) was the initial mobile game developed by Kingdomverse in collaboration with Monkey Kingdom NFTs, Asia’s leading NFT project. Players in the game can engage in competitive PVP tower defense matches or work together to obtain rewards. DTK is operational and accessible for download through the Google Play Store and App Store. 

The final quarter of 2022 has seen a substantial uptick in interest for the mobile game. Also, two NFT collections from Kingdomverse are offered on the well-known NFT marketplace OpenSea.

3Commas, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Shimma Capital, Newman Capital, and other illustrious investors contributed a total of $3.6 million to Kingdomverse as early capital in 2022. The project has also worked closely with a number of guilds, launchpads, and IPs from the web2 and web3 ecosystems. Moreover, agreements with YGG, Fractal, Oasys Network – Japan,  Immutable X, and Gensokishi have been established for the project.

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