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Play-to-earn game, KlayDice recently announced on Twitter that it has officially partnered with AZer Capital to bring about quality investments that would develop the game.

AZer Capital itself focuses on the value discovery and incubation of high-quality, early-stage blockchain projects.

In addition, they are looking toward building China’s largest blockchain venture capital with its resources in KOLs and investment analysis.

The organization also has an experienced investment research team, which is committing to building an excellent investment research institution and promoting the development and innovation of blockchain entrepreneurial teams.

About KlayDice

KlayDice NFT Game
Are you ready for this? – Image Source: KlayDice

KlayDice is a dice-to-earn project based on Klaytn. Dice’s official token serves as a key currency within the various KlayDice game ecosystems.

Klaydice provides global users with the easiest and the most convenient opportunity to access the blockchain.

The game is a D2E platform that offers rewards for using blockchain in the virtual world.

It also consists of three ecosystem types.

The first is a P2E (Play to Earn) ecosystem where users can earn money by playing games.

The second is the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) ecosystem that will be used in the virtual world.

The third is the Metaverse ecosystem operated based on Klaytn.

Within these three ecosystems, DICE will serve as a key currency. It will reward users for their participation.

Dice Ecosystem

Dice will continuously circulate within the expanding ecosystem, and users will experience the blockchain technology through Dice.

Regarding P2E, KlayDice supports the 3rd-party P2E game companies with their ecosystem, blockchain, NFT, marketing, etc., to help them enter the P2E market with fewer barriers.

With their support, those game companies will be able to play fairer competition in the global P2E market based on their game performance and tokenomics.

This KlayDice support will not only expand the KlayDice ecosystem through P2E games released within the KlayDice ecosystem, but also provide various benefits such as Airdrop, Launchpad, and Launch Pool to Dice token holders.

KlayDice will soon allow P2E users worldwide to enjoy various games regardless of game genre barriers.

Lastly, the game aims to launch “Klay Town” exclusively for the Klaytn ecosystem. This is where Klaytn blockchain partners can expand the ecosystem by sharing information and communicating with their users.

We anticipate Klay Town will provide an environment where B2B (Project) and B2C (User) can interact.

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